Chemical Entanglements Undergraduate Student Group

UPDATE: CSW accepts applications on a rolling basis each quarter. The deadline for each quarter will be Tuesday of Week 1.

Applications for Fall 2018 are due on Tuesday, October 2.

More information and the most updated application can be found HERE.

The Chemical Entanglements Undergraduate Student Group works with CSW faculty, staff, and graduate students to help raise awareness of how the gendered health outcomes of chemical exposure impact people on our campus.

Major Projects

Chemical History Timelines

Survey: Fragranced Products on the UCLA Campus


UCLA undergraduate students involved in the group have the opportunity to conduct original research, participate in awareness campaigns, help shape policy recommendations, and receive mentorship from CSW faculty and staff.

Eligible students may receive Independent Study Research Credit (e.g., 99 or 199) for participating. This is a great activity to put on your resume/CV!

We are looking for UCLA undergraduate students interested in research on gender, health, chemical exposure with skills in writing, filming or storyboarding, and basic research. If you do not have these skills and are interested in building these skills, this group is a useful way to enhance yourskills and network with fellow students.

Want to get involved? Contact for more information.

Fall 2018 Chemical Entanglements Undergraduate Group Students

Megan LeGresley

Economics and Political Science

Shreya Ramineni

Human Biology and Society

Grace Stevenson


Christine Tran

International Development Studies

Works Produced

Blog Posts:

In 2016-2017, the group produced an educational video that we premiered at the Chemical Entanglements Symposium on May 4-5, 2017. Watch and share the video on CSW’s YouTube channel!

Blog Posts:
Video Blogs: