About Us


The UCLA Center for the Study of Women works towards a world in which education and scholarship are tools for social justice feminism, improving the lives of people of all genders.

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women is an internationally recognized center for research on gender, sexuality, and women’s issues and the first organized research unit of its kind in the University of California system. Though CSW is funded by the Division of Social Sciences, it serves the entire university.

CSW is part of the Division’s commitment to gender equity and research parity at UCLA. Its mission is to develop and foster research, to facilitate productive scholarly relationships, and to aid recruitment and retention efforts.

Established in 1984, it draws on the expertise of more than two hundred members from thirty-four departments and ten UCLA professional schools. CSW administers research grants for faculty and students; organizes research projects, conferences, seminars, and public lectures; and publishes policy briefs and blogs that feature research updates, conference reports, faculty profiles, bibliographies, field reports, book reviews, and announcements.

  • Research Projects

    Current projects include Chemical Entanglements, Gender and Water, Feminist Anti-Carceral Studies, and Sexual Violence and Intersectionality.

  • Community Building

    CSW creates productive scholarly relationships within and beyond the academic community through our research, programming, and publications activities.

  • Events

    CSW develops and fosters research about gender, sexuality, and women’s issues through conferences, research working groups, workshops, colloquia, and other programming activities.

  • Publications

    CSW publishes several blogs, policy briefs, video casts, books, and timelines related to our mission areas.

  • Awards & Grants

    Each year, CSW offers grants and funding support to faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, departments, and CSW research affiliates.

Green Policy

In November 2010, UCLA’s Green Office Certification program named CSW the “greenest office on campus.”

Through responsible purchasing, recycling, and energy and paper reduction, CSW has created a sustainable environment for student and staff employees. It quickly became apparent that going green is not only easy but it is also cost-effective, because it enables us to save resources and money.

Here are ways we incorporate sustainability into our daily functions: