This database includes faculty who are women or who have research interests in gender, sexuality, or women’s issues.

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First Name
Research interests
FanC. CindyProfessorGeography, Asian American StudiesPhD, Geography, Ohio State University, 1989 fan@geog.ucla.edu Bunche152403population, migration, regional development, gender, ethnicity, China(310) 825-3821
SharmaAparnaAssistant ProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, 2007a.sharma@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806modes and vocabularies of documentary film that address issues of cultural representation(310) 825-3951
BaileyAlisonProfessorEducationEdD, Educational Psychology, Harvard U, 1995abailey@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104Development of language and literacy, bilingualism, and English learner pedagogies and assessment(310) 825-1731
BinderAlexandra M. L.Adjunct Associate ProfessorEpidemiologyScD, Epidemiology. Harvard School of Public Health; MS, Epidemiology; Harvard School of Public Healthabinder@ucla.edu CHS177220maternal and child health, pediatrics, pregnancy, and reproductive epidemiology. Researches the impact of maternal conditions such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and maternal depression on epigenetic patterns.N/A
AbramsLauraProfessor and ChairSocial WelfarePhD, Social Work, University of California, Berkeley, 2000abrams@luskin.ucla.edu PAB165606gender and criminal justice, gender identity development, masculinities and incarceration(310) 825-5932
AbramsonPaul R.Research ProfessorPsychologyPhD, University of Connecticutabramson@psych.ucla.edu interface between sexuality and the law; sexual harmN/A
AbregoLeisy JanetProfessorChicana/o StudiesPhD, Sociology, UCLA, June 2008abrego@ucla.edu Bunche155903Central Americans in the US, International migration, Families, Gender, Latinas/os/xs in the U.S., Law and Society; Qualitative Methods(310) 206-9414
BrownArleenProfessorMedicine; Division: GIM and HSRMD, UCSF; PhD, UCLAabrown@mednet.ucla.edu Glendon, Suite 1820, LA, CA 90024173617racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in chronic conditions, quality of care, older adults(310) 794-6047
AchiumeEmily TendayiProfessorLawJD, Yale U, 2008achiume@law.ucla.edu Law147602migration, race, (neo)colonialism, public international law (especially international human rights law and international refugee law)(310) 825-4841
CoitoAnaProfessor in ResidenceSurgery - Liver and Panc. TransplantPhDacoito@mednet.ucla.edu CHS705418contribution of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins to hepatic ischemia and reperfusion injury (IRI)(310) 794-9480
ColemanAnneProfessorOpthalmologyMD, Medical C of Virgina; PhD, UCLAacoleman@mednet.ucla.edu JSEI700019cataract, glaucoma(310) 825-5298
De StefanoAprilExecutive DirectorAcademic Senateadestefano@senate.ucla.eduMurphy141901(310) 825-3851
DorianAlinaAdjunct Associate Professor; Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, and Equity, Diversity and InclusionCommunity Health SciencesPhDadorian@ucla.edu CHS177220Emergency public health (domestic & international); disaster relief; health education and health systems management; child health; reproductive health(310) 825-6965
DurantiAlessandroDistinguished ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Linguistics, University of Southern California, 1981aduranti@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303verbal, visual, and aural communication in political arenas, everyday life, and jazz performance, agency, intentionality, and intersubjectivity, with a special attention given to the tension between plans and improvisation, participant-observation and audio-visual recordings of spontaneous interaction in Samoa, the US, France, and Italy310-825-5833
ShapleyAliceProfessor and Vice ChairPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Astronomy, California Institute of Technology, 2003aes@astro.ucla.edu PAB154705observational extragalactic astrophysics, galaxy formation and evolution(310) 206-3768
FrandAlisonAssociate ProfessorBiological ChemistryPhD, Biochemistry, Biological Chem, Massachusetts Inst of Technology, 1999afrand@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB173722genetic analysis of the molting cycle of C. elegans(310) 206-0662
AgadjanianVictorProfessorSociology; International InstitutePhD, Sociology, University of Southern California, 1995; Master of Science, Sociology-Applied Demography, University of Southern California, 1992agadjanian@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103Social demography; migration; sexual and reproductive health and behavior; family; religion(310) 267-4943
GalvanAdrianaProfessorPsychology - DevelopmentalPhD, Neuroscience, Weill Medical College of Cornell Universityagalvan@psych.ucla.edu FH133307adolescent brain development, adolescent behavior, adolescent decision-making(310) 206-4850
Gaspar de AlbaAliciaProfessorChicana/o StudiesUniversity of New Mexico. American Studies, 1994agdealba@chavez.ucla.edu Bunche155903gender and sexuality, Chicana/o art, popular culture, and border studies(310) 206-7695
GomesAntoinetteProfessorRadiological SciencesMD, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1969agomes@mednet.ucla.edu CHS172115cardiovascular radiology(310) 206-8909
GukovskayaAnnaProrfessor in ResidenceMedicine-VA Wadsworth Medical CtrPhD, University of Moscowagukovsk@ucla.edu VA WADSWOR169147signaling pathways mediating cell death responses in pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer(310) 268-4308
HarariAvitalAssociate ProfessorSurgeryMD, Washington University School of Medicineaharari@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690418multidisciplinary management of benign and malignant tumors of the adrenal, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, neuroendocrine pancreas, familial endocrine disorders(310) 206-0585
HevenerAndreaAssociate ProfessorMedicine- EndocrinologyPhD, USCahevener@mednet.ucla.edu 24-130707332molecular underpinnings of insulin resistance, relationships between insulin resistance, obesity and chronic disease(310)267-5884
HirschAnnProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, 1974ahirsch@ucla.edu Botany160606interaction between nitrogen-fixing bacteria (alpha-rhizobia) and legumes (310) 206-8673
MoonAileeAssociate ProfessorSocial WelfarePhD, Social Welfare, U of California Berkeley, 1989aileem@ucla.edu Public Policy Building165606social welfare finance and policy, social service program evaluation, gerontology, welfare reform(310) 825-2892
Drolet RossiAimeeProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Business, Stanford University, 1997; MA, Public Policy, University of Chicago, 1993aimee.drolet@anderson.ucla.edu Gold148106consumer decision-making, consumer packaged good products(310) 206-4278
IzquierdoAliciaAssociate ProfessorPsychologyPhD, George Washington Uaizquie@psych.ucla.edu Pritzker Hall156304understanding brain mechanisms of optimal choices, neural basis of emotional decisions, executive function, influence of drug abuse(310) 825-3459
JacksonAuroraProfessor EmeritusSocial WelfarePhD, Social Work, Ohio State U, 1990ajacks@ucla.edu PAB165606interrelationships among economic hardship, maternal psychological well-being, parenting in the home environment (including involvement by nonresident fathers), child outcomes in families headed by low-income, single-parent mothers with young children(310) 825-4198
JewettAnahidProfessorDentistryPhD, U Of California Los Angeles,; ajewett@ucla.edu CHS166815dentistry, mechanisms of inactivation and cell death of natural killer cells, and use of Natural Killer cells in cancer therapy(310) 968-4994
KajiAmyProfessorEmergency MedicineMD, Jefferson Medical C of Philadelphia; PhD, UCLA School of Public Healthakaji@emedharbor.edu Medical Center176847methodology and statistics, trauma, cardiac arrest, and epidemiology(310) 222-3666
KamzanAudreyAssistant Clinical ProfessorPediatrics-AdministrationMD, Weill Cornell Medical Collegeakamzan@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217pediatrics(310) 825-9124
KaskoAndreaProfessorBioengineeringPhD, Polymer Science, University of Akron, 2004; M.S.E Case Western Reserve University, Macromolecular Science Engineeringakasko@ucla.edukaskolab.com5121 E5160010dynamically responsive and biomimetic polymeric materials(310) 794-6341
AkatsukaNorikoProfessor EmeritusAsian Languages and CulturesPhD, Linguistics, University of Illinois, 1972akatsuka@ucla.edu Royce154003Japanese and Korean linguistics(310) 825-0008
KavnerAbbyProfessorEarth, Planetary, and Space SciencesPhD, Geophysics, University of California Berkeley, 1997akavner@igpp.ucla.edu Geology156704geochemistry, cosmochemistry, planetary science, geophysics(310) 206-3675
FinchAishaAssociate ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, History, New York University, 2007akfinch@ucla.edu Rolfe150402African Diaspora studies, Caribbean and Latin American history, comparative slavery, transnational black feminism(310) 206-8101
GuptaAkhilProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems, 1988akgupta@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303Ethnography of information technology, the state and development, anthropology of food, environmental anthropology, space and place, history of anthropology, applied anthropology; India and South Asia(310) 794-7969
KuoAliceAssociate ProfessorPediatrics-AdministrationPhD, UCLAakuo@mednet.ucla.edu Glendon Ave #850693946developmental screening and services, early literacy practices, cognitive and language development in young minority children, hearing screening in early childhood, services for children with autism, mental health services for children(310) 794-0564
ChungAnna Shan-LauProfessorPsychologyPhD, UCLAalau@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304mental health care for Asian American families, culture and child psychopathology, parent-child relations in immigrant families(310) 206-5363
Lleras-MuneyAdrianaProfessorEconomicsPhD, Economics, Columbia Universityalleras@econ.ucla.edu Bunche147703socioeconomic status, education, health, effect of disease on income and economic development, determinants of fertility(310) 825-3925
LuftAlizaAssistant ProfessorSociologyPh.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madisonaluft@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103causes and consequences of violence, moral judgment and decision-making, and social and behavioral boundary processes(310) 206-2724
AlwanAbeerProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Electrical,Electronics and, Massachusetts Inst of Technology, 1991alwan@ee.ucla.edu Engr. IV159410digital speech processing, noise robust speech recognition, models of speech production and perception(310) 206-2231
AmarasekarePriyangaProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Physical and Natural Ecology, U of California Irvine, 1998amarasek@eeb.ucla.edu 320160606biological diversity in variable environments(310) 206-1366
WestAmberLecturerUCLA Writing ProgramsPhD, English, University of Connecticut, 2014; MFA, Creative Writing, New York University, 2008amberwest@ucla.edu Kaplan138405poetry, feminist poetics, puppet theater, race and gender studies, performance studies, intersectionality, service learning, compositionN/A
AlexandrovaAnastassiaProfessor and Vice ChairChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Utah State Uana@chem.ucla.edu Young156905theoretical, heterogeneous catalysis, enzymatic catalysis, materials, nano science, quantum computing(310) 825-3769
AnabtawiImanProfessorLawJD, Stanford University, 1989anabtawi@law.ucla.edu Law147602corporate law and practice(310) 206-2642
AndersonAlisonProfessor EmeritusLawJD, U of California Berkeley, 1968anderson@law.ucla.edu Law147602public interest law and policy(310) 825-4886
EisfeldtAndrea LynnProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPh.D. Economics, 2000, University of Chicagoandrea.eisfeldt@anderson.ucla.edu Entrepreneurs148106macrofinance, connections between financial frictions and the real economy(310) 825-8569
AndrewsAnneProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, National Institute of Mental Healthanne.andrews@ucla.edu NRB703919serotonin neurotransmitter system, organic, physical, biophysics, materials, analytical(310) 794-9421
BanerjiAnurimaAssociate ProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, New York University, 2010anurima@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806dance, performance, India, South Asia(310) 825-3951
NyamathiAdelineProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, Case Western Reserve U, 1983anyamath@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor170221coping and adjustments to illness, health promotion, risk reduction, vulnerable homeless and drug-addicted adults, adolescents at risk, HIV/AIDS, TB, HBV, HCV(310) 825-8405
ApplebyJoyceProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, History, Claremont Grad School, 1966appleby@history.ucla.edu Schoenberg161507economic development in 17th and 18th century France, England, and America(310) 825-3281
PyleAprilAssociate ProfessorMicrobiology, Immuno and Molecular GeneticPhD, U of Tennessee2002apyle@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB736422stem cell biology, translational aspects of human pluripotent stem cell differentiation towards skeletal muscle, therapeutic approaches for patients with muscular dystrophy(310) 794-4059
RapkinAndreaProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyMD, Medicine, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1979arapkin@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017menstrual related disorders, premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, chronic pelvic pain, menstrual pain, menopause(310) 794-7274
RimoinAnneAssistant ProfessorEpidemiologyPhD, International Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2003arimoin@ucla.edu CHS177220epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), animal origins of EIDs(310) 825-8570
KaragozianAnnDistinguished ProfessorMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPhD, Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1982ark@seas.ucla.edu Engineering IV159710fluid mechanics and combustion, with applications to improved engine efficiency, reduced emissions, alternative fuels, advanced high speed air breathing and rocket propulsion systems(310) 825-5653
LeibowitzArleenProfessor EmeritusPublic PolicyPhD, Economics, Columbia University, 1972arleen@ucla.edu PAB165606economic perspective on public and private policies that enhance or hinder the promotion of HIV detection, prevention and treatment (310) 206-8653
ArnoldArthurDistinguished ProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Rockefeller Universityarnold@ucla.edu Terasaki723905sex differences in the brain, neuroendocrinology, evolution and function of sex chromosomes(310) 825-2169
AroraShirleyProfessor EmeritusSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Spanish, U of California Los Angeles, 1962arora@humnet.ucla.edu Rolfe153202Hispanic paremiology (proverbs and folk legends)(310) 206-3092
StantonAnnetteProfessor and ChairPsychology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut, 1983astanton@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304stress and coping processes, emotion regulation, psychological and physical health outcomes in individuals and couples living with chronic disease, cancer, infertility, women's health(310) 825-2288
ThamesAprilAssistant Professor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Alliant International University Los Angeles, 2009athames@mednet.ucla.edu 240 Westwood175919neurocognition and HIV(310) 206-8100
TillouAretiAssociate ProfessorSurgeryMD, University of Athens, 1989atillou@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690418inflammatory response to trauma and acute care surgery in elderly patients, standardized assessment and care protocols, care of trauma and acute surgical geriatric patients(310) 206-5059
WallingAnneAssistant Professor in ResidenceMedicinePhD, UCLA, 2010awalling@mednet.ucla.edu Broxton173617quality of care measurement for patients with life limiting illness(310) 794-0741
WatermanAmyProfessor in ResidenceNephrologyPhD, Social Psychology, Washington U St Louis, 2001awaterman@mednet.ucla.eduhexploretransplant.org1018 Westwood726446Gender and transplantation; gender and living donation; education; disparities affecting transplant; technology; innovations; interventions(314) 322-3880
WilliamsAnnProfessorNursingEdD, Columbia University,1989awilliams@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor170221tested interventions to decrease HIV transmission, improved gynecologic care of women living with HIV, patient adherence to antiretroviral medication(310) 825-0303
LinAnneAssistant ProfessorSurgery-GeneralMD, Tufts University School of Medicineaylin@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690418colorectal cancer, inherited gastrointestinal cancer syndromes, familial adenomatous polyposis, hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer, early-onset colorectal cancer(310) 794-7788
BaliAsliProfessorLawJD, Yale University; PhD, Princeton Universitybali@law.ucla.edu Law147602public international law, arms control, human rights and international humanitarian law(310) 206-7410
BantaMarthaProfessor EmeritusEnglishPhD, English Literature, Indiana University, 1964banta@ucla.edu Rolfe153002Foucault, feminist theory, visual interpretation(310) 825-4173
LawrenceBarbaraProfessor Emeritus, Distinguished Research ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983barbara.lawrence@anderson.ucla.edu Gold148106organizational reference groups, evolution of organizational norms, internal labor markets, employees' expectations and implicit work contracts, impact of population age change on occupations(310) 825-2507
BartchyS. ScottProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, Harvard Universitybartchy@history.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147303early Roman Empire, socialization of boys and girls(310) 825-4570
BastaniRoshanProfessorHealth Policy and ManagementPhD, Social Psychology, U of Houston, 1986bastani@ucla.edu CHS690015access to health care (310) 206-9266
Bates-JensenBarbaraProfessorNursing and MedicinePhD, Nursing, University of California Los Angeles, 1998bbatesjensen@sonnet.ucla.eduhttp://www.woundreach.org5-234 Factor691921pressure ulcer prevention care processes, interviewed interventions, quality of care(310) 206-5739
BermanBarbaraProfessor EmeritusCancer Prevention and Control ResearchPhDbberman@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690015cancer prevention for women, adolescents, young adults, low-income and multi-ethnic populations, deaf youth(310) 794-9283
BurschBrendaProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and PediatricsPhD, Claremontbbursch@mednet.ucla.edu Semel175919pediatric pain, palliative care, somatization, illness falsification, health professional mental wellness(310) 206-4985
ChangBettyProfessor EmeritusNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California San Francisco, 1977bchang@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721care of older adults with chronic illnesses, families of patients, self-care, nursing care(310) 206-3834
DruckerBarbaraProfessor EmeritusArtMFA, Art, University of California Los Angeles, 1976bdrucker@ucla.eduhttp://www.barbaradrucker.net2275 Broad161507Contemporary art, autobiography, women's issues, analytical psychology, comparative religion, social Justice pedagogy, arts education(310) 451-2647
MichaeliBeatriceAssistant ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Accounting, Columbia Ubeatrice.michaeli@anderson.ucla.edu Cornell148106analytical models, financial and managerial accounting, financial reporting, performance measurement, incentives, contracting, relationship-specific investments in divisionalized firms and compensation risk, ability of divisional managers engaged in intrafirm trade to collude against the principal and earn “arbitrage” profits(310) 825-1646
BerendZsuzsaAcademic AdministratorSociologyPhD, Columbia University, Sociology, 1994berend@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103family sociology, reproductive technologies, surrogacy, role of money in personal relationships(310) 794-4420
BergeroAdrianaProfessorSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Spanish, U of California Los Angeles, 1988bergero@humnet.ucla.edu Rolfe153202Latin American cultural studies, post-colonial criticism, Argentine literature and culture, cultural geographies, sensuous and cognitive geographies, studies of the city, sexuality and space, gendered spaces, consumerism, art and Fin de Siècle, the quotidian(310) 825-1430
BergrenAnnProfessor EmeritusClassicsPhD, Harvard University, Classical Philology, 1973bergren@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702classical thought, contemporary architectural theory and practice(310) 825-4171
BernhardtKathrynProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, History, Stanford University, 1984bernhard@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303late imperial and modern China(310) 825-1677
BertozziAndreaProfessorMathematicsPhD, Mathematics, Princeton University, 1991bertozzi@math.ucla.edu Math and Science155505nonlinear partial differential equations, applied mathematics, thin films, image processing, swarming(310) 825-4701
LazazzeraBethAssociate ProfessorMicrobiology, Immunology and Molecular GeneticsPhD, University of Wisconsinbethl@microbio.ucla.edu Mol Sci bldg148906molecular basis of how bacterial cells are able to communicate through a process called quorum sensing(310) 794-4804
GlennBethProfessorHealth Policy and Managementbglenn@ucla.edu CHS177220Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities; Cancer prevention and control; Chronic disease prevention; Implementation science; Intervention research; Evaluation; Community-partnered research(310) 206-9715
GompertsBrigitteProfessorPediatricsMD, U of Witwatersrandbgomperts@mednet.ucla.edu CHS175217pediatric hematology, pediatric oncology, lung stem cells, lung repair and regeneration(310) 825-6708
HahnBevraProfessor EmeritusMedicineMD, Johns Hopkins University, 1964bhahn@mednet.ucla.edu Rehab167022immune abnormalities that cause systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), developing interventions to SLE, rheumatology, arthritis(310) 825-7991
BirnbaumMariannaProfessor Emeritus, Research ProfessorGermanic LanguagesPhD, European Literature, University of Budapest, 1967birnbaum@humnet.ucla.edu Royce153903Hungarian literature, Renaissance culture of Central Europe, Jews in Renaissance Europe(310) 825-3955
BlochRuthProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, UC Berkeley, History, 1980bloch@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303early American history, British-American colonies, the American Revolution(310) 825-4601
BlumbergGraceProfessor EmeritusLawJD, Harvard University, 1974blumberg@law.ucla.edu Law147602marital property, family law, social welfare law(310) 825-1334
BoyleBarbaraProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaJD, University of California, Los Angeles, 1960boyle@tft.ucla.edu E. Melnitz162206entertainment law, film financing, film production(310) 206-3213
BozovicDoloresProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Physics, Harvard University, 2001bozovic@physics.ucla.edu Knudsen154705biophysics of hearing(310) 825-6176
LynchBeverlyProfessorInformation StudiesPhD, Library Science and Information Science, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1972bplynch@ucla.edu Moore152104structures of complex organizations, organizational environments, organizational change, measurement, evaluation, libraries, library services, libraries as organizations, academic and research university libraries(310) 206-4294
BrandJennieProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2004brand@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103social stratification, social inequality (310) 266-0826
RimelBobbieAssistant Professor in ResidenceObstetrics and GynecologyMD, Duke U, 2003brimel@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017clinical trial accrual, recruitment, informed consent, healthcare social media, using digital transactions to simplify cancer care for patients(310) 794-7329
RitzBeateProfessorEpidemiology, COEHMD, Medicine, University of Hamburg, 1983; PhD, Medical Sociology, University of Hamburg, 1987; PhD,britz@ucla.edu CHS177220occupational and environmental toxins, chronic diseases(310) 206-7458
BrownerCaroleDistinguished Research ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 1976; MPH, Public Health Administration, UC Berkeley, 1977browner@ucla.edu Semel175919gender, reproduction, reproductive politics, women’s health issues, Latinx health(310) 794-6299
BryantTaimieProfessorLawPhD, Anthropology, UCLA, 1984; Harvard University, Law, 1987bryant@law.ucla.edu Law147602animal protection, ecofeminism, radical feminism, feminist theory(310) 825-4841
ScelzaBrookeAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, University of Washington, 2008bscelza@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303human behavioral ecology, life history theory, reproductive ecology, maternal and child health, Namibia(310) 825-1437
SmithBeckyProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaMFA, Stanford University, 1984bsmith@tft.ucla.edu E. Melnitz162206directing, screenwriting(310) 291-5430
SooChiaProfessor in ResidenceSurgery-PlasticMD, UCLA, 1993bsoo@ucla.edu MRL175919regeneration of bone, cartilage, skin and muscle, novel biologics, stem cells(310) 794-5479
TsaoBettyProfessor in ResidenceRheumatologyPhD, 1981btsao@mednet.ucla.edu Rehab167022identification of human chromosomal regions containing susceptibility genes for systemic lupus erythematosus (310) 206-8200
Van ValkenburghBlaireProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Biological Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, 1984bvanval@ucla.edu LSB160606paleobiology, ecology, functional morphology of vertebrates(310) 794-9398
VickreyBarbaraProfessor in ResidenceNeurologyMD, Duke U, 1984bvickrey@ucla.edu RNRC176919translation of evidence from clinical trials into routine medical practice and improved patient health outcomes(310) 206-7671
ZimaBonnieProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesMD, Rush Medical College, 1984bzima@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire708246unmet need for mental health services among high-risk child populations, quality of mental health care for children enrolled in Medicaid-funded outpatient programs(310) 794-3714
CarbadoDevon W.ProfessorLawJD, Harvard Lawcarbado@law.ucla.edu Law147602employment discrimination, criminal procedure, constitutional law, identity(310) 825-3365
ArchieCarolAssociate Clinical ProfessorPublic Health- Community Health Sciences; Medicinepublic international law, arms control, human rights and international humanitarian lawcarchie@obgyn.humc.edu Medical Centernonehigh-risk pregnancy(310) 222-3564
HaynCarlaProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Accounting and Finance, University of Michigan, 1988carla.hayn@anderson.ucla.edu Cornell148102financial reporting and disclosures, effect of accounting numbers on stock prices, economic consequences of taxes and tax reporting, mergers and acquisitions, information content of accounting information, special items, tax disclosures(310) 206-9925
CarlsonAnnProfessorLawJD, Harvard University, 1989carlson@law.ucla.edu Law147602climate change law, climate change policy(310) 825-8202
CarneyJudithProfessorGeographyPhD, Geography, University of California, Berkeley, 1986carney@geog.ucla.edu Bunche152403Africa and the African diaspora, human-environmental transformations, gender and environment in tropical areas of the Atlantic Basin, gendered use of mangrove ecologies(310) 825-1216
ScottCarolProfessor EmeritusAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Marketing, Northwestern University, 1975carol.scott@anderson.ucla.edu Gold148106aerospace, consumer behavior, corporate renewal, customer analysis, global marketing, marketing strategy, medical marketing, retailing, trademarks, marketing trends(310) 825-4458
CarterElizabethProfessorNear Eastern Languages and CulturesPhD, Near East Languages and Literature, University of Chicago, 1971carter@humnet.ucla.edu Hershey151105Luristan bronzes, Elam, Mesopotamia, Zagros mountains, Iron Age.(310) 206-5474
CartmillEricaAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, U of St. Andrewscartmill@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303human language acquisition, evolution of human language(310) 825-5679
CaswellMichelleAssociate ProfessorInformation StudiesPhD, U of Wisconsin Madisoncaswell@gseis.ucla.edu GSEandIS152003archival theory and practice, information ethics, social justice, human rights, pluralism, community archives, politics of accountability, politics of ownership, politics of access, collective memory of violence, archival pedagogy, visual culture, digital history(310) 206-3851
Alessi HausenbauerCathyProfessorMedicine/Geriatric MedicineMD, U of Illinoiscathy.alessi@va.gov Greater Los Angelesnonesleep problems in older adults(818) 891-7711, ext 39311
ClarkeCatherineProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Biochemistry, Biological Chem, University of California Los Angeles, 1985cathy@chem.ucla.edu Young156905how cells synthesize coenzyme Q, yeast and nematode models, inter- and intra-cellular transport(310) 825-0771
ZimmerCherylProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Marine Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984cazimmer@biology.ucla.edu Botany160606population ecology of marine organisms, role of hydrodynamic processes(310) 825-8564
BakhosCarol AnnProfessorNear Eastern Languages and CulturesPhD Jewish Studies, Jewish Theological Seminary, 2000cbakhos@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities151105late antique rabbinic compilations, medieval Jewish and Islamic scriptural interpretation, study of religion(310) 206-1384
BarrettCynthiaAssociate ProfessorPediatricsMD, Medicine, Harvard University, 1962cbarrett@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217neonatology(310) 825-7763
BeardenCarrieProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human BehaviorPhD, U of Pennsylvaniacbearden@mednet.ucla.edu Semel Institute696824developmental neuropsychiatric disorders, neurogenetics, brain development , psychosis , serious mental illness(310) 206-2983
BegheinCarolineAssociate ProfessorEarth, Planetary, and Space SciencesPhD, U of Utrechtcbeghein@epss.ucla.edu Geology156704geophysics(310) 825-0742
Bower BacaChristineAssistant Professor in ResidenceNeurologyMD, U of Rochestercbowe@mednet.ucla.edu Reed176919epilepsy(310) 825-5745
GuédonCécileAssistant ProfessorFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, Humanities and Cultural Studies, University of London, 2014; MA, European Culture, University College London, 2007; DEA, Comparative Literature, Université Paris IV-Sorbonne, 2005cclg@humnet.ucla.edu RoycenoneHistory of Science, Embodied Cognition, French Studies, German Thought, Italian Culturenone
Crespi-ChunCatherineProfessor in ResidenceBiostatisticsPhD, UCLAccrespi@ucla.edu, CHS177220cancer prevention and control, cancer epidemiology, cancer survivorship, obesity, nutrition, physical activity, health disparities, health psychology, quality of life(310) 206-9364
YuCheng-ChiehProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DanceMFA, Dance, New York University, 1991ccyu@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806choreography of dance theater works that explore Asian Diaspora issues, challenging notions of an Asian and Asian-American profile, crisscrossing issues such as gender ascription, social-political perspectives, cultural boundaries and hybridity(310) 267-4782
Celce-MurciaMarianneDean, Professor EmeritusApplied Linguistics and TESLPhD, Linguistics, University of California Los Angeles, 1972celcemurc@aol.com Rolfe153102language teaching methodology, discourse-based approaches, teaching of pronunciation, pedagogical grammar(310) 206-1320
LewisCatherineAssistant ProfessorSurgery-GeneralMD, University of Michigan School of Medicinecelewis@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690418critical care, general surgery, trauma(310) 825-0176
FordCarolineProfessorHistoryUniversity of Chicago, European History, 1987cford@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303modern France, environmental history, urban history, architectural history(310) 206-9607
PestanaCarlaProfessorHistoryPhD, UCLA, 1987cgpestana@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303religion and empire in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in early America and the early U.S.(310) 206-0569
De ChadarevianSorayaProfessorHistory, Institute for Society and GeneticsPhD, Philosophy, University of Konstanz, 1988chadarevian@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303history of the biomedical sciences (19th century - present)(310) 825-3888
ChengPatriciaProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, U of Michigan, 1980cheng@lifesci.ucla.edu Franz156304origin of mental representations(310) 825-8174
ChenJau-NianProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania, 1993chenjn@mcdb.ucla.edu BSRB723905cardiac development, congenital heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, transcription regulation, mitochondrial biology(310) 206-4513
ChenYii-Der IdaProfessor in ResidenceHarbor/UCLA-PediatricsPhD, U of Michigancheny@cshs.org Cedars-Sinainoneinsulin resistance, CVD risks, metabolic disorders(310) 423-8828
CheungKing-KokProfessorEnglishPhD, English (Renaissance British), University of California, Berkeley, 1984cheung@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005comparative ethnic literature, Asian American literature(310) 825-1701
ChismChristine N.Associate ProfessorEnglishPhD, Duke U, 1992chism@ucla.edu Humanities153005Medieval literature and drama, Medieval intercultural encounter, Medieval Mediterranean, theories of history, theories of culture, theories of performance, Medieval Islam, Medieval Arabic(310) 825-4173
HolschneiderChristineProfessorObstetrics and GynocologyMD, Freie Universsitat Berlincholschneider@dhs.lacounty.gov OVMC174017high risk patients, cervical cancer prevention(818) 364-3222
HongYeuminAssistant ProfessorDentistryCertificate on Orthodontics, UCLAchong@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815stem cell bone biology(310) 825-4705
BorgmanChristineProfessorInformation StudiesPhD, Communication, Stanford University, 1984christine.borgman@ucla.edu GSEIS152003scientific information, scholarly communication, digital libraries, information technology and policy, bibliometrics, social studies of science and technology, electronic publishing, digital publishing, cyberinfrastructure, cyberlearning(310) 825-6164
JanzenCarlaAssistant ProfessorObstetrics and Gynocology, Division of Maternal Fetal MedicinePhD, Brown Ucjanzen@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017maternal-fetal medicine, clinical research, placental physiology(310) 825-6301
KleinCeceliaProfessor EmeritusArt HistoryPhD, Art History, Columbia University, 1972cklein@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702Aztec art, religion, gender, politics(310) 825-8233
ClarkAmanderProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Biological Sciences, U of Melbourne, 1999clarka@ucla.edu BSRB160606germline epigenome, embryo development(310) 794-4201
LawClariceHealth Sciences Clinical ProfessorDentistryDMD, Dentistry, Harvard University, 1995claw@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815child behavior in the dental setting, parenting influences on child behavior in the dental setting, educational research, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics(310) 825-0692
FordChandraAssociate ProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Public Health, University of North Carolina, 2005clford@ucla.edu CHS177220social epidemiology, social determinants of health, conceptualization and measurement of race and ethnicity, health equity, HIV/AIDS prevention, Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP), critical race theory, sexual minority health, access to care(310) 825-6063
KeyesCherylProfessorEthnomusicology, Global Jazz StudiesPhD, Music, Indiana Universityclkeyes@schoolofmusic.ucla.edu Schoenberg165706African American music: rap/hip-hop music history and culture(310) 206-8644
LoobyChristopherProfessorEnglishPhD, Columbia Universityclooby@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005eighteenth and nineteenth century American Literature, sexuality, historical and cultural approaches to literature, formalism, print culture(310) 825-4173
MangioneCarolProfessorMedicineMSPH, Public Health, Harvard University, 1991; MD, Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, 1985cmangione@mednet.ucla.edu Glendon Ave. Suite 850739446diabetes care, relationship between organization of care, cost sharing, control of cardiovascular risk factors and process outcomes such as adherence to medications(310) 794-2298
MercerCeliaProfessor EmeritusFilm, Television and Digital MediaMA, UCLA, 1990cmercer@tft.ucla.edu Melnitz162206women in animation; independent film, animating the unexpected, experimental animation, encaustic & collage paintings, stop motion animation, under the camera animation; animation projects with children; animation as a pedagogical toolN/A
MiceliCarrieProfessorMicrobiology, Immunology and Molecular GeneticsPhD, Microbiology and Immunology, Duke University, 1988cmiceli@ucla.edu BSRB736422Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and T cell biology(310) 206-6483
Mitchell-KernanClaudiaVice Chancellor Emeritus, Professor EmeritusAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 1969cmkernan@ucla.edu Rolfe148402urban anthropology, sociolinguistics, Afro-American culture, Caribbean(310) 825-2918
MoucheraudCorrinaAssistant ProfessorPublic Health - Health Policy and ManagementPhD, Harvard U, 2015cmoucheraud@ucla.edu CHS177220quality of care in resource-poor settings, quality of care for women and infants, global and national policy implementation, health system information and quantitative methodologies, health policy management(310) 825-0240
NeumannCharlotteProfessor EmeritusPublic Health - Community Health SciencesMD, Pediatrics, Harvard University, 1954cneumann@ucla.edu CHS177220child health and nutrition in the US and developing countries, functional outcomes of micronutrient deficiencies, food-based solutions(310) 825-2051
NoriegaChon A.ProfessorTheater, Film, and TelevisionPhD, Stanford Universitycnoriega@ucla.edu Macgowan162206film and television history, avant-garde film and video, racial, gender and sexual difference within both alternative and national cinemas, media access for underrepresented groups(310) 206-0714
CochranSusanProfessorPublic Health - EpidemiologyPhD, Clinical Psychology, U California Los Angeles, 1982cochran@ucla.edu CHS177220minority sexual orientation, mental health, social discrimination in generating mental health morbidity among lesbians, gay men, and bisexual women and men(310) 206-3910
ColganBethProfessorLawJD, Northwestern Ucolgan@law.ucla.edu Law147602criminal and juvenile justice(310) 825-8202
CooneyKathlyn M.Professor and ChairNear Eastern Languages and CulturePhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2002cooney@g.ucla.edu Kaplan151105Egyptology, gender issues of death in ancient Egypt, craft specialization, funerary arts in the ancient world, ritual studies.(310) 206-8799
CooperRobertAssociate ProfessorEducationPhD, University of California, Los Angelescooper@gseis.ucla.edu Moore Hall152104school policy and practice, equity-minded reform, politics of education(310) 267-2494
BenderskyCorinneAssociate ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Management, 2002corinne.bendersky@anderson.ucla.edu Collins148106conflict, status, and diversity in organizational teams(310) 825-1366
CortinezVeronicaProfessorSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Spanish, Harvard University, 1990cortinez@humnet.ucla.edu Rolfe153202colonial Latin American literature, contemporary Chilean literature and film(310) 206-3132
CostaDoraProfessorEconomicsPhD, Economics, University of Chicago, 1993costa@econ.ucla.edu Bunche147703economic history, demographic economics, economics of aging(310) 825-4249
Cottino-JonesMargaProfessor EmeritaItalianPhD, U of Washington, 1965cottino@humnet.ucla.edu Royce153503Italian film(310) 206-1351
Thomas TobinCourtneyAsistant ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD Sociology, Vanderbilt University, 2015courtneysthomas@ucla.edu CHS177220Psychosocial Stress and Coping; African Americans; racial and SES health disparities; aging and the life course; mental-physical health comorbidities; maternal and child health; psychobiology of stress; biomarkers.(310) 325-3738
PavlishCarolProfessor Emeritus and Research ProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of Minnesota, 2004cpavlish@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821gender-based violence in post-conflict settings, refugee and immigrant women's health, risk of HIV infection in post-conflict settings, transcultural nursing care, social justice, social advocacy, health and human rights, narrative and community-based collaborative action research(310) 794-4339
RamirezChristinaProfessorPublic Health- BiostatisticsPhD, California Institute of Technology, 1999cr@ucla.edu CHS177220Drug resistance, infectious diseases, viral mutation and recombination, viral fitness, machine learning, high dimensional analysis, phylogenetic, bayesian phylogenetics(310) 825-7332
CrenshawKimberleProfessorLawJD, Harvard; LL.M., University of Wisconsincrenshaw@law.ucla.edu Law147602race and the law(310) 825-4841
TiradoCristinaAdjunct Associate ProfessorSchool of Public HealthMS/PhD, Environmental Sciences, Cornell Universitycristinatirado@ucla.edu LSHealth of climate policies, integration of health around the UNFCCC work and the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030(310) 568-6214
SarkisianCatherineProfessor in ResidenceMedicineMD, MSHS, UC San Francisco, 1993csarkisian@mednet.ucla.edu PVUB168707improving healthcare value for older adults, improving quality of life for under-resourced and minority older adults(310) 794-3224
OpieCatherineProfessorArtMFA, California Institute of The Arts, 1988csopie@mac.com Broad161507photography, documentation of American landscape and people(310) 825-3281
SorgenfreiCarolProfessor EmeritusTheaterPhD, Dramatic Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1978csorgenf@tft.ucla.edu theater, cross-cultural performance, playwriting, directing(310) 206-6853
Suarez-OrozcoCarolaProfessorEducationPhD, California School of Professional Psychology, 1988csorozco@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104Positive development of immigrant children and youth; academic trajectories of engagement and performance among immigrant adolescents, family separations, social belonging and exclusion(310) 206-0647
SterniniCatiaProfessor in ResidenceGastroenterologyMD, U of Bologna, 1976csternin@ucla.edu CHS179247neuronal circuits that control gastrointestinal motility, mechanisms that govern receptor-mediated responses in enteric nervous system, “brain in the gut”, chemosensing in gastrointestinal tract(310) 825-6526
SugarCatherineProfessorBiostatistics, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Statistics, Stanford U, 1998csugar@ucla.edu CHS175919clustering , functional data analysis, classification and patterns of covariation in data(310) 794-1078
Villasenor BlackCharleneProfessorArt History, Chicana/o StudiesPhD, Art History, University of Michigan, 1995cvblack@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702politics of religious art and Transatlantic exchange, Chicana/o/x art(310) 825-2435
AberleDeniseProfessor, Vice Chair for ResearchRadiological SciencesMD, Medicine, University of Kansas, 1979daberle@mednet.ucla.edu Westwood Blvd, Ste 420nonelung cancer screening, early detection, prevention and screening implementation(310) 794-8996
CabricDanijelaAssociate ProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Electrical, Electronics, University of California Berkeley, 2007danijela@ee.ucla.edu E4159410wireless communications system design, cognitive radio networks, VLSI architectures of signal processing and digital communications, embedded platforms(310) 206-8856
DavidsonStephanieDirector of Externship and Field Placement ProgramsLawJD, Harvard; BA, Columbiadavidsons@law.ucla.edu Law147602dynamics of domestic violence, client and case management, principles of trauma-informed and client-centered lawyering, family law advocacy(310) 206-4945
WeinerDoraSenate EmeritusPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Columbia U, 1951dbweiner@ucla.edu CHS172216history of public health, nursing profession, politics of health in eighteenth and nineteenth century France(310) 825-0599
ChaviraDeniseProfessorPsychologyPhD, UC San Diegodchavira@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304Latino mental health, anxiety, treatment development, culture and mental health(209) 228-4309
CuffDanaProfessor; Director of cityLAB-UCLAArchitecture and Urban Design; Urban PlanningPhD, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, Perloff146702cultural studies in architecture and urbanism, spatial justice, Los Angeles urban development, affordable housing, housing policy(310) 794-6125
De AndaDianeProfessor EmeritusSocial WelfarePhD, Educational Psychology, University of California Los Angeles, 1977ddeanda@ucla.edu PAB165606adolescent pregnancy and motherhood, bicultural socialization(310) 825-2892
DeEsha NiyogiLecturerWriting programsPh.D., Purdue University de@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan138405academic writing and rhetoric with an emphasis on cinema, gender, and performance(818) 398-0559
DelmasMagaliProfessorInst of Environment and SustainabilityPhD, Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commercialdelmas@ucla.edu La Kretz149605energy conservation and efficency, eco-labels and information policies, environmental and corporate performance socially responsible investing(310) 206-9742
DeLoughreyElizabethProfessorEnglishPhD, English, University of Maryland at College Park, 1999deloughrey@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153005Postcolonial and Indigenous approaches to the Environmental Humanities; Island Studies, Anthropocene and Climate Change, Militarization and Nuclearization, Critical Ocean Studies, Feminist & Critical Theory; Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures(310) 825-3534
DengSophieAssociate Professor in ResidenceOpthalmologyMD and PhD, U of Rochesterdeng@jsei.ucla.edu DSERC700019cataract, cornea, corneal transplant, keratoconus, pterygium(310) 794-7371
DerbyRobin LaurenAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, University of Chicago, Latin American History, 1998derby@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303modern Caribbean and Latin American political regimes, authoritarianism, state terror, U.S. imperialism, popular Catholicism, cultural history, masculinity, religions of the African diaspora(310) 267-5461
FavroDianeDistinguished Research ProfessorArchitecture and Urban DesignPhD, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1984dfavro@ucla.edu Perloff146702Roman architecture, Roman urbanism, digital technologies in the arts and humanities, history of women in architecture(310) 825-5374
GereDavidProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, University of California, Riversidedgere@ucla.edu Kaufman160806performance theory, queer theory, AIDS cultural analysis(310) 206-1334
GlikDeborahProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, 1985dglik@ucla.edu CHS177220health communication research, FAS prevention campaign, pretesting and scripting of bioterrorism preparedness messages, risk communication for environmental hazards, entertainment media advocacy in areas of childhood disease prevention, injury prevention, smoking, and disaster preparedness, development of multimedia health curricula for children, patients, and providers(310) 206-9548
GloverDorothyAssociate Professor EmeritusPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, U of California Los Angelesdglover@mednet.ucla.edu NPI175919biomarkers of anxiety and depression, health-threatening neurobiological consequences of acute (traumatic) and chronic stress(310) 794-1642
HermanDenaAdjunct Assistant ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD; MPH; RDdherman@ucla.edu CHS177220Maternal and child health; nutritional assessment with a focus on dietary quality; food security; health disparities of underserved populations; international nutrition(310) 825-8196
DirksenEllenProfessor EmeritusNeurobiologyPhD, Zoology, University of California Berkeley, 1961dirksen@mednet.ucla.edu CHS176318centrioles, cilia, signal transduction mechanisms(310) 825-9565
DjedjeJacquelineProfessor EmeritusEthnomusicologyPhD, Enthnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1978djedje@ucla.edu Schoenberg165706African music, African-American music(310) 206-3033
Koniak-GriffinDeborahProfessorNursingEdD, Columbia University, 1981dkoniak@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921health promotion, disease prevention, interventions to eliminate health disparities, vulnerable populations, youth, adult women(310) 206-3842
KrakowDeborahProfessor in ResidenceOrthopedic SurgeryMD, Chicago Medical Schooldkrakow@mednet.ucla.edu Charles E Young Dr South, Room 512735822prenatal ultrasound parameters in the osteochondrodysplasias, molecular basis of musculoskeletal disorders, gene expression patterns in the skeleton, disorders of joint development, role of cilia in the skeletal dysplasias, osteogenesis Imperfecta, mouse models of human disease(310) 983-1252
LarsonDeborahProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, International Relations, Stanford University, 1982dlarson@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche147203developing a framework for evaluating the quality of political judgments in the international environment(310) 206-5286
LehmanDeborahProfessorPediatrics-AdministrationMD, UCLA, 1988dlehman@mednet.ucla.edu and perinatal infections, pediatric HIV, medical education(310) 825-5235
MannDeniseProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaPhD, Cinema and Media Studies, Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, 2002dmann@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan162206feminist film theory, film and TV history, convergence culture, industry studies, production studies(310) 825-9218
Mcneese-SmithDonnaProfessor EmeritusNursingEdD, Leadership and Budiness Administration, Seattle University, 1991; Masters of Nursing, Communitydmcneese@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721health services research, leadership theories, organizational theories, substance abuse, substance abuse treatment(310) 794-2142
MessadiDianaProfessorDentistryDDS, Dentistry, Alexandria University, 1979; DMSc, Oral Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine,dmessadi@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815effect of growth factors in wound healing, role of apoptosis in keloid formation, new diagnostic tools for detection of malignant oral lesions, clinical trials on oral cancer, chemoprevention(310) 206-7399
MurphyDebraProfessor EmeritaPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Clinical Psychology, Florida State U, 1987dmurphy@mednet.ucla.edu WWT691349children and adolescents affected by maternal HIV/AIDS, mental health, adherence issues among HIV-positive adolescents, assessment of children and adolescents, HIV-related assessment(310) 464-7041
WisnieskiBernadineProfessor EmeritusMicrobiology, Immunology and Molecular GeneticsPhD, Molecular Biology, University of California Berkeley, 1971doctorw@ucla.edu CHS148906structure-function relationships of cytotoxic proteins(310) 206-6121
DolecekLaraAssociate ProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Massachusetts Inst of Technologydolecek@ee.ucla.edu ENGR. IV159410coding theory, emerging memory technologies (Flash), modern information processing and data storage systems, data processing, computing under uncertainty(310) 825-2108
DolovichSharonProfessorLawPhD, Cambridge University, Political Theory, 1994; JD, Harvard Law School, 1998dolovich@law.ucla.edu Law 147602law, policy, theory of prisons and punishment(310) 825-4841
DabrowskaDorotaProfessorBiostatisticsPhD, Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, 1984; MA, Mathematics, Warsaw University, 1978dorota@ucla.edu CHS177220survival analysis, counting processes, nonparametric statistics(310) 206-9624
DorrAimeeProfessorEducation and Information StudiesPhD, Psychology, Stanford U, 1970dorr@gseis.ucla.edu Moore712348electronic media and technology in children’s education, integration of technology into the K-12 and college curriculum, media literacy, research methods, children and electronic media, personality and social behavior in education(510) 987-9020
DowneySusanProfessor EmeritusArt HistoryPhD, Classics, Yale University, 1963downey@humnet.ucla.edu 247D141702art and archaeology of the Near East after Greek conquest, classical art, classical archaeology(310) 825-7513
RuanDanAssociate ProfessorRadiation OncologyPhD, U of Michigan, 2008druan@mednet.ucla.edu 200MP695124medical imaging, tomography, parametric and nonparametric estimation, dynamic systems, general inverse problems in medical signal processing(310) 267-8947
DruckerJohannaProfessorInformation StudiesPhD, Ecriture, University of California, Berkeley, 1986drucker@gseis.ucla.edu GSEIS152003history of the book, history of writing and print culture, media studies, digital media and aesthetics, visual knowledge production, information in visual formats, graphic design, art of the book, contemporary art, writing in the experimental tradition, feminist theory and narrative, gendered identity and language(310) 825-1058
TarnDerjungAssociate ProfessorFamily MedicineMD, New York Medical College; PhD, UCLA, 2006dtarn@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire #1800708746physician-patient communication, prescription medications, mixed methods research, qualitative research, preventive health care(310) 794-6049
Dunkel SchetterChristineProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, Northwestern University, 1982dunkel@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304health psychology, stress and coping processes, social support, biopsychosocial processes in pregnancy, preterm delivery, low birth weight and other maternal/infant outcomes, women's reproductive health(310) 206-8116
WileyDorothyProfessorNursingPhD, Epidemiology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1998dwiley@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821men's and women's health and sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, risk factors for disease progression, HPV infection, cervical, oropharyngeal and anal cancer screening, vaccine efficacy, molecular biomarkers and risk factors for infection(310) 825-0540
AbelEmilyProfessor EmeritusPublic Health- Health Policy and ManagementPhD, University of London, British History, 1969eabel@ucla.edu, women's health, domestic servantsN/A
EaglyIngridProfessorLawJD, Harvard Ueagly@law.ucla.edu Law147602immigration law, criminal adjudication, evidence, public interest lawyering, access to counsel in immigration court, treatment of noncitizens in the criminal justice system, use of technology in the courtroom, changing role of institutional public defenders(310) 825-8202
AvilaEricProfessor and ChairChicana/o Studies; HistoryPh.D., U. S. History, University of California at Berkeleyeavila@ucla.edu Bunche Hall155903the intersections of racial identity, urban space, and cultural representation in twentieth century America
BarnertElizabethAssistant Professor in ResidencePediatrics-AdministrationMD, UCSF School of Medicineebarnert@mednet.ucla.edu Reagan UCLA Medical Center739446vulnerable youth, justice-involved youth, commercially sexually exploited youth, family reunification, children with medical complexity 310-794-4365
BlumenbergEvelynProfessorUrban PlanningPhD, UCLA, Urban Planning, 1995eblumenb@ucla.edu PAB165606gender and travel behavior, welfare-to-work transition, welfare reform(310) 903-3305
BromleyElizabethAssistant Professor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciMD, UCSF; PhD, UCLAebromley@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire, 300708246therapeutic beliefs, institutional contexts, clinical practices(310) 794-3734
LeeEunice EunkyungAssociate ProfessorNursingPhD, Geriatric Psychiatric Nursing, Rush U Chicago, 1999eclee@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821gerontological psychiatric nursing, depression, caregivers for older adults with dementia, disease prevention, breast/cancer screening among minority and Korean women, culturally sensitive intervention for improving cancer screening, cross-cultural instrumentation(310) 267-0057
ScottEllenAssociate ProfessorCinema and Media StudiesPhD, University of Michiganecscott@tft.ucla.edu Melnitz Hall 203D162206cultural meanings and reverberations of film in African American communities and, more broadly, the relationship of media to the struggle for racial justice and equality(310) 206-3516
VillarrealEditProfessor and Associate Dean Academic Affairs Theater - Professor and Associate Dean Academic Affairs MFA, Playwriting, Yale University, 1986editv@tft.ucla.edu East Melnitz 162206playwriting, screenwriting(310) 206-6876
RichardsonNancyProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaMFA, Fine and Applied Arts, University of California, Los Angeles, 1996editwirl@aol.com Macgowan162206film production, post production technologyN/A
DuBoisEllenDistinguished Research ProfessorHistoryPhD, Northwestern University, United States History, 1975edubois@ucla.edu Bunche147303history of woman suffrage, women's history, international feminism, transnationalism(310) 825-1846
HallemElissaAssociate ProfessorMicrobiology, Immuno and Molecular GeneticPhD, Yale Universityehallem@ucla.edu BSRB736422neural basis of sensory behaviors, human parasitism(310) 825-1778
HsiaoElaineAssistant ProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Cal Techehsiao@ucla.edu Terasaki723905peripheral changes in the immune system, microbiota influence brain and behavior(310) 825-0228
BjorkElizabethProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of Michigan, 1968elbjork@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304human memory(310) 825-6935
KaufmanEleanorProfessorComparative Literature, English, French and Francophone StudiesPhD, Literature, Duke University, 1997eleanork@ucla.edu Kaplan15360520th-century French philosophy and critical theory, Medieval philosophy, psychoanalysis, medical humanities(310) 206-8155
LongElisaAssociate ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Stanford Uelisa.long@anderson.ucla.edu Gold173216health care operations, decision-analytic modeling, simulation, dynamic systems, public health applications, resource allocation, queuing in hospital settings(310) 825-4458
HonkaElisabethAssistant ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, U of Chicagoelisabeth.honka@anderson.ucla.edu Gold148106marketing(310) 825-0296
YanoElizabethAdjunct ProfessorHealth Policy and ManagementPhD, UCLA; MSPH, UCLAelizabeth.yano@va.gov CHS177220Health services research, implementation science, program evaluation; Primary care delivery models, including patient-centered medical home; Women’s health and disparities research (818) 895-9449
LondonEdythe (Eydie)Distinguished Professor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, U of Marylandelondon@mednet.ucla.edu NPI175919neuroimaging, neural circuitry, self-control, behaviors related to addiction(310) 825-0812
MarcusElizabethAssistant ProfessorPediatric GastroenterologyMD, USC, 2005emarcus@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217pediatric gastroenterology(310) 206-6134
ChuangEmmelineAssociate ProfessorHealth Policy and ManagementPhD, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hillemchuang@ucla.edu CHS177220organization and management of health and human services, health service access, quality of care, underserved populations(310) 825-8908
EmighRebeccaProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, University of Chicago, 1993; MA, Statistics, University of Chicago, 1990emigh@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103comparative sociology, historical sociology(310) 206-9546
NemethElizabetaProfessorMedicinePhD, U of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1998enemeth@mednet.ucla.edu CHS169017Iron homeostasis and its disorders(310) 825-2841
NurmiErikaAssistant Professor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Vanderbilt U, 2004enurmi@mednet.ucla.edu Semel175919genetic basis of childhood OCD and tic disorders(310) 825-0018
OchsElinorProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, 1974eochs@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303communication, connectedness, emotion, health across the life span and communities(310) 918-4446
PearlsteinEllenProfessorInformation Studies; UCLA Getty Conservation ProgramM.A., Columbia University, 1978epearl@ucla.edu Fowler151006plant materials used as paint binders or patination materials on archaeological and ethnographic objects, preventive conservation, conservation education, American Indian tribal museums, effects of environmental agents on ethnographic and natural history materials, display and storage standards, introducing context into cultural materials’ conservation education, curriculum development(310) 794-4940
ReedElaineProfessor in ResidencePathologyPhD, Columbia U, 1984ereed@mednet.ucla.edu Rehab165222establishment of a translational research program for the development of biomarkers for diagnosis and prevention of transplant rejection(310) 825-7651
DebenportErinAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, LInguistics, University of Chicago, 2009erindebenport@ucla.edu Haines155303Technologies of language circulation; secrecy; indigeneity; semiotics; critical language documentation; language ideologies; Kiowa-Tanoan languages.(310) 206-1271
RoumanasEleniProfessor EmeritusDentistryDDS, Dentistry, Northwestern University, 1988eroumanas@dentistry.ucla.edunone23-088F CHS166815maxilofacial prosthetics(310) 825-6510
ThomasElizabeth AnneAssistant ProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California San Francisco, 2009ethomas@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721type 2 diabetes in older working adults(310) 825-3513
WangEricaAssistant Professor in ResidenceObstetrics and GynecologyMD, Yale U, 2004etwang@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017impact of fertility and reproductive measures on women's health, menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea(310) 794-7329
UptonElizabethAssociate ProfessorMusicologyPhD, Music History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2001eupton@humnet.ucla.edu Schoenberg162306medieval music and culture (1100-1600), medievalism and popular culture, love songs, vocal music, performance, experience of music, historiography, codicologyN/A
BakerEvaProfessorEducationEdD, Education, University of California, Los Angeles, 1967eva@ucla.edu GSEIS152206assessment and accountability models, technology-based learning and assessment systems, human performance(310) 206-1530
VilainEricProfessorHuman Genetics, Pediatrics and UrologyPhD, Pasteur Instituteevilain@ucla.edu Gonda Center708822genetics of sexual development and sex differences(310) 267-2455
FarberDeboraProfessorOpthalmologyPhD, U of Buenos Airesfarber@jsei.ucla.edu JSEI700019micro-vesicles released by cultured mouse embryonic stem cells (ESMVs), effects of ESMVs on cultured retinal progenitor Müller cells, the use of ESMVs in the rescue of damaged retinas(310) 206-6800
FeigonJuliProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, 1982feigon@mbi.ucla.edu PBH156905Nucleic acid structure and function(310) 206-6922
FeshbachNormaProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 1956feshbach@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104emotional development, social development, personality development, empathy, parental stress, child advocacy, child abuse and social policy. children’s ethnic tolerance(310) 825-8338
HodgeFeliciaProfessorNursingPhD, Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, 1987fhodge@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921chronic health conditions, health beliefs, health behaviors, American Indian, Alaska Native, Indigenous populations(310) 267-2255
LionnetFrancoiseDistinguished Research ProfessorFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, University of Michiganflionnet@humnet.ucla.edu Royce155003comparative literature, Francophone literatures, Indian Ocean and Caribbean studies, postcolonial, African and African-American studies, autobiography, race, gender studies(310) 206-6096
MartelliFrancescaAssociate ProfessorClassicsPhD, Classics, Oxford, 2007fmartelli@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702Latin literature, authorship, cultural poetics, collections and collective memory-making(310) 825-4171
PirihFlaviaAssociate ProfessorDentistryPhD, UCLA, 2006fpirih@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815periodontitis, peri-implantitis, role of genetics in patients' susceptibility to periodontitis, developing an animal model to study experimental peri-implantitis(310) 825-3685
FrenchSusanProfessor EmeritaLawJD, Law, University of Washington, 1967french@law.ucla.edu Law147602law of wills, trusts, future interests, servitudes (easements and covenants), common interest communities.
ModyFrenyProfessorCardiologyMD, Johns Hopkins, 1981freny.mody@va.gov HSB169147cardiology(310) 825-8811
FuchsBarbaraProfessorSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Stanford Ufuchsbar@humnet.ucla.edu Royce153202literature and empire, European cultural production from the late 15th-17th centuries, translation, performance studies, Hispanic classical theater(310) 206-8552
Yan-GoFriscaProfessorNeurologyPhD, U of Santo Tomas, 1962fyango@mednet.ucla.edu, 300 Med697524sleep apnea and imaging, insomnia and inflammation, dysautomia in women, sleep disorders in children(310) 794-9551
YounaiFaribaProfessorDentistryDDS, State U of New York, 1985fyounai@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815oral health issues in HIV infection(310) 794-1093
Bryant GregProfessorCommunicationPhD, University of California, Santa Cruzgabryant@ucla.edu Rolfe Hall153802vocal communication and evolution(310) 825-5984
GallagherLowellProfessorEnglishPhD, Stanford Universitygallaghe@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005Renaissance, seventeenth century British, theory and criticism, gender, sexuality, literary and political cultures of early modern English Catholicism, early modern prose fiction, Spenser studies, narrative theory(310) 825-8251
GanaNouriAssociate ProfessorComparative LiteraturePhD, Université de Montréal, Québec, 2004gana@humnet.ucla.edu KaplanN/Aintersecting fields of modern and contemporary multilingual Arab literatures and cultures of North Africa and the Middle East; Arab popular music and film; comparative ethnic, Muslim and Arab diasporas studies, namely in Euro-Americas; postcolonial and modernist comparative cultural studies310-206-9965
GandaraPatriciaProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Educational Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1979gandara@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104educational equity and access for low income and ethnic minority students, language policy, education of Mexican origin youth, restrictive language policies, pathways through California community colleges for underrepresented students, educational needs of secondary English learners, policy options to meet the resource needs of California’s English learners(310) 267-4875
JohnsonGaye TheresaAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesPhD, American Studies, University of Minnesota, 2007gayetheresaj@chavez.ucla.edu Bunche HallN/Arace and racism, cultural history, spatial politics, and political economy
CarpioGenevieveAssistant ProfessorChicana/o StudiesPhD, U of Southern Californiagcarpio@chavez.ucla.edu Bunche155903relational ethnic studies, 20th century U.S. history, (sub)urban humanities, space and place(310) 267-4983
CrooksGay M.ProfessorPathology & Lab Medicine, PediatricsMB, BS, U of Western Australia, 1982gcrooks@mednet.ucla.edu TLSB724305hematopoietic stem cells, transplantation, T cell development, thymus biology, immunotherapy(310) 206-0205
GeddesBarbaraProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, Political Science and Government, University of California Berkeley, 1986geddes@ucla.edu Bunche147203democratization, authoritarian transitions, political development, Latin American politics(310) 720-2080
GelminiGracielaProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Physics, Universidad Nacional De La Plata, 1981gelmini@physics.ucla.edu PAB154705astro-particle physics, dark matter, physics of neutrinos(310) 825-4293
GerstelSharonProfessorArt HistoryPhD, Art History, New York University, 1993gerstel@humnet.ucla.edu 247H141702Byzantine peasantry, Medieval archaeology, ethnography of early modern Mediterranean cultures(310) 206-6905
GreendaleGailProfessorMedicineMD, Medicine, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1982ggreenda@mednet.ucla.edu PVUB951687menopause, women's health(310) 825-8253
GhezAndreaProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, California Inst of Technology, 1992ghez@astro.ucla.edu PAB154705high spatial resolution imaging techniques, star formation, proposed massive black hole at the center of our galaxy(310) 206-0420
GillilandAnneProfessor and Associate Dean for Information StudiesInformation StudiesPhD, Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, 1995gilliland@gseis.ucla.edu GSEandIS152003information technology, record keeping, cultural heritage, social justice, human rights issues, archives and records, archival education(310) 206-9393
KimGinaProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaMFA, California Institute of the Artsginakim@tft.ucla.eduhttp://www.ginakimfilms.com3348 McGowan162206filmmaking(310) 794-7666
IshiyamaGailAssociate ProfessorNeurologyMD, UCLAgishiyama@mednet.ucla.edu Reed176919neuro-otology(310) 825-5910
GoemanMishuana R.Associate ProfessorGender StudiesPh.D., Stanford University, Modern Thought and Literature, 2003goeman@gender.ucla.edu Rolfe150402Indigenous feminisms, Indigenous literature, Indigenous geographies, settler colonialism studies, Indigenous film, race and ethnicity, women of color feminisms(310) 206-8101
GoldbergJessicaAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, Columbia Ugoldberg@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Medieval history of the Mediterranean basin, Christian Europe, the Islamic world, economic institutions, legal institutions, culture(310) 206-6860
GoldbergCaroleDistinguished Research ProfessorLawJD, Law, Stanford University, 1971goldberg@law.ucla.edu Law147602safety and justice in tribal communities(310) 825-4429
GoldmanAndreaAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, History, University of California, Berkeley, 2005goldman@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303cultural and social history of early modern and modern China, urban history, performance, politics of aesthetics, gender studies(310) 825-3368
GomezLauraProfessorLawJD and PhD, Stanford Ugomez@law.ucla.edu Law147602intersection of law, politics and social stratification (310) 267-4964
Goodwin-WhiteJamieAssistant ProfessorGeographyPhD, U of Washingtongoodwin-white@geog.ucla.edu Bunche152403migration and immigration, inequality, labor markets, social statistics(310) 825-1071
GowatyPatriciaDistinguished Professor EmeritaEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Zoology, Clemson U, 1980gowaty@eeb.ucla.edu dynamics of sexual conflict (310) 206-2186
HongGrace KyungwonProfessorAsian American Studies, Gender StudiesPhD, Literature, University of California, San Diego, 2000; MA, Asian American Studies, UCLA; BA, English, UCLAgracehongucla@gmail.com Rolfe722502women of color feminism, neoliberalism, cultural studies, comparative racialization310-267-5592
KimGrace HyunAssociate ProfessorRadiological SciencesPhD, UCLAgracekim@mednet.ucla.edu Westwood Blvd, Suite 650731946(310) 481-7594
GrahamSandraProfessorEducationPhD, Educational Psychology, U 0f California Los Angeles, 1982graham@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104academic motivation and social development in children of color, school contexts that vary in racial or ethnic diversity(310) 206-1205
GrammerJennieAssistant ProfessorEducationPhD, Developmental Psychology, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hillgrammer@gseis.ucla.edu Hall 3302C152104changes in children’s cognitive skills from early childhood to elementary school, executive functions, memory, metacognition(310) 825-8348
GreenfieldPatriciaProfessorPsychology - DevelopmentalHarvard University, Social Psychology/Personality Research, 1966greenfield@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304culture and human development(310) 825-7526
GreibachSheilaProfessor EmeritusComputer SciencePhD, Computing Theory and Pract, Harvard U Radcliffe C, 1963greibach@cs.ucla.edu Boelter Hall159610theoretical computer science, computational complexity, program schemes and semantics, formal language, automata, computability(310) 825-1617
GrellaChristineProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Post-Doc, Evaluation Research, 1989grella@ucla.edu WWT691349intersection of multiple service delivery systems, substance abuse treatment, mental health, child welfare, health services, HIV services, criminal justice, treatment for women or adolescents or individuals in the criminal justice system, individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders(310) 267-5451
GrishamWilliamAdjunct ProfessorPsychology - Behavioral Neurosciencegrisham@lifesci.ucla.edu Franz156304development of sex differences(310) 825-7990
van ServellenGwenProfessor EmeritusNursingPhD, Nursing, Stanford University, 1972gservell@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721symptom presentation and management, health-related quality of life in men and women with HIV/AIDS, health care services, organization of outpatient services(310) 825-3308
GutierrezKrisProfessor EmeritusEducationUniversity of Colorado at Boulder, English, 1987gutierrez@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104sociocultural contexts of literacy development, the relationship between language, culture, development, and pedagogies of empowerment(310) 825-7467
WyattGailProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, UCLA, Psychology, 1973gwyatt@mednet.ucla.edu Neuropsychiatric Institute175919women's sexuality, consensual and abusive sexual relationships of women and men, effects of sexual relationships on psychological well-being, cultural context of risks for STIs and HIV(310) 825-0193
XiaoGraceProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004gxxiao@ucla.eduhttps://www.xiao-lab.org2000E TLSB160606RNA bioinformatics, genomics and biology(310) 206-6522
HammenConstanceProfessor EmeritusPsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1971hammen@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304clinical psychology, mood disorders, stress, interpersonal aspects of psychopathology, risk for depression, adolescent or young adult offspring of depressed women, predictors of depression and social functioning(310) 825-6085
AppelHannahAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Stanford Uhappel@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303daily life of capitalism, private sector in Africa, economic anthropology(310) 267-4253
HarrisCherylProfessorLawJD, Northwestern University, Law, 1978harris@law.ucla.edu Law147602critical race theory, how racial frames shape our understanding and interpretation of significant events, Hurricane Katrina, admissions policies, anti-discrimination law(310) 825-4841
HaseltonMartieProfessorCommunication Studies; PsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, 2000haselton@ucla.edu Rolfe153802social psychology, social endocrinology, evolution, human behavior(310) 206-7445
HaylesN. KatherineProfessor EmeritusEnglishPhD, University of Rochester, English, 1977hayles@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005literature and science in 20th and 21st century, 20th and 21st century American fiction, electronic textuality, hypertext fiction and theory, science fiction, literary theory, media theory(310) 825-3534
CaiHuaProfessor and Director of Translational ResearchAnesthesiology; MedicineMD, PhD, Anesthesiology, University of New South Wales/Emory University, 2000hcai@mednet.ucla.edu CHS957115Novel molecular mechanisms and therapeutics of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases(310) 267-2303
ChangHelenaProfessorSurgery-OncologyMD, Medicine, Temple University, 1981; PhD, Medicine, Temple University, 1976hchang@mednet.ucla.edu Medical Plaza Driveway Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90095702824translational research in breast cancer(310) 794-6422
ChristofkHeatherAssociate ProfessorBiological ChemistryPhD, Harvard Uhchristofk@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB951737diagnostic and treatment strategies for cancer patients, regulation and role of metabolic switches in cellular transformation, virus infection, and differentiation(310) 794-4248
CollerHilaryAssociate ProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Massachusetts Inst of Technologyhcoller@ucla.edu Terasaki723905molecular basis of quiescent cells (310) 825-3483
DeutschHelenProfessorEnglishPhD, University of California, Berkeley, English, 1990hdeutsch@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities15300518th century British literature, disability studies, poetry, gender studies, literary theory(310) 825-4173
HermanBarbaraProfessorPhilosophyPhD, Harvard University, Philosophy, 1976herman@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd145102moral philosophy, Kant's ethics, history of ethics, social and political philosophy(310) 825-4641
Lytle HernandezKathleenAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, History, University of California, Los Angeles, 2002hernandez@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303twentieth-century U.S. history, race, migration, police and prison systems, U.S.-Mexico borderlands(310) 825-4601
HilaryGodwinProfessorEnvironmental Health SciencesPhD, Physical Chemistry, Stanford Universityhgodwin@ucla.edu Pub Hlth-Envir Hlth Sci 66-062B 177220basic chemical and biological mechanisms by which toxic metal ions affect neurological signaling and development(310) 794-9112
HieronymiPamelaProfessorPhilosophyPhD, Philosophy, Harvard University, 2000hieronymi@ucla.edu Dodd145102ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, free will(310) 206-2727
HigbieFrank TobiasProfessorHistoryPh.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaignhigbie@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303U.S. History, labor and social movement history, labor studies, and digital humanities/history(310) 794-9331
LavretskyHellenProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciMD, Moscow Medical Institutehlavretsky@mednet.ucla.edu Institute 37-456175919geriatric psychiatry, mood disorders, psychopharmacology, integrative medicine, complementary, alternative medicine(310) 794-4619
LeitnerHelgaProfessorGeographyPhD, U of Viennahleitner@geog.ucla.edu Bunche Hall152403local politics of immigration and belonging, cities as sites of multicultural encounters, global urbanism(310) 825-1071
MiddlekauffHollyProfessorMedicinePhD, Internal Medicine, University of Southern California, 1986hmiddlekauff@mednet.ucla.edu CHS167917mechanisms of exercise dysfunction in patients with heart failure(310) 206-6672
MikkolaHannaProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Chemistry, University of Helsinki, 1997hmikkola@mcdb.ucla.edu BSRB160606identify members of the transcriptional regulatory network that controls HSC development and function(310) 825-2565
HochbergGilProfessorComparative LiteraturePhD, Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley, 2002hochberg@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153605psychoanalysis, postcolonial theory, nationalism, sexuality(310) 825-7650
LuHongjingProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, 2005hongjing@ucla.edu Franz156304human learning, reason, intelligent machines, emulation, cognitive psychology(310) 206-2587
HorwitzJillProfessorLawPhD, Harvardhorwitz@law.ucla.edu Law School147602legal regulation of health care organizations, nonprofit organizations, law and economics, tort law(310) 825-8202
HouserCarolynProfessorNeurobiologyPhD, Anatomy, University of California Los Angeles, 1978houser@mednet.ucla.edu CHS176318neurochemical anatomy, neuronal plasticity, development of CNS(310) 206-1567
PietersHuibrieAssociate ProfessorNursingPhD, UCLA, 2009hpieters@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821healthcare decision-making among women(310) 267-3366
ReesHelenProfessorEthnomusicologyPhD, Music, University of Pittsburgh, 1994hrees@ucla.edu Schoenberg165706Chinese music, ritual and music, intangible cultural assets protection programs in Asia(310) 825-1800
LeeHui-ShuAssociate ProfessorArt HistoryPhD, Art History, Yale University, 1994hslee@humnet.ucla.edu 226A141702cultural mapping of Hangzhou and its representation from the Southern Song (1127-1279), courtesan culture of Ming-dynasty Nanjing, seventeenth-century individualist painter Bada Shanren, Chinese painting(310) 206-6905
HuffakerDianaProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Electrical and Electronics, University of Texas At Austin, 1994huffaker@ee.ucla.edu E4159410solid-state nanotechnology, plasmonically-coupled processes, optoelectronic devices, solar cell, si photonics, novel materials(310) 206-0853
LiHuiyingAssociate ProfessorMolecular and Medical PharmacologyPhD, 2004huiying@mednet.ucla.edu 4339177010microbiome, human microbiome, gene regulation, bioinformatics, systems biology(310) 206-5585
HunterMarcusAssistant ProfessorAfrican American StudiesPhD, Northwestern Universityhunter@soc.ucla.edu Haines Hall155103race, sexuality, urban race relations, politics, history and change, urban black Americans(310) 825-1313
HuoYuenProfessorPsychologyPhD, Social Psychology, University of California Berkeley, 1997huo@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304social psychology, relationship dynamics between members of different groups (e.g., inter-ethnic conflicts)(310) 794-5305
WuHongProfessorMolecular and Medical PharmacologyMD, Medicine, Beijing Medical College; PhD, Biological Chemistry, Harvard University, 1991hwu@mednet.ucla.edu CHS173517PTEN, stem cells, cancer biology(310) 825-5160
HydeCarrieAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, Rutgers Universityhyde@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153005early U.S. literature, political philosophy and theory, aesthetics of disaffiliation, literature of slavery and abolition, citizenship, law and literature, historical method(310) 825-4173
IacovinoMichelinaAssistant ProfessorHarbor/UCLA-PediatricsPhD, Universite de Provenceiacovino@ucla.edu stem cell biology, development of vascular endothelium, stem cell therapies(310) 222-2301
BoechatMaria (Ines)Professor EmeritaRadiological SciencesPhD, Medicine, U Federal de Minas Gerais, 1974iboechat@mednet.ucla.edu CHS172115pediatric imaging, diagnostic radiology, women in medicine(310) 825-6889
GarrawayIslaAssociate ProfessorUrologyMD and PhD, U of California Los Angelesigarraway@mednet.ucla.edu Clark173818oncology, bladder cancer, prostate cancer(310) 206-4890
IglehartAlfreda P.Associate ProfessorSocial WelfarePhD, Social Work and Sociology, University of Michigan, 1978iglehart@ucla.edu PAB165606adolescents in foster care, aging out of care, transition to adulthood, service delivery to diverse communities(310) 825-2892
HuntIsabelleProfessor EmeritusPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, 1969ihunt@ucla.edu CHS177220public health, community health sciences(310) 825-7456
KimChristina InwonProfessorMathematicsPhD, Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, 2002ikim@math.ucla.edu MSB155505nonlinear partial differential equations(310) 825-4701
FaliksInnaProfessor and Head of PianoMusicDMA, State U of New York at Stony Brook Main; Artist Diploma, Accademia Pianistica Internazionale, Imola, Italy; BM and MM, Johns Hopkins University Peabody Conservatoryinna.faliks@gmail.comhttp://www.innafaliks.com2539 Schoenberg161606piano performance, innovative programming, rarely heard and new music, audience communication, education(310) 206-3020
PopescuIoanaAssistant Professor in ResidenceMedicineMD, U of Medicine and Pharmacy-Carol Davila,1998ipopescu@mednet.ucla.edu Broxton173617internal medicine(310) 206-6232
Dosamantes-BeaudryIrmaProfessor EmeritusWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, Michigan State University, Clinical Psych; L A Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studyirmad@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806contemporary psychoanalysis, sacred female healing traditions, arts as healing and therapy, self construction, the body as an instrument of consciousness(310) 206-1333
TsuiIrenaAssistant Professor in ResidenceOphthamologyMD, U of Pennsylvania, 2004itsui@jsei.ucla.edu DSERC700019diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity(310) 206-7474
ElginerJulieAdjunct Assistant ProfessorHealth Policy and ManagementDrPH, University of California, Los Angelesjaelginer@ucla.edu, media, legislative and organizational advocacy; reproductive health; global healthN/A
WatkinsStephanieProfessorAsian Languages and CulturesPhD, Indo-European Studies, Yale U, 1977jamison@humnet.ucla.edu Royce154003Indo-Iranian, (Vedic) Sanskrit and Middle Indo-Aryan languages and textual materials, language and linguistics, literature and poetics, religion and law, mythology and ritual, gemder studies, comparative mythology and poetics, Greek materials(310) 206-8235
BlacherJanetProfessorPsychologyPhD, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hilljan.blacher@ucr.edu Franz156304clinical psychology, familes of children with disabilities(951) 827-3875
AnesiJuliannAssistant ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, Syracuse University, Special Education and Disability Studies; MA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Special Educationjanesi@ucla.edu Rolfe951504Disability policies, Indigenous women’s activism, and educational institutions in Samoa(310) 206-8101
BergstromJanetResearch ProfessorCinema and Media StudiesUCLA, Theater Arts, 1980janetb@ucla.edu Macgowan162206Archivally-based studies of cross-national European film directors and of French/Francophone directors(310) 794-5562
SinsheimerJanetProfessorHuman GeneticsPhD, Biomathematics, UCLA, 1994janets@mednet.ucla.edu Gonda708822statistical methodology for mapping complex trait and disease genes(310) 825-8002
PreglerJanetProfessor and Iris Cantor Endowed Chair in Women's HealthMedicineMD, Northwestern U, 1988japregler@mednet.ucla.edu 100MP702324sex and gender-based medicine, women’s health and environmental toxins, lesbian, bisexual, and queer women’s health, older women’s sexuality, the intersection between financial and health literacy for women(310) 794-8063
AsarnowJoanProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, U of Waterloojasarnow@mednet.ucla.edu Medical Plaza696824child and adolescent psychiatry, youth suicide prevention(310) 794-4962
JavanbakhtMarjanAssociate Professor in ResidenceEpidemiologyMPH., Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Yale University School of Medicine; PhD., Epidemiology, UCLA Fielding School of Public Healthjavan@ucla.edu CHS177220increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV; sexual risk behaviors among young people attending STD clinics; transmission behaviors among men recently infected with HIV; rectal hygiene practices that may increase the risk of STI/HIV transmission; epidemiology of anal intercourse among women; non-coital activities may increase the risk of STIs in women; antiretroviral medications; antiretroviral drug resistance; HIV-positive patients(310) 825-3234
WilliamsJulietProfessorGender StudiesPhD, Cornell University, Department of Government, 1997jawilliams@gender.ucla.edu Rolfe150402feminist theory, masculinity studies, gender and the law, gender and education, feminist cultural studies(310) 794-7954
BauerJanetProfessor EmeritusDentistryDDS, Dentistry, University of Southern California, 1975jbauer@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815evidence-based dentistry, geriatric dentistry, restorative dentistry(310) 825-7747
BowerJulienneProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1998jbower@ucla.edu Franz156304mind-body interactions (310) 794-7838
BrillJudithProfessorPediatrics-AdministrationMD, Harvardjbrill@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC Crit175217pediatric critical care(310) 825-6752
BristowJosephDistinguished ProfessorEnglishPhD, University of SouthamptonJbristow@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153005British and Irish literature, histories and theories of sexuality, LGBT studies, queer theory, Oscar Wilde (310) 825-4173
ClemensJohnProfessorEpidemiologyMD, Yale University School of Medicine; BS, Stanford Universityjdclemens@ucla.edu CHS177220infectious diseases in developing countries, evaluations of vaccines, including field evaluations and development of innovative methodological approaches; epidemiological studies, with a particular interest in enteric infections; and development of evidence-based policy for the introduction of vaccines and other interventions.(310) 825-5112
ArnoldJeanneProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1983jearnold@ucla.edu Haines155303archaeology, western North America, political evolution, ethnoarchaeology, modern material culture(310) 206-5801
EastwoodJo-AnnAssociate ProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004jeastwoo@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821gender differences in ischemic heart disease (IHD), identification of specific biologic and diagnostic correlates of IHD in premenopausal women(310) 206-3443
HeckJuliaAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiologyPhD, Epidemiology, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; MPH, Boston University; AB, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hilljeheck@ucla.edu CHS177220global cancer epidemiology and control; epidemiology of childhood cancers within cohorts of children from the United States and Scandinavia, with an emphasis on environmental and occupational causes of cancer as well as maternal and paternal health behaviors and the perinatal environment; risk of cancer among California’s diverse populations.(310) 206-4704
KimJennyProfessorMedicine- DermatologyMD PhD, UCLAjekim@mednet.ucla.edu CHS175018skin immunity, photoaging, acne(310) 825-5420
WhitsonJenniferAssociate ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementMBA, Northwestern U, 2007jennifer.whitson@anderson.ucla.edu and accurate pattern perception, how the experience of power changes the way we understand the world around us, psychological and management implications(310) 825-2387
CattelinoJessicaAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, New York University, 2004jesscatt@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303sociocultural anthropology, citizenship, sovereignty, indigeneity, settler colonialism, economy and value, gender, environment, American public culture, Indian gaming, United States, native North America(310) 825-4400
FriedmanJodi L.Health Sciences Associate Clinical ProfessorMed-GIM Primary CareMD, UC Irvine College of Medicine, 1988jfriedman@mednet.ucla.edu UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 420168524General Internal Medicine(310) 206-6232
GassonJudithSenior AdvisorMedicinePhD, Physiology, U of Colorado, 1979jgasson@mednet.ucla.edu Factor178121molecular physiology of human blood cell production(310) 825-2564
Newman GigerJoyceProfessor EmeritusNursingPhD, Ball State U, 1986jgiger@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921genetic indices and other physiological predictors of coronary heart disease among pre-menopausal African-American women, designing culturally competent interventions, vulnerable populations(310) 206-0466
GipsonJessicaAssociate ProfessorPublic Health - Community Health SciencePhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Healthjgipson@ucla.edu CHS177220global sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, fertility preferences, family planning, unintended pregnancy, abortion, HIV/AIDS, influence of gender and socio-cultural context on couple communication, reproductive decision-making and outcomes(310) 794- 7028
GondekJulianaProfessorMusicMaster of Music, University of Southern California, 1977jgondek@g.ucla.edu Shoenberg161606vocal technique and pedagogy, vocal style and delivery in Baroque, Mozart, Bel Canto, and contemporary (20th-21st century) classical music repertoire, Polish art song, American art song(310) 794-9269
HuangJingProfessorMolecular and Medical PharmacologyPhDjinghuang@mednet.ucla.edu CHS173517longevity molecules that counteract aging and extend lifespan, alpha-ketoglutarate (a-KG),direct molecular connections between dietary restriction and major aging regulatory proteins (310) 825-4329
JayJenniferProfessorCivil and Environmental EngineeringPhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999jjay@seas.ucla.edu Boelter159310geochemical and microbial processes, contaminants in the environment, antibiotic resistance(310) 267-5365
KreimanJodyProfessor in ResidenceHead and Neck Surgery, LinguisticsPhD, U of Chicagojkreiman@ucla.edu Rehab179422perception and production of normal and pathological voice(310) 825-0736
LeavittJacquelineProfessor EmeritusUrban PlanningPhD, Columbia University, Urban Planningjleavitt@ucla.edu PAB165606housing and community development policy, public housing, women and housing/service needs, multiple meanings of home(310) 825-4091
LevittJenniferProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciMD, University of North Carolinajlevitt@mednet.ucla.edu and adolescent psychiatry(310) 825-6731
LiJingyi (Jessica)Associate ProfessorStatisticsPhD, Berkeleyjli@stat.ucla.eduhttp://jsb.ucla.edu8125 Math Sciences155404new statistical methods, biological questions, large-scale genomic and transcriptomic data(310) 206-8375
LongJenniferAssociate ProfessorSurgery- Head and NeckMD, University of Minnesota Medical Schooljlong@mednet.ucla.edu Rehab Center179422tissue engineering, vocal fold scarring, stem cell therapies, extracellular matrix, mechanism of voice production310-206-6688
SanchezJuanAssistant ProfessorEnglishPhD, University of Notre Dame, 2006JLsanchez1@ucla.edu Kaplan153005British Romanticism; Transatlantic Literary Studies; the Global 19th Century; 19th-Century Anglo-Hispanic Literary Culture(310) 825-4173
ValentineJaneAssociate ProfessorEnvironmental Health SciencesPhD, Public Health, University of Texas, 1973jlvalentine@ucla.edu CHS177220association of arsenic exposure to reproductive effects in populations exposed to the element via drinking water, drinking water intake estimates, studies of excess selenium exposures in human populations(310) 825-5501
LynchJessicaAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Society & GeneticsPhD, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison; MS, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison; BA, English, University of California, Davisjlynchalfaro@g.ucla.edu LSB722105evolution of behavioral and morphological diversity in Neotropical primates, diversity within capuchin monkeys (Sapajus and Cebus), phylogenomic and biogeographic analyses, radiation of weedy generalists, social and sexual behaviors, grouping patterns, comparative study of both cultural and genetic variation.(310) 206-1889
MentesJanetProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of Iowa, 2000jmentes@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921geriatrics, early detection and management of dehydration, older adults, community and institutional settings, biomarkers, urine and salivary parameters, hydration habits, increasing the diversity of nurse scientist workforce(310) 794-7609
MitomaJudithProfessor EmeritusWorld Arts and Cultures/DanceMA, Dance, University of California, Los Angeles, 1975jmitoma@arts.ucla.edu 188B160806performing arts of the Pacific(310) 825-3951
MirandaJeanneProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Clinical Psychology, U of Kansas, 1986jmmiranda@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire Blvd, Suite 300708246mental health care in ethnic minority communities, health care disparities in minority communities(310) 794-3710
MurphyJenniferAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyPhD, U California Los Angeles, 2011jmmurphy@mednet.ucla.edu CNSI177010fluorine chemistry(310) 825-7548
MurthyJayathiDistinguished Professor, DeanMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPhD, mechanical engineering, University of Minnesotajmurthy@seas.ucla.edu Boelter Hall160010nanoscale heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer for industrial applications(310) 825-2938
TriceJasmineAssistant ProfessorFilm, Television and Digital MediaPhD, Indiana U, 2009jnt@ucla.edu E Melnitz162206film and video cultures, film exhibition and moviegoing, contemporary Asian cinemas(310) 206-8860
HeymannSallyProfessorEpidemiologyPhD, Harvardjody.heymann@ph.ucla.edu CHS177220individual and population health policy and research(310) 825-6381
CaldwellJohnDistinguished Research ProfessorFilm & TVPhD, Northwestern University; MFA, California Institute of the Artsjohn@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan162206media studies, immigration, indigenous peoples(310) 825-5826
JohnsonPatriciaDistinguished ProfessorMicrobiology, Immuno and Molecular GeneticPhD, Biological Sciences, U of Michigan, 1984johnsonp@ucla.edu MSB148906molecular and cellular biology of the unicellular parasite Trichomonas vaginalis(310) 825-4870
ChristensenJonAdjunct Assistant ProfessorInstitute of the Environment and Sustainability, Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, Luskin Center for Innovation, Center for Digital Humanities, historyPhD, Stanford University, environmental history and the history of sciencejonchristensen@ioes.ucla.edu Kretz Hall, Ste 300149605equity and the environment, strategic environmental communication, and journalism, media, and storytelling, environmental history and the history of science(650) 759-6534
O'SheaJanetProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, U of California Riverside, 2001joshea@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806Martial arts studies; phenomenology; physical risk and social justice; politics of everyday life(310) 825-3941
GuzmánJoshua JavierAssistant ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, New York University, 2015joshuaguzman@ucla.edu Rolfe Hall150402performance studies, Latina/o cultural studies, sexual cultures, feminist and queer theory, aesthetics, psychoanalysis(310) 206-8101
ChangJaneProfessorChemical EngineeringPhD, Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998jpchang@ucla.edu Boelter159210plasma chemistries, surface kinetics, atomic layer deposition of complex and multifunctional oxide materials, semiconductor processing and chemistry, computational surface chemistry, nanostructured complex oxides(310) 206-7980
ReiffJaniceProfessorHistoryPhD, University of Washington, History, 1981jreiff@ucla.edu Bunche147303United States, digital humanities, urban history, social history, twentieth century, historical methods, digital learning environments (310) 825-5029
SteinkampJenniferProfessorDesign I Media ArtsMA, Art, Art Center School of Design, 1991js@jsteinkamp.com Broad145607new media and video, architectural space, motion, perception(310) 825-9780
SchultzJames A.Professor EmeritusGermanic Languages, LGBTQ Studies, Gender StudiesPhD, Princeton Ujschultz@humnet.ucla.edu studies, medieval studiesN/A
CurrierJudithProfessorMedicine- Dept. AdministrationMD, Dartmouthjscurrier@mednet.ucla.edu Santa Monica Blvd Suite 100 | Los Angeles, CA 90025nonetreatment and prevention of complications of antiretroviral therapy, gender-related issues in HIV therapy, antiretroviral treatment strategies in resource limited settings(310) 825-6689
ShapiroJenessaAssociate ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Psychology, Arizona State University, 2008jshapiro@psych.ucla.edu Franz141648stigma, prejudice, intergroup relations, discrimination(310) 825-1501
ValentineJoanProfessor EmeritusChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Chemistry, Princeton University, 1971jsv@chem.ucla.edu MSB156905transition metals, metalloenzymes, oxidative stress(310) 825-9835
BacaJudithProfessorChicana/o StudiesMaster of Art Education, Cal State Northridge, 1979judybaca@ucla.eduhttp://www.judybaca.com7367 Bunche155903public art, community art, feminist art, women of color(310) 825-9074
HanJu Hui JudyAssistant ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, UC Berkeley, 2009judyhan@ucla.edu Bunche Hall150402Religion, (Im)mobilities, Korean studies, cultural geography, LGBTQ/queer politics, activism and social movements, protest cultures(310) 206-8101
JunSun-AhProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, Ohio State University, 1993jun@humnet.ucla.edu Campbell154302phonetics, intonation, prosodic typology, language acquisition, auditory sentence processing(310) 892-7818
JungmannBurglindProfessor EmeritusArt HistoryPhD, East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University, 1989; MA, Sinology, Heidelberg University, 1989jungmann@humnet.ucla.edu of Korean painting, the exchange in art between China, Korea, and JapanN/A
LeeJustineAssociate Professor and Bernard G. Sarnat Endowed Chair for Craniofacial BiologyPlastic SurgeryPhD, University of Chicago Pritzker School of; 200 Medical Plaza, Suite 460696024Craniofacial surgery, cleft lip and palate, facial gender affirmation surgery, long-term psychosocial outcomes in craniofacial surgery, tissue engineering, bone regeneration(310) 794-7616
JuvonenJaanaProfessorPsychologyPhD, Educational Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1989juvonen@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304young teens’ peer relationships, development and adaptive functioning of youth(310) 825-8293
WaughJoanProfessorHistoryPhD, UCLA, History, 1992jwaugh@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303nineteenth century America, civil war, reconstruction, Gilded Age(310) 825-1865
WeidhaasJoanneProfessorRadiation OncologyPhD, Tufts U, 1999jweidhaas@mednet.ucla.edu CHS171415applications of microRNAs in personalized medicine(310) 825-5037
YanagawaJaneAssistant Professor in ResidenceThoracic SurgeryMD, Baylor College of Medicine, 2004jyanagawa@mednet.ucla.edu CHS170300thoracic surgery, oncology(310) 794-7333
KakoulliIoannaProfessorMaterials Science and EngineeringPhD, Interdisciplinary between Physical/Chemical Sciences and Social Sciences, Oxford University, 1999kakoulli@ucla.edu Fowler151006archaeological materials from the macro to the micro and to the nano length scale, forensic analytical imaging and conservation, materials science, archaeomimetism and archaeoinspired materials, Hellenistic and Roman painting, technology and synthesis of pigments, materials reverse engineering processing, diagenesis(310) 794-4915
KareemSarahAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, English Literature, Harvard U, 2003kareem@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005history and theory of the novel, fictionality, Enlightenment philosophy, literature and science, realism and the marvelous, affect theory(310) 825-3745
KarlanBethProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyMD, Medicine, Harvard University, 1982karlanb@cshs.org Cedars-Sinai174017cancer, obstetrics, gynecology(310) 423-3302
KarneyBenjaminProfessorPsychologyPhD, University of California, Los Angeleskarney@psych.ucla.edu Pritzker Hall156304cognitive and behavioral processes of relationship maintenance, ways that stress external to the couple can facilitate or constrain those processes(310) 206-3925
KasariConnieProfessorEducationPhD, Special Education - Disabilities, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1985kasari@gseis.ucla.edu Semel152104social-emotional and cognitive development in atypical children, randomized control treatment studies of social and communication behavior in children with autism(310) 825-8342
AtchisonKathrynVice ProvostChancellor's OrganizationPhD, Dentistry, Marquette University, 1978katchison@conet.ucla.edu Murphy140501community-based research, geriatric oral health assessment(310) 794-0212
BawnKathleenProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, Economics, Stanford University, 1992kbawn@ucla.edu Bunche147203political parties, nomination politics, Congressional nominations(310) 794-0548
BostromKristinaProfessorMedicine - CardiologyMD, PhD, U of Goteborg, Swedenkbostrom@mednet.ucla.edu CHS167917Vascular calcification, arteriovenous malformations, angiogenesis, bone morphogenetic proteins(310) 794-4417
BrodkinKarenProfessor EmeritaAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, Univeristy of Michigan, 1971kbrodkin@anthro.ucla.edu Haines Hall155303social movements, gender, work, kinship, political economy, theory, migration, race, contemporary North American cultures(310) 825-2055
BrownKathleenProfessorRadiological SciencesMD, Tufts Ukbrown@mednet.ucla.edu Reagan UCLA Medical Center Suite 1621743730Thoracic Imagin(310) 267-8708
CalkinsKaraAssistant Professor in ResidencePediatrics-AdministrationMD, UC Irvinekcalkins@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217neonatology, pediatric intestinal failures(310) 825-9330
CamachoKeithAssociate ProfessorAsian American StudiesPhD, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoakcamacho@ucla.edu Rolfe722502empire, gender, indigeneity, militarism, postcolonialism, war(310) 267-5559
MartinKelseyProfessorBiochemistryPhD and MD, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, 1992kcmartin@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB173722spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression, long-lasting memory formation(310) 794-9507
DippleKatrinaProfessorHuman GeneticsMD, Indiana University, 1995; PhD, Pediatrics, Indiana University, 1995kdipple@mednet.ucla.edu Gonda708822genetics, inborn error of metabolism, complexity of simple mendelian disorders, biochemistry(310) 825-1997
KeatingPatriciaProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, Brown University, 1980keating@humnet.ucla.edu Campbell154302phonetics, the voice source(310) 825-0634
KeddieNikkiProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, History, U.C. Berkeleykeddie@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Near Eastern history, social history, women’s history, comparative and world history, photography(310) 825-4601
KellnerDouglasProfessorEducation, Gender StudiesPhD, Columbia Universitykellner@ucla.edu Moore Hall152104media literacy(310) 825-0977
KennedyGailProfessor EmeritusAnthropologyPhD, Anatomy, University of London Medical School, 1973; MA, Anthropology, University of California,kennedy@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303human evolution, bioarchaeology, evolutionary theory, anthropological forensics, paleopathology, Africa(310) 825-4860
JohnsonKerriAssociate ProfessorCommunication StudiesPhD, Psychology, Cornell University, 2004kerri.johnson@ucla.edu Rolfe153802production and perception of cues to identity(310) 825-3303
Guevara-FlanaganKristyAssociate ProfessorFilm & TVMFA, San Francisco State Universitykgflanagan@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan Hall162206documentary films that focus on gender and representation(310) 794-9296
GylysKarenProfessorNursingPhD, Neuroscience, University of California, Los Angeles, 1993kgylys@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921pathways leading to synapse loss in Alzheimer’s disease(310) 206-3840
KheifetsLeekaProfessorEpidemiologyPhD, UC Berkeleykheifets@ucla.edu CHS177220innovative epidemiologic methods for studying risk factors for childhood leukemia, occupational exposures and ALS, development of policy in the face of uncertainty, potential health effects of cell phone use, non-ionizing radiation exposures(310) 825-6950
GohKianAssistant ProfessorUrban PlanningPhD, Urban and Environmental Planning, MIT; MA, Architecture, Yale Universitykiangoh@ucla.edu PAB165606urban theory, urban design, environmental planning, and urban political ecology, relationships between urban ecological design, spatial politics, and social mobilization in the context of climate change and global urbanization(310) 206-7150
KilpatrickSaraProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, Tulane Ukilpatricks@cshs.org Medical Center, Suite 160W174017management and outcomes of very preterm birth, maternal morbidity and mortality, hypertension in pregnancy(310) 423-9999
KimSung HuiProfessorLawJD, Harvard Ukim.sung@law.ucla.edu Law School147602intersections of professional responsibility, securities regulation, corporate governance(310) 206-6399
GregoryKimberlyProfessor in ResidencePublic Health- Community Health SciencesMaster's of Public Health (MPH) from Harvard School of Public Healthkimberly.gregory@cshs.org #160W174017obstetrical healthcare utilization, cesarean section rates, management of complications of labor and delivery, patient safety, health care quality, maternal morbidity, mortality(310) 423-5420
GomezKimberleyProfessorUrban Schooling Division and Information StudiesThe University of Chicago Ph.D., Educational Psychology, 1994kimgomez@ucla.edu Moore152104Supporting underserved and non-English background learners’ access to mathematics and science, affordances of digital technologies, computational thinking and learning in K-12 classrooms, ethnography, case studies, portraiture(310) 825-0991
KingKatherineProfessor EmeritaComparative Literature, ClassicsPhD, Princeton University, Comparative Literature, 1978king@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153603myth, reception of important cultural texts, ideological underpinnings of archetypal figures, feminist theory(310) 825-5071
KahnKatherineProfessorMedicineMD, Medicine, Tufts University, 1976kkahn@mednet.ucla.edu Broxton173617oncology(310) 794-2287
KleninEmilyProfessor EmeritusSlavic Languages and LiteraturesPhD, Slavic Languages and Literature, Princeton University, 1974klenin@humnet.ucla.edunone322 Humanities150205Russian poetry and verse theory(310) 825-4448
KligmanGailProfessorSociologyPhD, University of California, Berkeley, Sociology, 1977kligman@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103gender, socialism/post-socialism, migration, political sociology, ethnographic methods(310) 206-7277
LyonsKarenProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1988klyons@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB735822functions of the CCN family of matricellular proteins in various organs(310) 825-5480
McClureKirstieProfessorEnglishPhD, Politics, Princeton University, 1987kmc@humnet.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147203modern and contemporary political theory, history and historiography of political literatures, contemporary literary theory, feminist theory(310) 825-4331
McDonnellKathrynAssistant ProfessorClassicskmcdonnell@humnet.ucla.edu247L DoddDiversity, gender
MorganKathrynProfessorClassicsPhD, Classics, University of California Berkeley, 1991kmorgan@humnet.ucla.edu 240A141702Greek intellectual history, Classical Greek literature and culture(310) 825-4171
NielsenKarinProfessorPediatricsMD, U Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 1986knielsen@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217pediatric, perinatal HIV infection(310) 206-6640
NorbergKathrynAssociate ProfessorHistory & Gender StudiesPhD, Yale University, 2978knorberg@ucla.edu Bunche147303sex work, history of sex work, early modern womenNone
KnowltonBarbaraProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, Stanford University, 1990knowlton@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304neural bases of memory(310) 825-5917
KoehlerCarlaProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Biochemistry, Biological Chem, University of Iowa, 1995koehlerc@chem.ucla.edu Young156905understanding the mechanism of protein import into mitochondria, determining the process by which defects in mitochondrial protein translocation lead to disease(310) 794-4834
KomarKathleenDistinguished ProfessorComparative LiteraturePrinceton University, Comparative Literature, 1977komar@ucla.edu Kaplan153603high culture and the new cyberspace environment, hypertexts, representations of female classical characters in cyberspace, contemporary women writers, cross cultural(310) 822-3406
KoopmanHildaDistinguished ProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, University of Tilburg, 1984koopman@ucla.edu Campbell154302theoretical syntax and morphology, comparative syntax, syntax semantics interface, syntax phonology interface(310) 825-0634
KoslovLizAssistant ProfessorUrban PlanningPhD, Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU; MSc, Culture and Society, London School of Economicskoslov@ucla.edu PAB165606Climate Change, Disasters, Environmental Justice, Ethnograph, Media, Urban Culture and Politics, Urban Political Ecology(310) 206-7150
KourilskyMarilynProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Communication and Performing Arts, University of California Los Angeles, 1968kourilsky@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104entrepreneurship education, economics education, teacher education, learning theory(310) 825-2728
ParkKyeyoungAssociate ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, City University of New York, Anthropology, 1990kpark@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303urban anthropology, cultural change, social inequality, migration, US and Korean Americans, Asian Americans, Korea(310) 206-3363
PlathKathrinProfessorBiological ChemistryPhD, Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, Humboldt University, 1999kplath@mednet.ucla.edu BSRB173722epigenetic regulation of pluripotency, differentiation, reprogramming(310) 206-8688
KrullJenniferAssociate ProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, Arizona State University, 1997krull@psych.ucla.edu Franz156503multilevel random coefficient model in social science data(310) 825-2139
KuhnRandallAssociate ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD, Demography and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 1999; MA, Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 1994; AB, Statistics, University of California - Berkeley, 1993kuhn@ucla.edu CHS177220Global health; health and development; migration, health and well-being; program evaluation and research design; forecasting; survey design; analysis of administrative data; South Asia and Middle East(310) 825-3742
LeeKuk-WhaAssociate Professor in ResidencePediatrics-EndocrinologyMD, Loma Linda University School of Medicinekukwhalee@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC/ENDO175217pediatric endocrinology(310) 825-6244
WassumKateProfessorPsychologyPhD, UCLA, 2010kwassum@ucla.edu FH156304reward, decision making, motivation, neural circuits(310) 825-5443
WatsonKarolProfessorMedicineMD, Harvard U, 1989kwatson@mednet.ucla.edu CHS167917angina, atherosclerosis, cardiac rehabilitation, cholesterol, coronary artery disease, general cardiology, hypertension, ischemia (heart)(310) 825-5280
PerryKatherine (Kate)Associate Professor in ResidencePediatricsMD, USC, 1999kwesseling@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217bone and mineral metabolism in children with chronic kidney disease(310) 206-6987
ZurawKieProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2000kzuraw@humnet.ucla.edu Campbell154302lexicalization, phonological behavior of morphologically complex words; exceptionality in phonology: learnability, representation, production, comprehension; variable/gradient/stochastic constraint ranking; loanword phonology and morphology, language change; Tagalog, Palauan, Malagasy, Javanese, Samoan, Tongan and other Austronesian languages(310) 825-0634
ShamsLadanProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of Southern California, Franz156403perception, learning, memory, multisensory integration(310) 206-3630
LalBarbaraSenate EmeritusSociologyPhD, UC Berkeleylal@ucla.edu Haines155103symbolic interactionism, Chicago School of American sociology, comparative study of race and ethnic relations, social policy, political sociology(310) 825-7989
LamoreauxNaomiProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, History, Johns Hopkins University, 1979lamoreaux@econ.ucla.edu Bunche147703patenting, technology market in the late nineteenth and twentieth century U.S., business organizational forms,contractual freedom, public/private distinction in U.S. history, business history, economic history(310) 825-1011
LandeckerHannahProfessorSociology, Institute for Society and GeneticsPhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000landecker@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103social and historical study of biotechnology and life science, intersections of biology and technology, metabolism and society, and antibiotic resistance(310) 825-1517
LandisDeborah NadoolmanDistinguished Professor and David C. Copley ChairTheater, FilmPhD, History of Design, Royal College of Art, London; MFA, UCLA, 1975landis@tft.ucla.edu E Melnitz162206history of costume design(310) 267-4974
ApostolovaLianaAssociate Professor in ResidenceNeurologyMD, Medical University, Sofia, Bulgarialapostolova@mednet.ucla.edu Weyburn, 2nd Floor722607Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment (310) 794-2551
RayLaraAssociate ProfessorPsychologyPhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2007lararay@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304addictions, genetics of alcoholism, pharmacogenetics, pharmacological and psychological treatments for alcoholism(310) 794-5383
MuratLaureProfessorFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, History, Ecole Des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, Paris, 2006laure.murat@humnet.ucla.edu Royce155003nineteenth and twentieth century literature, cultural history, history of psychiatry, gender studies(310) 794-5078
LavineAdrienneProfessorMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1984lavine@seas.ucla.edu E4159710solar thermal energy storage, thermal energy harvesting, thermal control of nanoscale manufacturing, thermomechanical behavior of shape memory alloys, thermal aspects of manufacturing processes including machining and plasma thermal spray(310) 825-7468
BaumLindaProfessorPathologyMD, Medicine, Duke University, 1986; PhD, Anatomy, Duke University, 1985lbaum@mednet.ucla.edu MRL173216protein-glycan interactions, cell viability and cell death, cell adhesion and migration, cellular function(310) 206-5985
BourqueLindaProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Duke University, Sociology, 1968lbourque@ucla.edu CHS177220community response to disasters, clinical trials of refractive surgeries in ophthalmology(310) 825-4053
BrozgalLiaAssociate ProfessorEuropean Languages and Transcultural StudiesPhD, Romance Languages (French), Harvard University, 2007lbrozgal@humnet.ucla.edu Royce15500320th and 21st century French and Francophone literatures and cultures, Maghrebian literature in French, Jewish studies, postcolonial studies(310) 825-1145
DelpLindaAdjunct Associate Professor, DirectorCommunity Health Sciences; UCLA-LOSHWorker health and safety through education, community-based research, and policy initiatives; occupational health disparities; environmental sustainability; labor-community capacity-building.ldelp@ucla.edu Le Conte Avenue, Ueberroth Bldg., Room 2107L147807Worker health and safety through education, community-based research, and policy initiatives; occupational health disparities; environmental sustainability; labor-community capacity-building.(310) 794-5976
DemerLindaProfessorMedicineMD, Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 1983; PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University,ldemer@mednet.ucla.edu CHS167917vascular calcification(310) 206-2677
DoeringLynnProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California Los Angeles, 1994ldoering@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691821depression and immune dysfunction in cardiac patients, care of patients with ischemic heart disease, transplantation, biological outcomes of behavioral interventions, screening and treatment of depression(310) 825-4890
JonesLeanneProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Harvard Uleannejones@ucla.edu TLSB724605consequences of aging on stem cell behavior, degenerative age-related diseases(310) 206-7066
Le GuinElisabethProfessorMusicologyPhD, University of California, Berkeley, Historical Musicology, 1987leguin@humnet.ucla.edu Schoenberg162306performance, musicology, theory, practice, dialogues, baroque cello(310) 206-1088
LenhoffGailProfessorSlavic Languages and LiteraturesPhD, Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Michigan, 1978lenhoff@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities150205medieval Russian literature (988-1700), Byzantine, Kievan, and Muscovite political and economic history, Orthodox liturgy and theology, iconography, textual criticism, form criticism(310) 825-6974
FaierLiebaAssociate ProfessorGeographyPhD, Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2003lfaier@geog.ucla.edu Bunche152403cultural and spatial theory, feminist thought, ethnography, political economy, weather and natural resources, and relations among Japan, Southeast Asia, and the United States(310) 825-1071
FairbanksLynnProfessor EmeritaPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, U of Washingtonlfairbanks@mednet.ucla.edu Semel175919Vervet Research ColonyN/A
FitzgeraldLeahAssistant ProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California Los Angeles, 2002lfitzger@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921cancer, association between pro-inflammatory cytokine genotype and production and the responsiveness in human disease, interaction between the neuroendocrine system and cytokines(310) 206-1065
YokleyLorrie FrasureAssociate ProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, U of Maryland, 2005lfrasure@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche147203racial and ethnic politics, political behavior, state and local governance, political economy of metropolitan areas(310) 8254-331
GarroLindaProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, University of California Irvine, 1983; PhD, Psychology, Duke U, 1982lgarro@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303health care decision making, health and illness in everyday life contexts, cultural models, narrative and illness, remembering(310)206-6249
GelbergLillianProfessorFamily MedicineMSPH, Fielding School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles, 1987; MD Harvard Medical School, 1981lgelberg@mednet.ucla.edu Oppenheimer708746community-based research on the health of homeless and vulnerable populations, access to care, quality of care, prevention of substance use disorders and obesity in health care and community-based populations(310) 794-6092
GordonLynnProfessor in Residence and Senior Associate Dean, Equity and Diversity Inclusion, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLAOpthalmologyMD, Harvard Ulgordon@ucla.edu JSEI700019inflammatory diseases of the eye, gender inequity in healthcare and medical professions(310) 794-2095
GuerreroLourdesAdjunct Assistant ProfessorMedicne - David Geffen School of MedicinePhD, Educational Leadership, UCLAlguerrero@mednet.ucla.edu Glendon Ave. Suite 850739446health disparities and public policy, evaluation of educational programs, diversity and workforce development, women in academic health sciences(818) 633-9772
Chen-HafteckLilyProfessorMusicPhD, U of Readinglhafteck@ucla.edu Schoenberg161606music education(310) 206-3020
HornbyLouiseAssistant ProfessorEnglishPhD, Berkeleylhornby@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities5350020th century British literature, interdisciplinary modernism, history of photography, film history and theory, time-based media, climate change, contemporary art(310) 825-4173
HuardLeannaAssistant ProfessorPediatricsMD, Albany Medical Collegelhuard@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217pediatrics(310) 825-9124
HuntLynnProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, Stanford University, History, 1973lhunt@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303French history, French revolutionary graphic arts, French revolutionary finances(310) 234-1139
LiLiProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Virginia Techlililili@ucla.edu Wilshire Ctr705146HIV prevention and behavioral intervention, substance abuse prevention and treatment, social and cultural aspects of health promotion and services(310) 794-2446
YangLiliAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology, Immunology and Molecular GeneticsPhD, California Institute of Technology, 2004liliyang@ucla.edu 3032724305molecular mechanisms responsible for productive or defective immune responses against chronic diseases like cancer, design of effective therapeutic strategies with potential clinical applications(310) 825-8609
ChangLinProfessorMedicine- Dept. AdministrationMD, UCLAlinchang@mednet.ucla.edu CHS737818pathophysiology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), treatment of IBS, stress, sex differences, neuroendocrine alterations (310) 206-0192
RubensteinLisaProfessor in ResidenceMedicinePhD, Albert Einstein C of Medicine, VA169247redesign of health care systems, quality improvement, implementation research(818) 895-9449
LittleArthurAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, Harvard Universitylittle@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005Shakespeare, Early Modern studies, Early Modern race studies, race and ethnicity, African American Studies, LGBT studies, gender(310) 206-7072
LittletonChristineProfessor EmeritusLawJD, Harvard University, Law, 1982littletn@law.ucla.edu Law147602feminist legal theory, employment discrimination, critical race theory, disability rights, sexual orientation(310) 825-4841
ZhangLixiaProfessorComputer SciencePhD, Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989lixia@cs.ucla.edu Engineering VI159610internet architecture and protocol designs, security in large scale and open systems(310) 825-2695
HartLaurieProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Harvard Ulkainhart@ucla.edu Haines310825religious practice, gender, ethnonationalism and border history, sectarian and urban violence, pluralism, spatial segregation and population displacement, architecture and housing, photography and visual anthropology(310) 206-3652
LiauLindaProfessor and ChairNeurosurgeryMD, Stanford, 1991; PhD, Neuroscience, UCLA, 1999; MBA, Anderson School of Management, UCLA, 2016lliau@mednet.ucla.edu Stein Suite 562690119molecular biology of brain tumors, gene therapy, immunotherapy, brain cancer vaccines, neuro-oncology(310) 267-9449
LievrouwLeahProfessorInformation StudiesPhD, Communication Theory and Research, Annenberg School, U of Southern California, 1986llievrou@ucla.edu GSEIS152003media, information technologies, social change, social differentiation, oppositional social and cultural movements, intellectual freedom in pervasively mediated social settings(310) 825-1840
Levy-StormsLeneAssociate Professor and Hartford Faculty ScholarSocial Welfare; Medicine/GeriatricsPhD, Public Health, University of California Los Angeles, 1998llstorms@ucla.edu PAB165606communication issues between health care providers and patients(310) 825-7388
BurnsLucyAssociate ProfessorAsian American StudiesPhD, English Literature, University of Massachusetts, 2004lmburns@ucla.edu Rolfe 722502theater and performance, Filipino studies, cultures of empire, cultures against empire(310) 267-5592
McCarthyLaurenAssociate ProfessorDesign Media Artslmccart@ucla.edu Art Center, 240 Charles E. Young Drive145606social relationships in the midst of surveillance, automation, and algorithmic living(310) 825-9007
NathanLaurenProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, Medicine, Duke University, 1989lnathan@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017abnormal vaginal bleeding, benign ovarian cysts, colposcopy, fibroids, general gynecology, general obstetrics, geriatric, menopause(310) 206-6401
LohmannSusanneProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, Economics and Political Economy, Carnegie Mellon University, 1991lohmann@ucla.edu Bunche147203methodology, political theory, comparative politics(310) 339-7081
ZeltzerLonnieDistinguished Research ProfessorPediatrics, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral ScienceMD, Medicine, University of Cincinnati, 1970lonnie@mychyp.orghttp://www.mychyp.org22-464 MDCC175217pediatric pain, complementary and alternative medicine, quality of life in childhood cancer survivors(310) 825-0731
LoselleAndreaProfessor EmeritusFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, French, Columbia University, 1990loselle@humnet.ucla.edu Royce155003twentieth century French literature, prose, historical avant-garde, travel narrative, cultural studies, cultural theory(310) 825-1145
PolgreenLyndaAssistant Professor in ResidencePediatricsMD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; MS, Clinical Research, University of Minnesota, School of Public Healthlpolgreen@labiomed.org RB-1176847musculoskeletal disease in Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), immunologic effects of vitamin D(310) 222-1961
PhillipsLindaProfessor EmeritusNursingPhD, Nursing, University of Arizona, 1980lrphillips@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921family caregiving for frail elders, care of frail elders in institutions including assisted living facilities, nursing interventions to promote functional behavior among elders with dementia, elder abuse, late-life domestic violence, end-of-life caregiving(310) 206-0908
SaxLindaProfessorEducationPhD, Education, University of California, Los Angeles, 1994lsax@ucla.edu Moore152104gender differences in college student development, women in STEM fields, diversity in undergraduate computing, assessment of college impact(310) 206-5875
SeegerLeanneProfessorRadiological SciencesMD, Medicine, University of Washington, 1982lseeger@mednet.ucla.edu UCLA Medical Plaza, 165-57172115Musculoskeletal imaging (all modalities), including interventional procedures, joint disease, oncology, sports medicine, trauma(310) 794-1499
Toro De StefaniLigiaProfessor EmeritusAnesthesiologyPhD, Physiology and Biophysics, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN, 1986ltoro@ucla.edu CHS711520potassium channel-signaling networks in vascular and cardiac systems in health and disease(310) 794-7809
LewisLynnProfessor EmeritaPolitical SciencePhD, University of Rochesterlvavreck@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche147203American politics(310) 825-4331
VavreckLynnProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, Political Science, University of Rochester, 1997lvavreck@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147203campaigns, elections, public opinion, survey research, research methods, voting behavior, advertising(310) 825-4331
VeseLuminitaProfessorMathematicsPhD, Mathematics, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, 1997lvese@math.ucla.edu MS155505computer vision, image processing, calculus of variations, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, image analysis, curve evolution, free boundary problems(310) 825-4701
WuLilyProfessorMolecular and Medical PharmacologyMD PhD, UCLA, 1989lwu@mednet.ucla.edu CHS173517cancer-targeted therapy(310) 794-4390
LydonGhislaineAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, History, Michigan State University, 2000lydon@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303West African history, history of trans-Saharan trade, impact of literacy and writing paper, organization of early modern and modern Muslim and non-Muslim economies, legal culture, patterns of judicial rulings, Senegal, Mauritania, comparative research, Muslim Africa(310) 825-4214
MahendraShailyProfessorCivil and Environmental EngineeringPhD, UC Berkeley, 2007mahendra@ucla.edu Boelter159310environmental microbiology, biodegradation of groundwater contaminants, microbial-nanomaterial interactions, nanotoxicology, applications of molecular biological and isotopic tools in environmental engineering(310) 794-9850
MalloyTimProfessorLaw, Public HealthJD, University of Pennsylvania, 1986malloy@law.ucla.edu Law Building / 56-070 CHS147602environmental, chemical and nanotechnology policy, regulatory policy, and organizational theory and decision analysis, with particular emphasis on the relationship between regulatory design and implementation and the structure of business organizations(310) 794-5278
ShahManishaVice-Chair and Professor, Director of the Global Lab for Research in ActionPublic PolicyPhD, Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California, BerkeleyManishaShah@ucla.edu Public Affairs165606Economics, Global Health, International Development, Maternal/Child Health, Risk Behavior(310) 825-2455
MankekarPurnimaProfessorAnthropology, Asian American Studies, Film and TV Studies, Gender StudiesPhD, Anthropology, University of Washington, 1993mankekar@ucla.edu Haines Hall150402theories of affect, feminist media studies, post 9/11 public cultures, affect theories, outsourcing, information technology, transnational cultural studies, South Asian American, South Asia(310) 206-8101
MarchantElizabethAssociate ProfessorGender Studies, Comparative LiteraturePhD, New York University, Spanish and Portuguese, 1995marchant@gender.ucla.edu Rolfe150402Latin American Cultural Studies, Comparative Race and Feminisms in the Americas, 19th- and 20th-Century Latin American Literature and Film(310) 206-8101
ShihMargaretProfessor and Associate Vice Chancellor, BruinX, UCLA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Anderson School of ManagementPhD, Social Psychology, Harvard University, 2000margaret.shih@anderson.ucla.edu Collins148106social identity, psychological effects of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and stigma in organizations(310) 825-2527
SakakibaraMarikoProfessor EmeritusAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Business Economics, Harvard University, 1995mariko.sakakibara@anderson.ucla.edu, innovation, technological change, intellectual property rights, multinational corporate strategy, national competitiveness(310) 825-7831
SaviglianoMartaProfessor EmeritusWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, U of Hawaii, 1991martasa@arts.ucla.edu Arts160806politics of culture, transnational traffic of cultural goods, workers, ideologies and affects under global capitalism(310) 825-3951
MathurSaloniProfessorArt HistoryPhD, New School for Social Research, Cultural Anthropology, 1998mathur@ucla.edu Dodd Hall141702Modern & Contemporary South Asian Art, Colonial Studies/Postcolonial Criticism, Museum Studies in a Global Frame(310) 206-6905
MatsumotoValerieProfessorHistory, Asian American StudiesPhD, Stanford University, History, 1985matsumot@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Japanese American and Asian American history, art, and foodways, with a focus on the roles and work of women (310) 825-4601
MatzkinRosaProfessorEconomicsPhD, Economics, U of Minnesota, 1986matzkin@econ.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147703creating a tight connection between econometrics and economic theory, relaxing, at the same time, the parametric restrictions that one typically imposes when estimating a model.(310) 825-7371
BlackwellMayleiAssociate ProfessorChicana/o StudiesPhD, Women's Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 2000maylei@chavez.ucla.edu Bunche151504globalization and transnational social movements, Chicana feminism, women of color feminist theory, Latin American feminism and women's social movements, oral history and ethnography, sexuality and queer studies, cultural studies of race and ethnicity, Latin American cultural studies and popular culture, visual culture, media activism, film and video, third cinema(310) 825-9149
MaynardHeatherProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Organic Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 2000maynard@chem.ucla.edu Mol. Sci. Bldg.156905combining polymers with biomolecules, applications in human health and nanotechnology(310) 267-5162
MaysVickieDistinguished ProfessorPsychology, Life Sciences and Health Policy and Management, Fielding School of Public HealthPhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Clinical Psychology, 1979mays@ucla.edu Franz Hall156304health disparities in mental and physical health care and treatment in racial/ethnic/sexual and gender minorities, predictive models and the use of machine learning to identify patterns in violent deaths (suicide and homicide); incarceration, gun violence and African Americans(310) 206-5159
WangMayProfessorCommunity Health SciencesDrPH, Public Health Nutrition, University of California at Berkeleymaywang@ucla.edu CHS177220Social and physical environmental determinants of diet-related conditions with a focus on childhood obesity; immigrant food-related behaviors, and evaluations of nutrition programs for children(310) 206-5306
BassoMicheleProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, State U of New York at Stony Brook Mainmbasso@mednet.ucla.edu Semel Institute175919neuroscience(310) 825 9941
TuckerBelindaProfessor EmeritusPsychiatry and Behavioral Sciencembtucker@ucla.eduBox #62, 760 Westwood Plaza, B7-435175919
WangMarileneProfessor in ResidenceSurgery-Head and NeckMD, Loma Linda U, 1986mbwang@ucla.edu Medical Plaza Ste. 550162418molecular basis for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)(310) 206-6688
CarrigerMichelleAssistant ProfessorTheaterPhD, Brown Umcarriger@tft.ucla.edu East Melnitz162206historiography of theater, performance and everyday life, British studies, Japanese studies, Victorian studies, gender, queer, feminist, and critical race theory(310) 206-4648
McClendonMurielAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhD, History, Stanford, 1990mcclendo@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Tudor and Stuart England(310) 825-4601
McDonoughPatriciaProfessorEducationPhD, Stanford University, Administration and Policy Analysis, 1992mcdonough@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104access and equity in education, college choice and admissions, sociology of education, organization theory, higher education policy analysis, stratification of individuals and institutions in education, qualitative research(310) 206-2120
McEachernClaireProfessorEnglishPhD, University of Chicago, English, 1991mceacher@humnet.ucla.edu 295153005sixteenth and seventeenth-century British literature, Reformation religions and politics, gender, sexuality, early modern women’s writing, Shakespeare editing, humanism(310) 825-5209
McGarryKathleenProfessorEconomicsPhD, Economics, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1992mcgarry@econ.ucla.edu Bunche147703economics of aging, health economics, public economics, insurance(310) 825-1001
ChesseletMarie-FrancoiseProfessor EmeritusNeurologyMD, Neuroscienes, University of Paris VI, 1974; PhD, Neurosciences, University of Paris VI, 1978mchesselet@mednet.ucla.edu mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases(310) 825-6908
McHughKathleenProfessorEnglishPhD, Indiana University, 1991mchughla@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005contemporary critical theory, feminist theory, film and visual culture, industrial media feminism, prose and visual autobiography, self-narration(310) 825-6326
CohenMeredith MarieAssistant ProfessorArt HistoryPhD, Columbia University, 2004mcohen@humnet.ucla.edu 100141702social and ideological functions of art and architecture, production and reception, historiography, art, architecture, urban development of high medieval Europe (c. 1000 – c. 1450)(310) 206-9399
SundaraMeghaAssociate ProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Communication Sciences and Disorders, McGill University, 2005megha.sundara@humnet.ucla.edu Campbell154303development of speech perception and production, monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition, phonetics(310) 825-0634
EghbaliMansourehAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiology and Perioperative MedicinePhD, Australian National Umeghbali@ucla.edu CHS711520pulmonary hypertension, heart hypertrophy, heart failure(310) 206-0345
MellorAnneProfessor EmeritusEnglishPhD, Columbia University, English and Comparative Literature, 1968mellor@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005British literature (1750-1850), British cultural history, (1750-1850), feminist theory and criticism, women's writing, philosophy, art history, sexuality studies(310) 825-2967
MelzerSaraProfessorFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, University of Chicago, 1975melzer@humnet.ucla.edu Royce155003French colonialism in the classical age, classical literature and culture, contemporary French culture, contemporary France through the classical age(310) 794-8917
EraiMichelleAssistant ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, U of California Santa Cruzmerai@gender.ucla.edu Rolfe150402queer indigenous studies, Maori in New Zealand(310) 206-8101
PhillipsMeredithAssociate ProfessorPublic PolicyPhD, Sociology, Northwestern University, 1998meredith.phillips@ucla.edu Luskin165606causes and consequences of educational inequality(310) 794-5475
MeyerIlan H.Williams Distinguished Senior ScholarLawPhD, Columbia Universitymeyer@law.ucla.edu Williams Institute 1060 Veteran Avenue147602stress and illness in sexual and gender minority populations, minority status, minority identity, prejudice and discrimination, suicide and mental health outcomes in sexual and gender minorities, stressors related to sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender(310) 267-4382
FrankeMeganProfessorEducationPhD, Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1990mfranke@ucla.edu Moore152104theories and practice of teaching, leadership in urban low performing schools, diversity in mathematics education, research methods, urban schooling(310) 206-3511
GoodwinMarjorieProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, 1978mgoodwin@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303embodied language practices(310) 825-2055
GuoMingProfessorNeurologyPhD, University of California San Franciscomguo@mednet.ucla.edu GONDA, 695 C.Y.DR.176122neurology, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, gait difficulty, neurogenetics(310) 206-9406
HeilemannMarySueAssociate ProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California San Francisco, 1998mheilema@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor Bldg.691921mental health, use of transmedia in interventions related to depression and anxiety among Latinas, motivation, resilience, intergenerational cultural expectations, gender issues, media portrayal of nursing, qualitative research(310) 206-4735
van der SchaarMihaelaProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Computer Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2001mihaela@ee.ucla.edu E IV159410Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Medicine and Education(310) 825-5843
RossMichael G.Distinguished ProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesMD, MPHmikeross@ucla.edu Medical Centernonepregnancy, prenatal care, fetal development(310) 663-9768
MilkmanRuthProfessor EmeritusSociologyPhD, University of California, Berkeley, Sociology, 1981milkman@soc.ucla.edu Haines177220sociology of work, labor history, contemporary unionism, sociology of gender, gender and labor, twentieth century women's labor historyN/A
InkelasMoiraProfessorHealth ServicesPhD, Public Policy, RAND Graduate School, 2000minkelas@ucla.edu CHS177220health policy, health management, children’s access to health care, health care of children with chronic illness, impact of systems on quality and performance, measuring quality of care, quality improvement(310) 794-0966
DaprettoMirellaProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, UCLAmirella@ucla.edu BMC708522typical and atypical brain function (310) 206-2960
KimMiryungProfessorComputer SciencePhD, U of Washingtonmiryung@cs.ucla.edu Engineering VI159610software engineering, big data systems, data science, cyber physical systems (310) 825-7372
MistryRashmitaProfessorEducationPhD, Human Development, University of Texas, Austin, 1999mistry@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104consequences of poverty and economic stress on child and family well-being, young children’s reasoning about social class and economic inequality, children’s social identity development(310) 825-6569
MithloNancy MarieProfessorGender StudiesPhD, Anthropology, Stanford, 1993mithlo@ucla.edu Rolfe150402-(310) 206-8101
JacobMargaretProfessorHistoryPhD, Cornell University, History, 1968mjacob@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303history of science, intellectual history, Industrial Revolution(310) 825-4601
JarrahiMonaAssociate ProfessorElectrical EngineeringPhD, Stanford Universitymjarrahi@ee.ucla.edu E4159410ultrafast electronic and optoelectronic devices, integrated systems for terahertz and millimeter-wave sensing, imaging, computing, communication systems, novel materials, nanostructures, quantum well structures, innovative plasmonic and optical concepts(310) 206-1371
BatesMarciaProfessor EmeritusInformation StudiesPhD, Librarianship, University of California Berkeley, 1972mjbates@ucla.edu GSEandIS152003Information-seeking behavior, search strategy, subject access in manual and automated systems, user-centered design of information retrieval systems(510) 526-1049
Kagawa-SingerMarjorieProfessor EmeritusPublic Health- Community Health Sciences; Asian American StudiesPhD, UCLA, Anthropology, 1988mkagawa@ucla.edu CHS177220health disparities in cancer control among diverse ethnic populations, behavior theories in PH, qualitative research methods, intervention studies, Asian American communities, cultural competency training for health professionals, doctor/patient communication, end-of-life care in multicultural populations(310) 825-5379
KellyMaryProfessorArtMA, St. Martin's Collegemkelly@arts.ucla.edu Broad161507project-based work, theoretical writing, psychoanalysis, feminism(310) 206-4471
KivelsonMargaretProfessor EmeritusEarth, Planetary, and Space SciencesPhD, Geophysics and Space Physics, Harvard University, 1957mkivelson@igpp.ucla.edu Slichter156704magnetospheric plasma physics of Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, theory, data analysis, interaction of flowing plasmas with planets and moons, ultra-low frequency waves, data collection, space physics(310) 825-3435
LopezMarissaAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, English Literature, University of California Berkeley, 2006mklopez@ucla.edu Humanities153005Chicana/o literature,19th century literature, literature of the west, California, narratology, novel theory, globalization, transnational studies, bodies, corporeal subjectivity(310) 825-4670
KwonMiwonProfessorArchitectural History and TheoryPhD, Art History, Princeton University, 1997mkwon@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702contemporary art, architecture, design, urban studies, public art(310) 206-2113
LensMichaelAssistant ProfessorUrban Planning, Civic EngagementPhD, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York Universitymlens@ucla.edu Public Affairs Building165606community development, criminal justice, equity, class, race, ethnicity, gender, housing, labor and employment, low-income housing, affordable housing, neighborhood effects, poverty, quantitative analysis(917) 334-4516
LewisMary AnnProfessor NursingPhD, Public Health, University of California Los Angeles, 1984mlewis@ucla.edu Factor691921community-based interventions for Latino children with asthma, families, Los Angeles, nursing home admissions, impact of  AIDS epidemic on prenatally drug-exposed infants, dependents of juvenile court of Los Angeles County, individuals with developmental disabilities(310) 825-8476
RossMichael L.ProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, Princeton Universitymlross@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147203resource-rich countries, civil war, democratization, gender rights, politics of climate change(310) 267-5409
GibbonsMelindaProfessor in ResidenceSurgery - GeneralMD, Harvard Ummaggard@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690418quality of care for surgical disorders, breast cancer(310) 825-0739
MorrisMitchellAssociate ProfessorMusicology, LGBT StudiesPhD, University of California, Berkeleymmorris@humnet.ucla.edu SMB162306Russian and Soviet music, twentieth century American music, opera, rock, soul, gay and lesbian studies(310) 206-1097
MaackMaryProfessor EmeritusInformation StudiesPhD, Library Science, Columbia University, 1978mnmaack@ucla.edu GSEandIS152003women in the professions, history of books and libraries, feminist theory; feminist research methods; feminist professional practice; professionalization and gender issues; woman suffrage; women during the Gilded Age and Progressive era—reformers, philanthropists, and professionals; American women in France, 1850 to 1970(310) 475-7962
MnookinJenniferProfessorLawPhD, History and Social Study of Science and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999; JD, Yale U ,1995mnookin@law.ucla.edu Law147602evidence law, science and experts, technology and society, legal history, law and culture, law and film, trials and juries(310) 206-7018
O'ConnorMaryProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Developmental Psychology, UCLA, 1977moconnor@mednet.ucla.edu Semel 175919impact of prenatal alcohol exposure, focus on the relation between prenatal exposure and socioemotional functioning in children(310) 206-6528
FoxMollyAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, University of Cambridge (2015)mollyfox@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303maternal and grandmaternal transgenerational transmission of genes, phenotypes, life-history patterns, and disease risk(310) 206-4589
SimpsonMonaProfessorEnglishProfessional Degree in Creative Writing, Columbia University, 1984mona.s@ix.netcom.com Humanities153005fiction writing, dysfunctional relationships(310) 825-4173
MooreMignonAssociate ProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, University of Chicago, 1998moore@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103family, gender, race, sexuality, urban poverty, adolescence(310) 206-9678
PrinsMayumiProfessor in ResidenceNeurosurgeryPhD, UCLA, 1997mprins@mednet.ucla.edu Stein690119changes in brain metabolism that occur after pediatric traumatic brain injury, alternative fuels as therapeutic options for the young brain after head injury(310) 206-3480
RoseMikeResearch ProfessorGraduate School of Education & Information StudiesPhD, UCLA, Education, 1981mrose@gseis.ucla.edu Moore Hall152104factors that enhance or limit people's engagement with written language, effective teaching, developmnet of pedagogies and materials to enhanc critical reading and writing(310) 825-8076
RuizMaria ElenaAdjunct Associate Professor, Associate DirectorNursing; Chicano Studies Research CenterPhD, University of Southern California, Sociology, 2006mruiz@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921Health disparities, aging, and intergenerational relations; homeless & Latino (funded). Particular emphasis on vulnerable populations, Latinos, social epidemiology, and the intersection of place, culture, language, and health. Special focus on community based participatory research and mixed qualitative and quantitative designs(310) 206-3339
RussellMarciaAssociate Professor in ResidenceSurgeryPhD, New York Medical College, 2002mrussell@mednet.ucla.edu UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 214
Los Angeles, CA. 90095-7302
N/Aquality of surgical care; geriatric surgery; clinical outcomes after colon and rectal surgery(310) 794-7788
SpencerMelissaProfessorNeurologyPhD, UCLA, 1994mspencer@mednet.ucla.edu NRB733422pathogenesis and therapies for Duchenne and Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies(310) 794-5225
SplintMarikeAssistant ProfessorTheaterMFA, Columbia U, 2007msplint@tft.ucla.edu E Melnitz162206directing, site-responsive and immersive theater(310) 825-7008
St. JohnMaieProfessor and ChairSurgery-Head and NeckMD, PhD, Yale U, 1999mstjohn@mednet.ucla.edu CHS162418mechanisms of tumor progression and metastasis in head and neck cancers(310) 206-3631
StuberMargaretProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesMD, Medicine, University of Michigan, 1979mstuber@mednet.ucla.edu NPI175919medical education, PTSD, psychiatric symptoms in pediatric oncology survivors, psychiatric symptoms in pediatric organ transplant recipients(310) 825-5213
SudhinarasetMayAssociate ProfessorCommunity Health Sciencesmsudhinaraset@ucla.edu CHS177220Global sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, family planning, and abortion; social determinants of health; global migration; health services, health equity; social contexts of adolescents and migrant youth; social policies and immigrant youth in the US; Asian and Pacific Islanders; Myanmar, Kenya, India, Asia(310) 824-9276
SweeneyMeganProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, University of Wisconsin Madison, 1998msweeney@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103nature, determinants, consequences of trends and differentials in family patterns(310) 206-7290
TamanoiMarikoProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Northwestern University, Anthropology, 1982mtamanoi@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303fate of ordinary people during war, historical anthropology, gender, East Asia, colonialism(310) 206-8399
BaerMarion TaylorAdjunct Associate ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD, RDmtbaer@ucla.edu CHS177220Nutrition policies and programs (domestic); maternal and child health; access to care, especially primary and preventive care, for children with special needs; nutritional status of children with developmental disabilities(310) 825-8196
ToumaMarlinAssistant ProfessorPediatrics and NeonatologyMD, Damascus U Faculty of Medicine, 1992mtouma@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC175217neonatal heart transcriptome maturation, mechanisms of congenital heart defects(310) 206-6197
MuftiAamirProfessorComparative LiteraturePhD, Columbia Universitymufti@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153605legacies of the British Empire, French colonialism in North Africa and its legacies for the immigration debates in France, how the figure of migrant impacts the project of European unification(310) 825-9503
MullenHarryetteProfessorEnglishPhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, Literature, 1990mullen@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005African-American literature, poetry, American literature(310) 825-7553
MunroPamelaDistinguished Research ProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, University of California, San Diego, 1974munro@ucla.edu Rolfe154302indigenous languages of the Americas, American Indian linguistics, historical linguistics, slang(310) 825-0634
MurthyArunaProfessorMedicineMD, Queens U Kingston, 1983murthya@cshs.org diseases(818) 895-9400
WooMaryProfessorNursingPhD, Nursing, University of California Los Angeles, 1992mwoo@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721heart rate variability and sudden death, autonomic-cardiac interactions, heart failure, brain-heart interactions in sudden death, sleep, brain MRI(310) 206-2032
ZhouMinProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, State University of New York at Albany, 1989mzhou@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103migration and development, race and ethnicity, Asia and Asia America, Chinese diaspora, and urban sociology(310) 825-3532
AndersonNancyProfessor EmeritaNursingPhD, Nursing, Unversity of California Los Angeles, 1987nanderso@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721community-based participatory research (CBPR), community partnerships, qualitative research methods, cultural competence(310) 206-8358
NarrKatherineAssociate Professor in ResidenceNeurologyPhD, 2002narr@ucla.edu 225733422structural, functional, diffusion imaging, proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1HMRS), pathophysiological mechanisms and genetic contributions associated with schizophrenia, depression, other disorders(310) 206-2101
NastCynthiaProfessorPathologyMD, New York Medical C, 1979nast@cshs.org Beverly Blvdnonepathology of the kidney, transplanted kidney(310) 423-6632
DeBruhlNanetteProfessorRadiological SciencesMD, Georgetown Undebruhl@mednet.ucla.edu 200 MP695224Breast Imaging: Mammography, ultrasound, Breast MRI, and breast interventional procedures(310) 206-9608
MuthNatalieAdjunct Assistant ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesMD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine; MPH/RDN, Nutrition, University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Healthndmuth@gmail.com CHS177220Nutrition, obesity, physical activity and exercise, motivational interviewing and behavior change, pediatrics and child healthN/A
EidsheimNinaProfessorMusicologyPhD, University of California San Diegoneidsheim@humnet.ucla.edu Schoemberg162306multi-sensoriality, production and perception of vocal timbre, 20th and 21st century vocal music and opera, critical studies in race and gender, performance studies, sound studies, voice studies, American studies,practice-based research(310) 206-4692
EisenbergerNaomiProfessorPsychologyPhD, Social Psychology, University of California Los Angeles, 2005neisenbe@ucla.edu Pritzker156304how the need for social connection has left its mark on our minds, brains, and bodies(310) 267-5196
LevineNancyProfessorAnthropologyPhD, University of Rochester, Anthropology, 1978nelevine@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303family and marriage; multi-species anthropology; political economy, development, and social change, gender; Himalayas, Tibet and Central Asia(310) 825-2134
NelsonStevenProfessorArt HistoryPhD, Harvard Universitynelson@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702contemporary and historic arts, architecture and urbanism of Africa and its diasporas, African American art history, queer studies(310) 825-2322
NersessianAnahidAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, English, U of Chicago, 2011nersessian@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153005eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and European literature, poetry and poetics, MarxismN/A
GreeneNaomiAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiologyPhD, Epidemiology, University of California, Los Angeles; MPH, Community Health Sciences; University of California, Los Angelesngreene@ucla.edu CHS177220Maternal and Child Health, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Reproductive Health, Pharmacoepidemiology(310) 825-0941
Nguyen-VoThu-HongAssociate ProfessorAsian Languages and CulturePhD, U of California Irvine, 1998nguyenvo@humnet.ucla.edu Royce154003globalization, culture and politics, women studies, Southeast Asian American studies. Alternative epistemologies, time, and the human in relation to necroeconomics and necropolitics. Futurist visions at intercolonial moments and social movements in early 20th century, the 1960s, and after. Intersections between Vietnamese and Black Studies(310) 206-8235
HamiltonNalo M.Assistant ProfessorNursingMSN, Vanderbilt University, 2005; PhD, Meharry Medical College, 2003nhamilton@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921breast cancer development(310) 206-0589
HartM. NicoletteProfessor EmeritusSociologyPhD, University of East Anglianhart@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103inequalities in health, historical change and the social organization of human reproduction, medical sociology, gender stratification and social theory, women's health, reproduction(310) 206-6208
KrauseNiklasProfessor; Director of the Southern California Education and Resource Center (ERC)Environmental Health SciencesPhD, Epidemiology, University of California, Berkeley; MD, Medicine, University of Hamburg, Germany; MPH, Public Health, University of California, Berkeleyniklaskrause@ucla.edu CHS177220occupational health issues with Las Vegas hotel room cleaners, a mostly female immigrant worker population(310) 825-2079
NiNiAssociate ProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Iowa State U, 2009nini@physics.ucla.edu 6-130L154705characterization of physical properties and structures of materials through thermodynamic, transport, X-ray and neutron measurements, design, synthesis, crystal growth of new materials(310) 825-3373
LeeNamheeAssociate ProfessorAsian Languages and CulturesPhD, East Asian Studies, University of Chicago, 2001nlee@humnet.ucla.edu Royce154003Korean social movements and protest, social memory, historiography (310) 206-8235
MalamuthNeilProfessorCommunication Studies,Psychology PhD, University of California, Los Angelesnmalamut@ucla.edu Rolfe Hall156304sexual aggression, mass media effects, sexually explicit media, evolutionary psychology, interdisciplinary research (310) 444-4798
Mendoza-DentonNormaProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Linguistics, Stanford, 1997nmd@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303sociophonetics, language and identity, multimedia ethnography, experimental writing, visual anthropology(310) 825-2055
MilburnNorweetaProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Community Psychology, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1982nmilburn@mednet.ucla.edu Semel705146homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, family-based behavioral interventions(310) 794-3773
Bairey MerzC NoelProfessor in ResidenceMedicine- Dept. AdministrationMD, Harvard Unoel.baireymerz@cshs.org Medical Centernonecardiovascular disease, women, sex differences, lipids, mental stress, exercise, nutrition(310) 423-9680
RubinsNancyProfessor EmeritusArtMA, Art, University of California Davis, 1976nonenone2275 Broad161507transformation of industrial and manufactured objects, physically commanding monumental sculptures(310) 206-6752
PikeNancyAssistant ProfessorNursingPhD, UCLA, 2007npike@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721biobehavioral and health outcomes in infants, children, and adolescents with congenital heart disease (chd) and their families(310) 206-3683
PonceNinezProfessorPublic Health- Health Policy and ManagementPhD, UCLA, 1998nponce@ucla.edu CHS177220health economics, health policy, multicultural survey research, community-based participatory research(310) 206-4021
ReifelNancyAssistant ProfessorDentistryPhD, U of Minnesota, 1983nreifel@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815dentistry(310) 825-4443
SalamonNorikoProfessor in ResidenceRadiological SciencesPhD, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan, 1978nsalamon@mednet.ucla.edu BL-183; RRMC 1621DN/Aneuroimaging in epilepsy using high resolution 3-Tesla hippocampal imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, PET-MRI, CT-MRI fusion(310) 267-9782
ShapiroNinaProfessorSurgery-Head and NeckMD, Medicine, Harvard University, 1991nshapiro@ucla.edu CHS162418post-transplant lymphoma, quality of life in pediatric otolaryngology disorders, pediatric food choking guidelines(310) 825-2749
SuthanaNanthiaAssistant ProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Neuroscience, UCLA, 2009nsuthana@mednet.ucla.edu 300 Stein690119therapeutic cognitive treatments and tools, characterization of neuronal mechanisms underlying successful human learning and memory(310) 794-1057
WayneNancyProfessorPhysiologyPhD, Physiology, University of Michigan, 1988nwayne@g.ucla.edu and equity issues, reproductive biology(213) 220-7795
OakesUpdatedProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Educational Administration, University of California, Los Angeles, 1980oakes@ucla.edu Moore Hall152104schooling inequalities, progress of educators and activists seeking socially just schools(310) 825-2494
KwonOhyunProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Organic Chemistry, Columbia University, 1998ohyun@chem.ucla.edu MSB156905development of new chemical reactions and reagents, synthesis of natural products, and invention of bioactive molecules(310) 267-4954
KaganOlgaProfessorSlavic Languages and LiteraturesPhD, Moscow State Pedagogical Instokagan@humnet.ucla.edu Hershey Hall150205heritage language learners(310) 825-2947
YokoyamaOlgaDistinguished ProfessorHumanitiesPhD, Slavic Linguistics, Harvard University, 1979olga@humnet.ucla.edu Rolfe153102discourse pragmatics, discourse grammar, language and gender, Slavic philology, Slavic word order and intonation, folklore, braind and languageN/A
OlsenFrancesProfessorLawSJD, Harvard U, 1984olsen@law.ucla.edu Law147602legal theory, social change, feminism(310) 825-6083
OmwamiEdith MukudiAssociate ProfessorEducationPhD, Education, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1998omwami@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104nutrition and education linkages, education policy and practice, gender and education, African education(310) 825-1791
OrellanaMarjorieProfessorEducationPhD, Education, University of Southern California, 1994orellana@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104sociocultural approaches to study of language, literacy, learning, identity construction, Latino immigrant children's experiences in urban school communities(310) 206-5375
OrrenKarenProfessorPolitical SciencePhD, University of Chicago, Political Science, 1970orren@ucla.edu Bunche147203American political institutions and social movements(310) 825-4331
OrsulicSandraProfessor in ResidenceObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, U of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1996orsulics@cshs.org Davis, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centernonemouse models of ovarian carcinoma, molecular characterization of ovarian cancer, pathway-targeted therapy, BRCA1-associated premalignant changes in the fallopian tube, intraperitoneal cancer spread(310) 423-9546
von EhrensteinOndineAssociate ProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, U of Biflefeld, 2000ovehren@ucla.edu CHS177220global health, reproductive, perinatal and child health and development, environmental and lifestyle factors, life-course and reproductive epidemiology, child health disparities, biomarkers in population research, policy impacts(310) 206-5324
von EhrensteinOndineAssociate ProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD Public Health/Epidemiology; MPH Epidemiology; MSc Biologyovehren@ucla.edu CHS177220Global health; reproductive, perinatal, child and adolescent health; environmental epidemiology; physical (air pollution, pesticides, toxics) and social environment; developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD); early life adversity; urban health; climate change; epidemiologic methods. (310) 206-5324
AllardPatrickAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Society and GeneticsPhD, Biology, University of McGillpallard@socgen.ucla.edu Life Sciences Building722105reproductive and transgeneration effects of plastics and pesticides(310) 825-5257
YehPamelaAssociate ProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, UCSD, 2004pamelayeh@ucla.edu LSB160606how organisms evolve when they are exposed to or invade novel environments, how selection, phenotypic plasticity and drift interact to affect evolutionary trajectories of populations(310) 825-7441
GiulianoPaolaProfessor and Justice Elwood Lui Endowed Term Chair in ManagementEconomics - Anderson School of ManagementPhD, Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 2003paola.giuliano@anderson.ucla.edu Entrepreneurs148106culture and economics, social economics, political economy, macroeconomics, international economics(310) 206-6890
PapazianDianeProfessorPhysiologyPhD, Biochemistry, Harvard University, 1983papazian@mednet.ucla.edu CHS175118electrical excitability of the brain ranging from molecules to behavior(310) 825-5766
Arroyo CalderonPatriciaAssistant ProfessorSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Ohio State Uparroyo@ucla.edu Rolfe153202Central American history, literature, and visual culture(310) 825-1036
YuPaulineProfessor EmeritusAsian Languates and CulturesPhD, Stanford U, 1976pauline@college.ucla.edu Murphy143801classical Chinese poetry, literary theory and comparative poetics(310) 825-4856
PaulsonSuzanneProfessorAtmospheric and Oceanic SciencesPhD, Engineering, California Inst of Technology, 1991paulson@atmos.ucla.edu MS156505atmospheric chemistry, particulate effects on human health and climate, tropospheric photochemistry, reaction mechanisms, secondary aerosol formation, air quality modeling(310) 206-4442
BatraPoonamProfessor EmeritusRadiological SciencesPhD, 1966pbatra@mednet.ucla.edu CHS172115thoracic oncology(310) 825-0733
DicksonPatriciaAssociate Professor in ResidenceHarbor/UCLA-PediatricsMD, Columbia Updickson@labiomed.org, 1124 West Carson St176847finding treatments for the brain in the mucopolysaccharidoses(310) 222-4145
PebleyAnneProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Sociology, Cornell University, 1980pebley@ucla.edu CHS177220demographic and population policy, maternal and child health, social determinants of health behavior(310) 825-5308
Perez-TorresRafaelProfessorEnglish, Gender StudiesPhD, Stanford Universityperezt@ucla.edu Humanities153005contemporary U.S. Latino/a/x culture and social configurations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, postcoloniality, and globalization(310) 825-4438
FongPeggyProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Marine Biology, San Diego State U, 1991pfong@biology.ucla.edu Botany160606disturbance ecology(310) 825-5444
GanzPatriciaProfessorHealth ServicesMD, Medicine, U of California Los Angeles, 1973pganz@ucla.edu CHS690015effects of cancer treatment, quality of care for cancer survivors(310) 206-1404
GorbachPaminaProfessorEpidemiologyDrPH, U of North Carolina Chapel Hill; MHS, John Hopkins Upgorbach@ucla.edu CHS177220bio-behavioral dynamics of sexual health, with a focus on HIV transmission, acquisition and progression, especially around substance abuse(310) 794-2555
HarterPatriciaProfessor EmeritusTheaterPhD, Dramatic Arts, U of Hawaii, 1984pharter@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan162206Japan, Asia, Korea(310) 206-7217
GuzePhyllisSenate EmeritusMedicine-VA Wadsworth Medical CtrMD, USCphyllis.guze@va.gov WILSHIRE BLVD, BLDG 500169147development of curriculum and educators in community-based settings(310) 478-3711
PierreJemimaAssociate ProfessorAfrican American StudiesPhD, U of Texas Austin, 2003pierrej@ucla.edu Bunche154503race, racial formation theory, political economy, culture and the history of anthropological theory, transnationalism, globalization, diaspora(310) 825-0029
PinelesStacyAssistant Professor in ResidenceOphthamologyPhD, 2004pineles@jsei.ucla.edu DSERC700019pediatric neuro-ophthalmology, adult and pediatric strabismus(310) 825 2872
PisarskaMargaretaProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, State U of New York, 1992pisarskam@cshs.org CSMC174017role of differences in genetics and epigenetics of pregnancies conceived from couples with infertility, invitro fertilization(310) 423-5763
KapurPatriciaProfessorAnesthesiology and Perioperative MedicineMD, U of Pennsylvaniapkapur@mednet.ucla.edu RRMC740330anesthesiology, administration(310) 267-8642
KennedyPamelaAssistant ProfessorPsychologyPhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York Universitypkennedy@psych.ucla.edu Pritzker156304motivation, memory, goal-directed behaviors, pathological conditions, situations reflecting natural and biological drives(310) 825-8869
PlannSusanProfessor EmeritaChicana/o Studies, Spanish and PortugesePhD, Romance Linguistics, University of California Los Angeles, 1975plann@humnet.ucla.edu Bunche155903migration, unaccompanied child migration, Moroccan immigrants in Spain, oral narratives, literacy, service learning, second language acquisition, Spanish linguistics, applied linguistics, interface between second language acquisition and language pedagogy(310) 825-1036
DiaconescuPaulaProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003pld@chem.ucla.edu Molecular Science156905design of reactive metal complexes, small molecule activation, organic synthesis, polymer formation, organometallic chemistry(310) 794-4809
LesterPatriciaProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, UCSF, 1993plester@mednet.ucla.edu Semel175919family centered prevention and treatment for families facing the impact of military deployments, traumatic events, and parental illness(310) 794-3227
O'BrienPatriciaProfessor EmeritusHistoryPhD, History, Columbia University, 1973pobrien@college.ucla.edu Murphy Hall143801modern French history, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, social and cultural history(310) 825-4286
PajukantaPaiviProfessorHuman GeneticsPhD, 1999ppajukanta@mednet.ucla.edu Gonda708822genetics of common cardiovascular disorders with a particular interest in premature coronary heart disease (CHD), familial lipid disorders, familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCHL), decreased high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol, obesity(310) 267-2011
PhelpsPatriciaProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 1982pphelps@physci.ucla.edu TLSB160606neuronal development and regeneration, migration, spinal cord injury(310) 825-7264
PingPeipeiProfessorPhysiologyPhD, Physiology, U of Arizona Sys Northern Arizona U, 1990pping@mednet.ucla.edu CHS176022functional proteomic analysis of the normal, ischemic and protected myocardium. mapping cardiac sub-proteomes, transgenic models of cardiac protection(310) 206-0058
TavrowPaulaAssociate Adjunct Professor; Director, Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive HealthCommunity Health SciencesAB (magna cum laude), Harvard-Radcliffe College; MALD, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University; MSc & PhD, Public Health, University of Michigan in Ann Arborptavrow@ucla.edu CHS177220Reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly of adolescents; community-based approaches to improve women and children's health in sub-Saharan Africa; performance of health providers in under-resourced clinics and hospitals(310) 794-4302
MehtaPujaAssistant Professor in ResidenceMedicineMD, Medical College of Georgia, 2002puja.mehta@cshs.org, heart disease prevention, behavioral approaches, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, meditation for heart disease(310) 423-9680
PurvesAlexProfessorClassicsPhD, Classics, U of Pennsylvania, 2002purves@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702Archaic and classical Greek literature; temporality, the body, senses, poetry(310) 825-4171
QuadlinNatashaAssistant ProfessorSociologyPh.D., Sociology, Indiana University, 2017quadlin@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103Gender inequality, educational inequality, access and returns to education, family and inequality, gender-work-family(310) 825-1313
RaiaFedericaAssistant Professor in ResidenceCardiologyPhD, Geophysics and Volcanology, U Naples, 1997raia@gseis.ucla.edu A2-237167917high-tech modern medical practices, learning in practice, self-organization, adaptation, emergence, concepts of causality in complex systems(310) 825-5280
AllenRebeccaProfessorDesign I Media ArtsMS, Computer Graphics/ Interactive Media/ Interface Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980rallen@arts.ucla.edu Broad145607media art, artificial life, human motion simulation, virtual reality, mobile augmented reality(310) 825-6392
RaphaelMarilynProfessorGeographyPhD, Geography, Ohio State University, 1990raphael@geog.ucla.edu Bunche152403Santa Ana winds, global climate change and variability, climate modelling, atmospheric circulation dynamics, southern hemisphere atmospheric circulation and climate, Antarctic sea ice variability(310) 206-4590
BecerraRosinaProfessorSocial WelfarePhD, Social Work, Brandeis U, 1975rbecerra@ucla.edu PAB165606policy issues in health and mental health, social gerontology, child welfare(310) 206-7411
CrosbieRachelleProfessor and Department ChairIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Biochemistry, U of California Los Angeles, 1994rcrosbie@physci.ucla.edu Terasaki Life Sciences Bldg723905molecular basis of muscle function, muscular dystrophy(310) 794-2103
KelleyRobin D.G.Distinguished Professor and Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair in United States HistoryHistory, African American StudiesPhD, University of California, Los Angelesrdkelley@history.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147303black intellectuals, music, visual culture, contemporary urban studies, historiography and historical theory, poverty studies and ethnography, colonialism, imperialism, organized labor, constructions of race, Surrealism, Marxism, nationalism(310) 825-3469
ReLuciaProfessorItalianPhD, Yale University, Comparative Literature, 1982re@humnet.ucla.edu Royce153503futurism, Fascism, colonialism, feminism, gender issues in nineteenth and twentieth centuries literature and art, comparative theories of modernism and gender, women writers, contemporary Italian feminist thought(310) 794-8907
MendezRebecaProfessorDesign Media ArtsMFA, Fine and Applied Arts, Art Center College of Design, 1996rebecam@ucla.edu Broad145607nature of matter in cycles and systems, forces and cross-rhythmic tensions, natural phenomena (310) 825-9007
StoneRebeccaProfessorLawBA, Oxford U, 1999; MPhil, Oxford U, 2001; DPhil, Oxford U, 2004; JD, NYU, 2009rebecca.stone@law.ucla.edu Law147602private law theory, contracts, torts, legal philosophy, law and economics, law and behavioral economics(310) 794-9530
RepettiRenaProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, Yale University, 1985repetti@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304stress and coping in work and family roles, social interaction, family interaction, mental health, children's coping behavior, clinical health psychology(310) 825-3134
RettJessicaAssociate ProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, Rutgers University, 2008rett@ucla.edu Campbell154302semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language(310) 825-0634
ReueKarenProfessorHuman GeneticsPhD, 1986reuek@ucla.edu 6357B708822genes underlying disorders in lipid and glucose metabolism; sex differences in obesity and diabetes(310) 794-5631
GarrellRobinProfessor, Vice Provost and DeanChemistry and Biochemistry; BioengineeringPhD, Engineering - Other, U of Michigan, 1984rgarrell@grad.ucla.edu Murphy141901adhesion and slip at solution-solid interfaces; advancing diversity and inclusive success in graduate education(310) 825-4383
HammerRhondaLecturerEducationPhD, Sociology, York University; MA, Communications, Simon Fraser Universityrhammer@ucla.edu Rolfe150402feminisms, cultural studies, media literacy, globalization and social theory and practice.(310) 206-8101
RichlinAmyDistinguished ProfessorClassicsPhD, Yale University, 1978richlin@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702history of sexuality, Roman cultural history, feminist theory, comedy(310) 825-4171
RileyAngelaProfessorLawJD, Harvard, 1998riley@law.ucla.edu Law147602issues related to indigenous peoples’ rights,cultural property and Native governance(310) 206-3760
TripatiAradhnaAssociate ProfessorEarth, Planetary, and Space SciencesPhD, Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2002ripple@epss.ucla.edu Geology156704role of carbon cycle in changing climate and seawater chemistry(310) 825-3031
LeeRachelProfessorEnglish, Gender StudiesPhD, University of California, Los Angeles, English Literature, 1995rlee@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005Asian American literature, Asian American performance culture, Asian American ethnic identity, national belonging, globalization, gender, science and technology studies(310) 825-4174
LuxRenateProfessorDentistryPhD, University of Osnabrϋck, Germanyrlux@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815exploration, ecology of cariogenic species, oral biofilms, advanced molecular techniques(310) 794-1676
MalyRoseProfessor EmeritaFamily MedicineMD, Public Health, U of California Los Angeles, 1976rmaly@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1800708746patient-physician communication and its impact on health outcomes among women with breast cancer(310) 794-6091
GottliebRobertaProfessor in Residence and Director at the Center for Research on Women’s Health and Sex Differences (CREWHS)Medicine - Dept. AdministrationMDroberta.gottlieb@cshs.org ischemia, post-infarction remodeling, mitochondria and autophagy, sex differences(424) 315-2556
RoblesTheodoreProfessorPsychologyPhD, Ohio State Universityrobles@psych.ucla.edu Pritzker156304Stress, social relationships and health, allostatic and restorative processes, psychoneuroimmunology, marriage and health, anxiety/stress and skin disease.(310) 794-9362
Rotheram-BorusMaryProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Clinical Psychology, USC, 1977rotheram@ucla.edu Wilshire705146HIV/AIDS prevention with adolescents, children and family wellness, assessment and modification of children's social skills, suicide among adolescents and homeless youths(310) 794-8278
RowatAmyAssociate ProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Physics, U of Southern Denmark, 2005rowat@ucla.edu Terasaki723905Cellular mechanobiology(310) 825-4026
RoweKarenProfessorEnglishPhD, Indiana University, English Literature, 1971rowe@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005Colonial American to 1800, women’s literature, Renaissance, seventeenth century English literature(310) 825-2919
ShetgiriRashmiDirector of the Office of Health Assessment and EpidemiologyLos Angeles County Department of Public HealthPhD, U of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, 2003RShetgiri@ph.lacounty.gov S Vermont Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90020Nonebullying prevention, health services research, language, culture, child health, Latino child health, racial and ethnic disparities in child health, violence prevention in children and adolescents(310) 222-4150
ShipeRebeccaAdjunct Associate ProfessorInstitute of The Environment and SustainabilityPhD, Marine Sciences, U of California Santa Barbara, 2000rshipe@ucla.edu La Kretz149605ecology and physiology of marine phytoplanktonN/A
StocktonRebeccaAssistant Professor in ResidencePediatricsPhD, U of Massachusetts, 2002rstockton@ucla.edu CHRC176847pathophysiology and therapy of cerebral cavernous malformation syndrome, genetic vascular disorders(310) 222-2301
Tajima-PeñaReneeProfessor, Director - Center for EthnoCommunications, Endowed Chair in Japanese American StudiesAsian American StudiesBA, East Asian Studies and Sociology, Harvard-Radcliffe College, 1980rtajima@asianam.ucla.edu Rolfe722502social documentary film, video and transmedia production, Asian American and immigrant communities, race, gender, social change(323) 376-3799
TidwellRomeriaProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Educational Psychology, U of California Los Angeles, 1974rtidwell@earthlink.netN/A3329 Moore152104group counseling for aggressive school children(310) 825-3081
Hernandez-LeonRubenProfessorSociology, Latin American StudiesPhD, SUNY-Binghamtonrubenhl@soc.ucla.edu Haines Hall155103Mexican immigration, gender(310) 825-3059
VaughnRachelLecturerInstitute for Society & GeneticsPhD, American Studies, The University of Kansasrvaughn@women.ucla.edu LSB722105Food Politics, Discard Studies, Feminist Environmentalism, Science & Technology Studies310-267-4990
VoskuhlRhondaProfessorNeurologyMD, Vanderbilt U, 1986rvoskuhl@ucla.edu NRB733422Understanding mechanisms of neurodegeneration in brain aging and multiple sclerosis through basic preclinical research and clinical research, including novel clinical trials of new treatments(310) 206-4636
MerchantSabeehaProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Biochemistry, U of Wisconsin Madison, 1983sabeeha@chem.ucla.edu Young156905dynamics of Fe and Cu metabolism, comparative genomics of algae, bioenergy(310) 825-3958
SaguyAbigailProfessorSociologyPhD, Princeton University, Sociology, 2000saguy@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103gender, culture, law, politics, sexual harassment, obesity and weight-based stigma, gender neutrality(310) 794-4979
SalibaDebraProfessorMedicineMD, Medicine, University of Alabama, Birmingham, 1986; MPH, Epidemiology (Internal Medicine), UCLA, 1995saliba@rand.org PVUB168707chronic conditions, morbidity, cognitive function, community-based participatory research, functional status, long-term care, quality of care in nursing homes, quality of life310-825-8253
SandhoferCatherineProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, Indiana University, 2002sandhofer@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304cognitive development, language acquisition, children's acquisition of words and categories and concepts(310) 825-0624
McLachlanSandraProfessor in ResidenceMedicineMD, U of Newcastle, 1980sandra.mclachlan@cshs.org Cedarsnonethyroid, molecular and cellular investigation of immune responses to thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin (Hashimoto thyroiditis), thyroid stimulating hormone receptor (TSHR; Graves disease), cloning human autoantibodies to thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin for antibody epitopic analysis, murine model of Graves disease, self tolerance, genetic susceptiblity(310) 855-4774
SantosCarlosAssistant ProfessorSocial WelfarePhD, Developmental Psychology, New York Universitysantos@luskin.ucla.edu Public Affairs165606Activism, Adolescents, Children and Families, Civic Engagement, Educational Attainment, Ethnic-Racial Identity, Gender Identity, Heterosexism, Mental Health, Racism, Sexual Identity(310) 206-2813
AppleSophiaProfessor EmeritusPathology and Laboratory MedicineMD, Wright State Usapple@mednet.ucla.edu of Hope National Medical Centernonebiomarkers of breast cancer(626) 218-6348
MorrisSarahProfessorClassicsPhD, Classics, Harvard U, 1981sarahm@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702early Greek literature (Homer, Hesiod and Herodotus), Greek religion, prehistoric and early Greek archaeology, ceramics, Greek architecture and landscape studies, Near Eastern influence on Greek art and culture(310) 206-7369
SubramanianSaskiaAssociate Research SociologistPsychiatry, Biobehavioral Sciencesaskia@ucla.eduB7-435 Semel175919women’s health issues and disparities(310) 794-6117
SaundersMyraSenate EmeritusLawJD, U of San Diego, 1979saunders@law.ucla.edu Law145802legal research, California legal history(310) 825-7826
WhiteStephanieProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, Neuroscience, Stanford University, 1997sawhite@ucla.edu LSB160606neural basis of socially-learned vocal communication signals, birdsong as model system for understanding how the brain learns and maintains this vocal motor skill, molecules implicated in human language disorders(310) 794-1888
HechtSusannaProfessorUrban PlanningPhD, Geography, U of California Berkeley, 1982sbhecht@ucla.edu PAB165606environment, labor and employment, politics, environmental policy and planning, climate, history of science, land use change(310) 825-4676
BhutaSunitaProfessorPathology, Anatomic PathologyMD, U of Bombaysbhuta@mednet.ucla.edu CHS173216surgical pathology, head and neck pathology(310) 825-5807
BlowerSallyProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Stanford Usblower@mednet.ucla.edu Semel176620models of transmission dynamics310-794-3933
BookheimerSusanDistinguished ProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, Wayne State Usbook@ucla.edu 268M175919cognitive psychology, functional brain imaging, autism, Alzheimer's, brain tumors, epilepsy(310) 794-6386
BukataSusanAssociate ProfessorOrthopedic SurgeryMD, Columbia Usbukata@mednet.ucla.edu 16th St, 3142703648orthopedic surgery, bone cancer, benign tumors of bone/muscle/joints, joint cancer, limb salvage, muscle cancer, metastatic disease to bone/spine oncology, spinal tumor, pediatric bone lesions avascular necrosis, BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein), clinical trials, metabolic bone disease, osteoporosis, Paget's Disease(310) 794-7930
SchwartzJessicaAssociate ProfessorMusicologyPhD, New York U, 2012schwartz@humnet.ucla.edu Schoenberg162306musical representations and sonic histories of militarization and imperial violence, affective alliances, creative dissent through historical, ethnographic and theoretical methods(310) 977-0979
SchwartzJoannaProfessorLawJD, Yale U, 2000schwartz@law.ucla.edu Law147602police accountability, public interest lawyering(310) 267-4736
CochranSachikoProfessor EmeritusRadiological SciencesPhD, Medicine, University of Maryland, 1971scochran@mednet.ucla.edu CHS743730radiographic contrast material, genitourinary radiology(310) 459-5379
CurtissSusanProfessor EmeritusLinguisticsPhD, Linguistics, U of California Los Angeles, 1976scurtiss@ucla.edu Campbell154302psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics(310) 825-0634
DevaskarSherinProfessorPediatricsMD, Medicine, Madras U, 1973sdevaskar@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC-NEON175217long-term outcomes of premature and growth-restricted babies(310) 825-9357
SearsRobert BradleyAssociate Dean of Public Interest LawLawJD, Harvard Lawsears@law.ucla.edu Law147602sexual orientation law, disability law, U.S. legal and judicial systems(310) 794-5279
CaseSue-EllenProfessorTheaterPhD, Dramatic Arts, U California Berkeleysecase@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan162206German theater, feminism and theater, performance theory, lesbian critical theory(310) 794-5522
SeidlitsStephanieAssistant ProfessorBioengineeringPhD, U of Texas Austin, 2010seidlits@ucla.edu EV160010clinical therapies for central nervous system (CNS) injury and disorders, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, glioma formation(310) 267-4985
SeltzerJudithProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, University of Michigan, 1981seltzerj@ucla.edu Haines155103inequality with and between families(310) 825-5646
EttnerSusanProfessorMedicine, Health Policy and ManagementPhD, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991settner@mednet.ucla.edu Glendon Ave., Suite 850 - Room 879739446behavioral health services and policy research; health insurance; post-acute and long-term care(310) 794-2289
FrautschySallyProfessor in ResidenceNeurologyPhD, U of Guelphsfrautschy@mednet.ucla.edu WLAMC169247neuroinflammator mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease(818) 895-5892
MoonSeul GiAssistant ProfessorEPSSPhD, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford U, 2013sgmoon@ucla.edu Geology156704interactions between climate, tectonics, and surface processes that drive landscape evolution(310) 206-5760
GreeneShelleenAssociate ProfessorFilm, Television, and Digital MediaPhD, University of California at Irvine, 2007sgreene9@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan Hall162206Italian cinema, Black European studies and digital feminist studies(310) 825-9575
HaleySarahAssociate ProfessorAfrican American Studies, Gender StudiesPhD, Yale University, 2010shaley@ucla.edu Rolfe150402prison studies, nineteenth and twentieth-century African American history, women’s and gender history, labor studies, black feminism, and feminist theories of violence(310) 206-8101
HameSharonProfessorOrthopedic SurgeryMD, Chicago Medical Schoolshame@mednet.ucla.edu CHS690218knee biomechanics, outcomes and epidemiology research in shoulder or knee or hip surgery, gender health issues, bone health issues(310) 206-4161
RedmondShanaProfessorMusicologyPhD, Yale University, African American Studies and American Studiesshana.redmond@schoolofmusic.ucla.edu SMB162306music, race, politics, racial formation, political cultures, nationalism, labor, and decolonizationN/A
SharpeJenniferProfessorEnglish; French and Francophone StudiesPhD, University of Texas, Comparative Literature, 1987sharpe@ucla.edu Humanities153005postcolonial studies, Caribbean literatures, gender studies, the novel, literary archives of slavery and empire, the black Atlantic(310) 825-4174
WangShenshenAssistant ProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, UCSD, 2012shenshen@physics.ucla.edu 3-128154705in silico model of affinity maturation driven by multiple antigen variants(310) 825-8562
RazackShereneDistinguished ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, University of Toronto, 1989sherenerazack@ucla.edu Rolfe150402racial violence(310) 206-8101
MorrisonSherieProfessorMicrobiology, Immuno and Molecular GeneticPhD, Biology, Stanford University, 1966sheriem@microbio.ucla.edu BSRB736422antibody engineering and function(310) 206-5124
ShiffrinSeanaProfessorPhilosophy; LawJD, Harvard University, Law, 1996; D.Phil., Oxford University, Philosophy, 1993shiffrin@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd145102constitutional law, abortion, reproduction and bioethics, freedom of speech, intellectual property, economic equality, contracts(310) 825-4641
ShihShu-MeiProfessorAsian Languages and Cultures; Comparative Literature, Asian American StudiesPhD, UCLA, Comparative Literature, 1992shih@humnet.ucla.edu Royce Hall154003world Sinophone literature and culture, feminism, transnationalism, minority discourse, postcolonial/decolonial/settler colonial studies(310) 206-8235
ShorterDavid DelgadoProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/Dance, Gender StudiesPhD, University of California, Santa Cruzshorter@ucla.edu Kaufman160806healing, the borderlands of science, ontology, colonialisms, ethnography, writingN/A
HowardSherrelAssociate ProfessorMolecular and Medical PharmacologyPhD, Pharmacology, U of California Los Angeles, 1975showard@mednet.ucla.edu NPI175919DA receptor isotypes, oligodendrocytes (310) 825-0775
ShugerDeboraProfessorEnglishPhD, English Literature, Stanford University, 1983shuger@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities153005Renaissance, seventeenth century, Tudor-Stuart literature, early modern religious, political and legal thought, neo-Latin, censorship(310) 825-3897
HuneShirleyProfessor EmeritusUrban PlanningPhD, George Washington University, American Civilization, 1979shune@gdnet.ucla.edunone1237 Murphy141901international migration, human rights and migrant workers, planning for multiple publics, multicultural, gender studies, immigration, race, education(310) 206-3411
HurtadoSylviaProfessorEducationPhD, Higher Educ Admin, U of California Los Angeles, 1990shurtado@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104diverse college environments, diverse college students, teaching and learning, higher education policy(310) 825-9928
HurvitzSaraAssociate ProfessorMedicine-Hematology-OncologyMD, USC School of Medicineshurvitz@mednet.ucla.edu Santa Monica Blvd, Rm 211nonebreast cancer, clinical trials(310) 586-2093
Loukaitou-SiderisAnastasiaProfessor and Associate Dean of Luskin School of Public AffairsUrban PlanningPhD, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California, 1988; March, Architecture, Univsideris@ucla.edu PAB165606design, development, public environment of the city, physical representation, aesthetics, social meaning, impact on urban resident(310) 206-9679
