maynard tuckerMaynard-Tucker received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from UCLA in 1988. She has been an international consultant evaluating and monitoring health programs including community health, family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and more in countries all over the world. Her current research project is entitled “Clandestine Prostitution in Africa: A Form of Violence Against Women and a Challenge to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programs.”

Her project reviews societal and individual violence against women and focuses on clandestine prostitution as a means of violence against women and a challenge to most HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs. Her suggestions include supplementing HIV/AIDS and reproductive health programs with sub-programs that would include education strategies and access to microfinance loans.


“In many African countries, official and clandestine prostitution is rampant, mostly because poor women lack education or skills to get jobs. Clandestine prostitution has become a way for survival because many women and girls struggle economically without family or governmental aid. Clandestine or survival sex is practiced when women are facing an economical dilemma. These women do not see themselves as sex workers because they only ‘go out’ (colloquial for prostituting) occasionally. Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, it is important to reach those women as they are spreading the infection.”



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