Gina Kim’s ‘TEARLESS’ Invited to Venice Film Festival

Congratulations to CSWAC member Gina Kim (Professor, Film, Television, and Digital Media) whose VR film, TEARLESS (2021), was invited to screen at the Venice Film Festival this year!


From Kim’s website:

Tearless is a 360 3D immersive VR project on ‘US comfort women,’* forced by the South Korean government to serve US soldiers in camp towns outside the US military bases. Using immersive media technology, this project focuses on these women’s memories within a detainment center called ‘Monkey House’—a prison established by the South Korean government and staffed by the US military in the 1970s to isolate and treat comfort women with STDs.

* NOTE: While the term “comfort women” has been associated with the Japanese imperial army’s use of sexual slavery before and during the World War 2, it is now increasingly understood more generally as instances of government forced prostitution as seen in a recent decision by the Seoul High Court.

Professor Kim is a recipient of CSW’s 2021–2022 Faculty Research Grant. Her previous film, BLOODLESS (2017), was also supported by the 2017–2018 Faculty Research Grant.