Call for Graduate Student Policy Briefs on Intersectional Approaches to Sexual Violence

When the institutions tasked with providing shelter instead become sites of sexual violence and harassment, how should feminist policy-makers respond? We invite submissions of Policy Briefs that address this question. Selected Briefs will be published and may receive a $500 Award.

CSW Awards and Benefit Luncheon with Paula Williams Madison

Join us on May 31, 2018 for our 2018 Awards and Benefit Luncheon, featuring a Keynote Address by our Distinguished Leader in Feminism honoree Paula Williams Madison!

1,4-dioxane, Bioremediation, and Women’s Health

In a new post for the Chemical Entanglements blog, Undergraduate Research Group member Sophia Sidhu writes about 1,4-dioxane and the work that UCLA researchers are doing to help remedy the problems caused by this particular chemical.

Thinking Gender, Pre-Existing Conditions Videos Now Available!

Videos of the 2018 Thinking Gender conference are now available on CSW’s YouTube channel. Watch panel presentations and the keynote address by Dr. Terri Conley.

Reflections on Sara Ahmed’s Work

CSW hosted a talk and graduate seminar with Sara Ahmed on February 13, 2018, and we have invited to graduate students who participated in the seminar to reflect on their experiences for our blog. Read posts by UCLA graduate students Tony Wei Ling and Dandi Meng.

Oral History and Community

CSW Research Affiliate Kristine Gunnell writes about her oral history research with the Daughters of Charity foundation. She writes: “capturing the oral history, transcribing and archiving these stories offers scholars a unique perspective on women’s leadership.”