Alea Adigweme

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Alea Adigweme is a multidisciplinary Igbo-Vincentian-American artist-scholar working in the fields of creative writing, book arts, performance, installation, and visual media. Her creative and critical labors are undergirded by interests in archives, the politics of pleasure, the (hyper/in)visibility of Blackness, and the lived experiences and cultural work of femmes of perceivable African descent, all of which have influenced her extensive public-facing work as an interviewer, moderator, panelist, and educator.

After earning a BA in Russian literature at Reed College, adigweme earned an MFA in nonfiction writing, an MA in media studies, and a graduate certificate in gender, women’s, and sexuality studies from the University of Iowa. She is currently a second-year MFA student in interdisciplinary studio art at UCLA. More information about her work can be found on her website: