UCLA Students: Join the Chemical Entanglements Undergraduate Group!

Want to develop your research skills, earn course credit, and contribute to our work on gender and chemical exposure? Join the Chemical Entanglements Undergraduate Student Group!

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women (CSW) is accepting applications for UCLA undergraduate students to enroll in 99 or 196/199 research units under CSW Director Rachel Lee during the 2017-2018 academic year. Research will focus on CSW’s Chemical Entanglements and Share the Air research initiatives.

Students can sign up for 1-2 units per quarter under the following departments: English, Gender Studies, Asian American Studies, and Institute for Society and Genetics (students from any discipline may apply, however). Students must be in good academic standing and registered during each quarter you plan to be enrolled in research units. Students will be required to meet weekly as a group as part of the course. Students will receive mentorship and guidance from CSW Staff, Graduate Student Researchers, and Faculty.

Applicants will be selected based on experience and selected projects. Depending on number of selected candidates, students will be split into project-focused teams (see below for more information) but all students will meet weekly to collaborate and provide updates on progress. Students will be assigned to a project based on interest, skills, and CSW’s needs.

Last year’s students created a short video that premiered at CSW’s Chemical Entanglements: Gender and Exposure symposium. View the film on our Youtube Channel!

Students have also contributed posts to the Chemical Entanglements Blog. Read student work here!

Application Process:

Students must submit application materials through the Online Application Form.

Spring 2018 Deadline: April 6, 2018

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Because accepted students will be split into groups by project, decisions will be made once the majority of applications are received. Students will be notified of decisions no later than Monday of Week 1 of the respective quarter.

The application requires the following documents:

1) Brief Statement (no more than one page) – describe the following (one paragraph for each point):

  • Research Interests
  • Qualifications to work on selected projects (be specific; for instance, if you are applying for a particular project, what skills and experience can you contribute?)
  • Relevant Research Projects or Papers that you have completed during your undergraduate career

2) Resume/CV

3) UCLA Unofficial Transcripts (if you are a transfer student, you may also upload transcripts from your community/other university if you feel it will strengthen your application)

4) Quarterly Availability for weekly meetings (based on quarter for which you are applying) (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

If you have questions or the status of your application changes after submission, please contact CSW Management Services Officer Kristina Magpayo Nyden at kristina@women.ucla.edu.  

Research Projects – Spring 2018

In Spring 2018, Students may participate in the following projects:

Chemical History Timelines

Undergraduate researchers will help compile detailed historical timelines using primary and secondary sources on a number of topics. Students will spend the majority of the quarter compiling resources to complete a robust timeline and will also conduct 1-2 interviews to complete a 1,000 word blog post for the CSW website on a selected topic. The goal of the timeline is to create a detailed historical view of the history of a specific genre of personal care and cleaning products, while the interview/blog post will serve as a narrative means of recounting this story. Students are expected to meet weekly with a CSW advisor, and will compile an annotated bibliography. Strong independent research skills are a requirement. Students can choose to research the history of one of the following:

  • Particular laundry detergents
  • Air fresheners in cars
  • Cleaning products (like bleach, Fabuloso, etc.)
  • Synthetic food-like scents in personal care products

Chemical Sensitivity Survey

Undergraduate researchers will assist in disseminating and analyzing surveys to assess the prevalence of chemical sensitivity and exposure-related illness among UCLA students. Surveys will evaluate how many students experience sensitivity to fragrance, and whether exposure presents a barrier to educational access. Undergraduate researchers will identify sites for distributing surveys, conduct outreach, and assist in interpreting data.

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