Brittnee Meitzenheimer

Core Member

Brittnee Meitzenheimer has an MA in African American Studies from UCLA and an MA in Education focusing on Education, Administration and Policy from the University of California, Riverside. Grounded in Black Feminist Studies, their thesis examines antiblackness as a structure that shapes discourses of migration and the precariousness of belonging, representation, and home making for undocuBlack women in higher education. Through storytelling, she  grapples with questions about political agency and citizenship, embodiment and ways of knowing, relationships to place and space, racialization and gendering, deviance and normalcy. Brittnee has 85 plants at home as a personal/political practice of feeling grounded and rooted, honoring ancestral relationships to land/nature, and healing through green space. They believe interdependence and care are frameworks for collective liberation and community building because #JoyIsAnActOfResistance.