Affect Theory/Embodiment and the Archive: Recent Publications by CSW Faculty Affiliates in Humanities and Social Sciences

Jenny Sharpe
The Archive and Affective Memory in M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong! Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 16:4 (2013), 465–482.
When Spirits Talk: Reading Erna Brodber’s Louisiana for Affect. Small Axe 16: 3 39 (2012), 90–102.
Lauren (Robin) Derby

Beyond Fugitive Speech: Rumor and Affect in Caribbean History. Small Axe 18:2 44(2014): 123–140

The Devil Wears Dockers: Devil Pacts, Trade Zones and Rural –Urban Ties in the Dominican Republic. Co-authored with Marion Werner. New West Indian Guide 87:3/4 (2013), 294–321.
Nina S. Eidsheim
Sensing Voice: Materiality and the Lived Body in Singing and Listening. Senses and Society 6:2 (2011), 135–55.
Sarah E. Melzer
‘Voluntary Subjection’: France’s Theory of Colonization/ Culture in the Seventeenth Century, Structures of Feeling in Seventeenth-century Cultural Expression. Edited by Susan McClary (Toronto: Toronto University Press, 2013), 93–118.