Exposure to environmental toxicants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been proven to have negative impacts on human reproductive health. Because products containing such substances (cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.), are overwhelmingly marketed to women, and because environmental pollution is often concentrated near the places where people of lower economic status or people of color live; gender, race, and class can determine level of exposure and health outcomes. CSW’s Chemical Entanglements initiative is a response to this dynamic. The goal of this research project is to illuminate the way in which women have been enrolled, both as scientists and nonscientists, in chemical experiments since WWII, and to increase the chemical literacy of scholars in gender/sexuality studies. We will also reveal the gendered patterns of exposure that lead to illnesses such as Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). In so doing, we will engage activists, policymakers, physicians, and community members in efforts to develop new tools and strategies that will help identify the gendered impacts of environmental toxicants and reduce the harm that toxic exposure can cause to the health of people of all genders.  Learn more about the aims and background of this project.

We’re thrilled to have received a number of grants in support of Chemical Entanglements, including the following:

UCLA Council on Research Faculty Research Grant/Trans-disciplinary Seed Grant

UCLA Luskin Endowment for Thought Leadership

UCLA Dean of Social Sciences Faculty Opportunity Fund

Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs Symposia, Workshop and Planning Meeting Fund

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WATCH OUR SYMPOSIUM VIDEOS: On May 4-5, 2017, we hosted the successful Chemical Entanglements: Gender & Exposure Symposium, which convened a group of scholars, scientists and community based researchers, artists, documentarians, and policy makers to assess the gendered impacts of (primarily endocrine-disrupting) chemicals and environmental pollutants on human populations and reproductive health. Visit our YouTube channel to access the Chemical Entanglements Video Playlist.

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SHARE THE AIR: One simple way that you can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals–and help safeguard the health of those around you–is by using fewer fragranced products in your everyday life. Learn more about CSW’s Share the Air initiative.