Otto-KnappSilkeAssociate ProfessorArtMFA, Chelsea C of Fine Arts, London 1996silkeok@arts.ucla.edu Broad161507painting and drawing(310) 206-3457
SilvermanDeboraProfessorHistory; Art HistoryPhD, Princeton University, History, 1983silverma@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303modern European cultural and intellectual history, politics, national traditions, visual arts in nineteenth century Europe(310) 825-4601
SissaGiuliaProfessorPolitical Science; ClassicsPhD, Classics, Ecole Des Hautes Etudes-Science Sociale, 1983sissa@polisci.ucla.edu Bunche147203history, anthropology and philosophy of the ancient world, feminism, history of sexualities and genders, addiction, democratic theory, utopian thinking, political emotions(310) 990-9921
JesteShafaliAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciMD, Harvardsjeste@mednet.ucla.eduhttp://www.jestelab.org68-237B (AUTISM)175919infants and children with neurodevelopment disorders(310) 825-2761
JungSu YonAssistant ProfessorNursingPhD, U of Pittburghsjung@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691721cancer biomarkers, obesity, weight gain, cancer prevention(310) 825-2840
Kataoka EndoSherylProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciMD, UCLA School of Public Healthskataoka@mednet.ucla.edu Wilshire Center708246access to and quality of mental health care for ethnic minority children and their families, non-traditional delivery systems, schools(310) 794-3727
KimSuk-YoungProfessorTheater and performance studiesPhD, Interdisciplinary Theater and Drama, Northwestern University, 2005; PhD, Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001skim@tft.ucla.edu Macgowan162206East Asian Performance and Visual Culture, Gender and Nationalism, Korean Cultural Studies, Russian Literature and Slavic Folklore(310) 825-7008
KrasneSallyProfessor EmeritusPhysiologyPhD, Physiology, U of California Los Angeles, 1971skrasne@mednet.ucla.edu CHS175118structure-function relationships of ion channels, expression of channels during development(310) 825-8884
LavinSylviaProfessorArchitecturePhD, Columbia Uslavin@ucla.edu Perloff146702explores the limits of architecture across a wide spectrum of historical periods(310) 825-7857
FosterSusan LeighProfessorWorld Arts and Cultures/DancePhD, U of California Santa Cruzslfoster@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806dance history and theory, choreographic analysis, corporeality
LooSandraProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, University of Hawaii at Manoasloo@mednet.ucla.edu NPI175919attention, learning, memory, childhood-onset psychiatric disorders, ADHD, autism, dyslexia(310) 825-9204
McCloskeySusanAssistant ProfessorRadiation OncologyMD, Emory U, 2001smccloskey@mednet.ucla.edu Med Center695124breast cancer treatment, quality of care, quality of life, health technology, outcomes assessment(310) 825-3409
McDiarmidSuzanneProfessorPediatricsMD, U of Ottawa, 1976smcdiarmid@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC/GI175217hepatology, liver transplant, pediatric gastroenterology(310) 206-6134
MemarzadehSanazAssociate ProfessorObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, UCLA, 2008smemarzadeh@mednet.ucla.edu Terasaki174017molecular pathways of gynecologic cancers, gynecology(310) 825-6301
MetzgerSeanProfessorTheater, Film, and TelevisionPhD, Theatersmetzger@tft.ucla.edu, performance, sexuality studies, Asian American, Caribbean, ChineseN/A
SmithMonicaProfessorAnthropology; Instutute of the Environment and SustainabilityPhD, Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1997smith@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303urbanism, economic networks, consumption and material culture, anthropology of food, comparative historical archaeology, South Asia, Mediterranean, Southwestern US(310) 794-9179
SmithLynneProfessor and ChairPediatricsMD, U of California Davis, 1990smith@lundquist.org Medical Center Box 17N/Aeffects of prenatal drug exposure on developing brain(424) 306-5603
NairStellaAssociate ProfessorArt HistoryPhD, U of California Berkeley, 2003snair@humnet.ucla.edu Dodd141702Architecture, Urbanism, construction technology, spatial theory, material culture studies, landscape transformations, cross-cultural exchange, hemispheric networks, and gender in the built environment(310) 825-8232
NaozSmadarAssociate ProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Tel Aviv U, 2010snaoz@astro.ucla.edu Physics and Astronomy154705theoretical astrophysics, dynamical research problems from cosmology to extrasolar planets(310) 825-3648
NobleSafiyaAssociate ProfessorInformation Studies, African American Studies, Gender StudiesPhD, U of Illinois Urbana Champagne, 2012snoble@ucla.edu 210696824algorithmic discrimination, racism and sexism on the internet, socio-cultural informatics, feminist, historical, political-economic perspectives on computing platforms and software in the public interest(310) 206-8438
SobchackVivianProfessor EmeritaFilm, Television and Digital MediaPhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Philosophy of Communication, 1984sobchack@ucla.edu film genres, philosophy and film theory, history and phenomenology of perception, historiography,cultural studies(310) 474-0974
SohnSung-OckProfessorAsian Languages and CulturesPhD, Linguistics, University of Hawaii, 1988sohn@humnet.ucla.edu Royce154003discourse analysis, grammar, grammaticalization, Korean language and linguistics, language acquisition, functional/cognitive linguistics, discourse and grammar(310) 206-8235
SolorzanoDanielProfessorEducation, Chicano/a StudiesPhD, Claremont Graduate Schoolsolorzano@gseis.ucla.edu Moore Hall152104critical race and gender theory in education, critical race pedagogy, racial microaggressions in education, educational access for students of color(310) 206-7855
HaleSondraResearch Professor and Professor EmeritusAnthropology; Gender StudiesPhD, UCLA, Anthropology, 1979 sonhale@ucla.edu Haines155303gender, social movements, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, coloniality, nationalism, colonialism, diaspora, aesthetics, Islam and Islamism, Middle East, Africa, Sudan, Eritrea(310) 836-5121
OrtnerSherryDistinguished Research ProfessorAnthropologyPhD, University of Chicago, Anthropology, 1970sortner@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303social and cultural theory, historical anthropology, persons, subjects, agents, gender, feminist theory, class and culture in late capitalism, culture industries(310) 825-5447
PerrySusanProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1995sperry@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303primate social relationships, primate social cognition, communication, capuchins, macaques(310) 825-4338
PervinShehlaAssistant Professor in ResidenceObstetrics and GynecologyPhD, 1995spervin@mednet.ucla.edu CHS174017key cell types involved in promoting initiation of human breast tumors (310) 825-8022
PincetlStephanieProfessor in ResidenceInstitute of the Environment & SustainabilityPhD, 1985spincetl@ioes.ucla.edu La Kretz149605land use, land use change, urban environments and the transformation of their natural environments(310) 825-2434
ReederSharonProfessor EmeritusNursingPhD, Nursing, U of California Los Angeles, 1974sreeder@ucla.edu Factor691721nursing(310) 206-3839
ShengUpdatedAssistant ProfessorEconomicsPhD, USC, 2013ssheng@econ.ucla.edu Bunche147703network formation games(310) 825-8018
SlyomovicsSuzanneProfessorAnthropologyPhD, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 1985ssly@anthro.ucla.edu Haines155303gender, human rights, folklore, material culture, visual anthropology, Middle East, North Africa(310) 206-3702
SpeedShannonProfessorGender Studies; Anthropologysspeed@aisc.ucla.edu Campbell Hall150402Legal anthropology; indigenous rights; human rights; indigenous migration; gender; neoliberalism, race and ethnicity; sovereignty/autonomy; activist research methodologies(310) 206-9673
SteinSarahProfessorHistoryPhD, History, Stanford University, 1999sstein@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Jewish history, Sephardic studies, Jewish cultural diversity in the modern period(310) 825-4601
StefanovskaMalinaProfessorFrench and Francophone StudiesPhD, French, Johns Hopkins University, 1990stefanov@humnet.ucla.edu Royce155003Seventeenth-century and Eighteenth-century literature and cultural history, contemporary French theory, memoirs, autobiography(310) 794-5084
SteingbergRichard H.ProfessorLawJD and PhD, Stanford Universitysteinberg@law.ucla.edu Law147602international economic law, international criminal law, human rights, gender violence in eastern Congo, International Criminal Court (ICC)(310) 267-2064
StempleLaraDirector of Graduate StudiesLawJD, Harvard University, Law, 1999stemple@law.ucla.edu Law147602human rights, global health, gender, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, incarceration(310) 206-4778
StevensonBrendaNickoll Family Endowed ProfessorHistory; African American StudiesPhD, Yale University, History, 1990stevenso@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Slavery in the Atlantic World, Race and Race Relations in America, Gender, History of Black family, History of Enslaved Females, African American, U.S.Southern(310) 825-4601
ThyneShannonProfessor, Director of Pediatrics - Department of Health Services, and Chief of Pediatrics - Olive View-UCLA Medical CenterPediatricsMD, Brown U, 1995sthyne@dhs.lacounty.gov View -UCLA Medical Center172216care of children and families in the safety net(747) 210-3233
StiversTanya JeanProfessorSociologyPhD, UCLA, 2000stivers@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103underlying structures of conversation, recordings of spontaneous naturally occurring social interaction(310) 825-1313
StoneKatherineProfessorLawJD, Law, Harvard University, 1979stone@law.ucla.edu Law147602labor law, employment law, labor and social policy, contract law, arbitration law(310) 825-8202
StreeterCarolineAssociate ProfessorEnglishPhD, University of California, Berkeley, History, 2000streeter@ucla.edu Humanities153005African American literary studies, critical mixed race studies, gender and sexuality, African American film and visual art, interdisciplinary ethnic studies, cultural studies(310) 825-7897
SridharahSuhasAssistant ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Stanford U, 2013suhas.sridharan@anderson.ucla.edu Cornell712448financial reporting and corporate research strategies, risk assessment and valuation(310) 825-3051
NicholasSusanne B.Associate ProfessorMedicineMD, Medicine, University of California, San Diego, 1989; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles,sunicholas@mednet.ucla.edu Warren707322diabetic kidney disease and diagnosis, management, treatment strategies(310) 794-7555
ShuSuzanneAssociate ProfessorAnderson School of ManagementPhD, Behavioral Sciences, University of Chicago, 2004suzanne.shu@anderson.ucla.edu Gold148106behavioral decision theory, self-control, procrastination(310) 825-4818
WaliSomaProfessorMedicinePhD, U of Illinois, 1994swali@dhs.lacounty.gov Olive View172216obesity in diabetics, diabetic group clinic, gene therapy and wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers(818) 365-3205
WallaceSteveProfessorCommunity Health SciencesPhD Sociology, University of California - San Franciscoswallace@ucla.edu CHS177220Access to health care and health equity for older people, including projects that identify inequities in health status and in the use of health services for Latino, African American, Asian American, and American Indian elders; analyses of public policies that impact older adults; access to health care and public policies for immigrants; organizational capacity building projects in communities of color; and projects that investigate equity of access for the elderly to health resources within and between countries in Latin America.(310) 794-0910
WaughScottProfessorHistoryPhD, University of London, 1975swaugh@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303(310) 825-4601
AghalooTaraProfessorDentistryPhD, Dentistry, University of California Los Angeles, 1994taghaloo@dentistry.ucla.edu CHS166815bone biology (molecular and translational models of osteoblast differentiation), bone regeneration(310) 794-7070
BrannonTiffanyAssistant ProfessorPsychologyPhD, Stanford Utbrannon@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304socio-cultural identities in negatively stereotyped groups(310) 825-2961
BrownerTaraProfessorEthnomusicologyPhD, Music, U of Michigan, 1995tbrowner@ucla.edu Schoenberg165706Native North American music and dance, Native North American contemporary music, musical imagery of Indians in popular culture, indigenous concepts of music theory, American music(310) 206-3033
McCartyTeresaProfessor, G.F. Kneller ChairEducation, AnthropologyPhD, Social-Cultural Anthropology, Arizona State University, 1984teresa.mccarty@ucla.edu Moore152104Indigenous/minoritized education, language education policy, ethnographic studies of education in and out of schools(310) 206-2569
TerracianoKevinProfessor. Co-Chair of Latin American Studies Graduate Program at UCLAHistoryPhD, History. UCLA, 1994; MA, History, UCLA, 1989 terra@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303Latin American history, Mexico, Indigenous cultures and languages of central and southern Mexico (especially Nahuatl, Mixtec, and Zapotec) in the colonial period(310) 825-8410
TerrallMaryProfessorHistoryPhD, UCLA, History, 1987terrall@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303history of science in early modern Europe, gender in science and medicine(310) 825-4601
HowardTyroneProfessorEducationPhD, University of Washingtonthoward@gseis.ucla.edu Moore Hall152104multicultural education, social and political context of schools, urban education, social studies education, educational experience of African American students(310) 267-4824
TillyChrisProfessor; Director, Institute, Labor, and EmploymentUrban PlanningPhD, Economics and Urban Studies and Planning, MIT, 1989; B.A., Biochemistry, Harvard College, 1976tilly@ucla.edu Pub Aff118400Community Development, Labor and Employment, Latin America Social Movements/Labor Unions(310) 206-7150
ChristieChristinaProfessorEducationPhD, UCLAtina.christie@ucla.edu Moore152104applied evaluation research studies, research on evaluation practice, theoretical analysis(310) 825-0432
HongTingtingAssociate ProfessorMedicine- Dept AdministrationPhDTingting.Hong@cshs.org Suite 1021noneCardiomyocyte cell biology and molecular mechanisms of heart failure progression, cardiac membrane organization and function, T-tubule microdomain function and regulation(310) 423-4758
LevitzTamaraProfessorMusicologyPhD, Music History, Eastman Sch of Music, 1994tlevitz@humnet.ucla.edu Schoenberg162306artistic intentions, motivations, sexual and gender identification, social relations, musicians, composers, critics, ethnographers, performers, audiences, historical events, musical performance(310) 825-7760
JohnsonTracyProfessorMolecular, Cell and Developmental BiologyPhD, Berkeleytljohnson@ucla.edu TLSB723905regulation of gene expression (310) 206-2416
MoinTannazAssistant Professor in ResidenceEndocrinologyPhD, U California Irvine, 2005tmoin@mednet.ucla.edunone11301 Wilshire169147diabetes prevention(310) 478-3711
TognozziElissaSenior LecturerItalianPhD, UCLA, 1993tognozzi@humnet.ucla.edu Royce153503technology and foreign language pedagogy(310) 794-8910
TolbertSarahProfessorChemistry and BiochemistryPhD, Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1995tolbert@chem.ucla.edu Hall 3045A156905self-organized nanoscale materials(310) 206-4767
TomiyamaAyakoAssociate ProfessorPsychologyPhD, UCLA, 2009tomiyama@psych.ucla.eduhttp://www.dishlab.org6534 Psych Tower156304eating behavior, stress, obesity, dieting, health disparities, health behaviors, weight stigma(310) 206-6875
PerisTaraAssistant Professor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, U of Virginia, 2006tperis@mednet.ucla.edu Semel175919family factors that influence how youth fare in treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd), anxiety and related disorders(310) 825-8831
NguyenThaoAssistant ProfessorMedicine/CardiologyMD, PhD, U of Pennsylvania, 2004tpnguyen@mednet.ucla.edu MRL155300cellular and tissue electrophysiology, mechanisms and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias, mammalian heart models, zebrafish heart model, gene therapy(310) 825-9465
PorterTheodoreProfessorHistoryPhD, History, Princeton University, 1981tporter@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303history of science, human sciences, universities and academics, mining boards, statistical agencies (notably census offices), engineering corps, mental hospitals, statistics, calculation, numbers, measures, and data(310) 206-2352
TraweekSharonAssociate ProfessorGender StudiesPhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness, 1982traweek@history.ucla.edu Rolfe150402feminist studies of science, technology, medicine; ethnography, oral history(310) 206-8101
SchwartzTeri EllenDean and ProfessorTheater, Film, and TelevisionMA, Film, U of London, 1973tschwartz@tft.ucla.edu E Melnitz162206feature film production(310) 825-7891
SeemanTeresaProfessorMedicinePhD, Epidemiology, University of California, Berkeley, 1984tseeman@mednet.ucla.edu PVUB168707social and psychological factors on health risks in aging, age-related changes in physiological dysregulation, biological mechanisms for social and psychological effects on health risks(310) 825-8253
TreudeTinaAssociate ProfessorEarth, Planetary, and Space Sciences; Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesPhD, Bremen U, 2004ttreude@g.ucla.edu Slichter156704marine biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, methane seeps, oxygen minimum zones, microbe-mineral interactions(310) 267-5213
TurnerJeanProfessorPhysics and AstronomyPhD, Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, 1984turner@astro.ucla.edu PAB154705youngest regions of massive star formation(310) 825-4305
TutinoStefaniaProfessorHistoryPhD, Scuola Normale Superiore, 2003tutino@history.ucla.edu Bunche147303history, religious studies, Catholicism, early modern history(310) 206-8264
WuTing-TingAssociate Professor in ResidenceMolecular and Medical PharmacologyPhD, 1997twu@mednet.ucla.edu CHS951735modification of herpes viruses for benefiting human health as gene delivery vectors(310) 794-2688
HeiseUrsulaMarcia H. Howard ChairEnglish, Institute of the Environment & SustainabilityPhD, Stanford Universityuheise@outlook.comhttp://www.uheise.net189 Humanities153005environmental humanities, contemporary literature, environmental culture in the Americas, Western Europe and Japan, narrative theory, literature and science, science fiction(415) 425-9174
UittenbogaartChristelProfessor in ResidencePediatrics; Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics (MIMG)MD, 1970uittenbo@ucla.edu BSRB736322human T cell development(310) 825-1982
McMillanUriAssociate ProfessorEnglish, African American StudiesPhD, Yale Universityumcmillan@ucla.edu Kaplan153005performance studies, black cultural studies, aesthetics, queer theory(310) 825-4173
UpchurchDawnProfessorPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Johns Hopkins University, Population Dynamics, 1989upchurch@ucla.edu CHS177220women's health and health disparities, social and behavioral determinants of women's health, psychosocial stressors and health, biopsychosocial models of women's health, biomarkers and allostatic load, complementary and alternative medicine, acupuncture(310) 794-9693
SeibtUlrikeAssistant ProfessorAtmos and Ocean Sci/IGPP/ESSPhD, U of Hamburg, 2003useibt@ucla.edu MSB156505geochemistry, cosmochemistry, geobiology(310) 825-1217
ValadezConcepcionProfessor EmeritusEducationPhD, Education, Stanford University, 1976valadez@gseis.ucla.edu Moore152104language education, bilingualism, literacy, curriculum design, testing, linguistic minorities(310) 825-8382
BascaraVictorAssociate ProfessorAsian American StudiesPhD, Columbia Universityvbascara@asianam.ucla.edu Rolfe722502post-colonial studies, Asian American cultural politics, critical race studies, comparative ethnic studies, gender and sexuality, new social movements, mass/popular culture, media, technology(310) 794-7780
LiVirginiaProfessor EmeritusPublic Health- Community Health SciencesPhD, Public Health, U of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1968vcl@ucla.edu CHS177220community health, international health, women’s reproductive health, HIV prevention, China, reproductive health indicators, rural areas of developing countries, tobacco substitution strategies in China(310) 825-8132
OrtizVilmaProfessorSociologyPhD, New York U, 1981vilma@soc.ucla.edu Haines155103race, ethnicity, immigration, Latina/o populations in the United States(310) 206-5218
VisanMonicaProfessorMathematicsPhD, UCLA, 2006visan@math.ucla.edu MS155505nonlinear partial differential equations, harmonic analysis(310) 825-7386
SantosVeronicaAssociate ProfessorMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPhD, Cornell University, 2007vjsantos@ucla.edu, Eng IV159710human-machine systems, robotics, prosthetics, tactile sensors, haptics, hand biomechanics, neural control of movement, stochastic modeling, clinical applications of biomechanical modeling(310) 825-2125
LalVinayProfessorHistory, Asian American StudiesPhD, University of Chicagovlal@history.ucla.edu Bunche Hall147303political and legal history of colonial India, sexuality in modern India, popular Hindi films, Indian diaspora, Indian documentaries, politics and history of history, dissent in the Gandhian mode, contemporary American politics, politics of culture, genocide, global politics of knowledge systems(310) 825-8276
MarksVictoriaProfessor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (School of the Arts and Architecture)World Arts and Cultures/DanceBA, Dance, Sarah Lawrence College, 1978vmarks@arts.ucla.edu Kaufman160806choreography, disability, dance, civic discourse(310) 493-8114
RosarioVernonAssociate ProfessorPsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesMD and PhD, Harvardvrosario@ucla.edu F. Hawkins Family Mental Health Center156304history of sexuality, history of psychiatry, LGBT mental health, transgenderism, intersex health(310) 668-3096
SorkVictoriaProfessorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyPhD, Biological Sciences, U of Michigan, 1979vsork@college.ucla.edu LSB160606evolutionary and ecological processes affecting genetic composition of natural populations of trees, how existing genetic variation influences the ability of populations to respond to environmental change(310) 825-7755
VesnaVictoriaProfessorDesign I Media ArtsPhD, Com and Perf Arts, University of Wales, 1999vv@ucla.eduhttp://victoriavesna.com2275 Broad145607art and science, gender and technology, database aesthetics, installation art(310) 825-0925
WalshChristineAssociate Professor in ResidenceObstetrics and GynecologyMD, Columbia U, 1998walshc@cshs.org MCnoneusing genomic and molecular pathogenesis of ovarian cancer to identify novel biomarkers for disease prediction, prognosis, targets for new treatment strategies(310) 423-5356
WebbNoreenDistinguished ProfessorEducationPhD, Educational Psychology, Stanford University, 1977webb@ucla.edu Moore152104classroom processes related to learning outcomes, small-group problem solving, achievement testing in mathematics and science, aptitude-treatment interaction research, generalizability theory(310) 825-1897
WangWeiProfessorComputer SciencePhD, Computer Science, UCLA, 1999weiwang@cs.ucla.edu Boelter159601big data analytics, data mining, bioinformatics, computational biology, databases(310) 794-0009
WendrichWillekeProfessorNear Eastern Languages and CulturesPhD, Archaeology, State U of Leiden, 1999wendrich@humnet.ucla.edu Humanities151105archaeology, craft specialization, cultural transmission, archaeology and mobility, neolithic and neolithization in Egypt, digital humanities research and education(310) 206-1496
CumberlandWilliam G.Professor EmeritusBiostatisticsPhD, Statistics, Johns Hopkins University, 1975, MA, Statistics, Johns Hopkins University, 1972wgc@ucla.edu CHS177220finite population sampling and biomedical applications of stochastic processes, model based estimation, analysis of NCHS and CPS data in the study of health insurance, models for progression of CD4 counts in HIV, biostatistical applications in tumor immunology, especially in AIDS research.(310) 206-9621
WickmanPatriciaProfessorArtMA, Art, University of Colorado, 1983wickhawk@earthlink.net Broad161507painting, representation, narrative(310) 825-3281
RobbinsWendieProfessorNursing, Public HealthPhD, Epidemiology, U of California Berkeley, 1994wrobbins@sonnet.ucla.edu Factor691921fertility, conception, environmental factors(310) 825-8999
SlusserWendelinAdjunct Professor; Associate Vice Provost of the Healthy Campus InitiativeCommunity Health SciencesMD, MSwslusser@conet.ucla.edu Murphy140501Breastfeeding policy and promotion; international maternal and child health; child nutrition with a focus on school based intervention programs; Pediatric Residency Education with a focus on Community Pediatrics(310) 825-6575
YangXiaAssociate ProfessorIntegrative Biology and PhysiologyPhD, U of Georgia, 2003xyang123@ucla.edu TLSB160606Integrative genomics and systems biology of common metabolic diseases(310) 206-1812
YangXianjieProfessor in ResidenceOphthamologyPhD, Cornell U, 1988yang@jsei.ucla.edu JSEI700019development and diseases of the vertebrate retina, growth factor signaling mechanisms during normal neural differentiation, neuronal survival in retinal degeneration(310) 825-7020
LuYangAssistant ProfessorPediatricsPhD, U of Marylandyanglu@labiomed.org West Carson Street176847utilization, cost, treatment regimen adherence of chronic conditions, obesity, diabetes, behavioral economic interventions, cost effectiveness studies(424) 201-3002
BrysonYvonneProfessorPediatricsMD, U of Texas, 1970ybryson@mednet.ucla.edu MDCC/ID175217HIV pathogenesis, pediatric infectious diseases, maternal-fetal and pediatric HIV-1, prevention, treatment(310) 825-5235
YeagerMaryProfessor EmeritaHistoryPhD, Johns Hopkins University, History, 1973yeager@ucla.edu Bunche147303business and economic history, global capitalism, gender and economic development, entrepreneurship, and women in business(310) 825-3489
Yee-BradburyCindyProfessorPsychologyPhD, Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1991yee@psych.ucla.edu Franz156304schizophrenia, particularly neurocognitive and emotional abnormalities, stress, attention, clinical and affective neuroscience(310) 206-2572
GoyalYogitaProfessorEnglish, African American StudiesBrown University, English, 2003ygoyal@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan153005African American literature, African literature, Black Atlantic/ Black diaspora studies, novel, postcolonial literature and theory, transnational American literature, slavery studies, Refugee Studies(310) 825-4820
HserYih-ingProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciPhD, UCLAyhser@ucla.edu WWT691349substance abuse and treatment since 1980(310) 267-5388
HuangYuProfessorMaterials Science and EngineeringPhD, Engineering, Harvard U, 2003yhuang@seas.ucla.edu E5159510interface of functional nanosystems and biosystems(310) 794-9589
ZhuYifangProfessorPublic Health - Environmental Health SciencesPhD, Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA, 2003yifang@ucla.edu CHS177220environmental exposure assessment, aerosol science and technology, vehicular emitted ultrafine particles, human exposure to ultrafine particles on and near roadways, measuring and modeling emissions, transport, transformation in the atmosphere, in-cabin and indoor environments. (310) 825-4324
LinYi-LingAssociate ProfessorDentistryD.M.Sc. in Oral Biology, Certificate in Oral Pathology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 1997ylin@dentistry.ucla.edu regulation during osteoclast differentiation, oral cancer, HPV(310) 206-4731
SharvitYaelProfessorLinguisticsPhD, Rutgers State U, 1997ysharvit@humnet.ucla.edu Campbell154302semantics, pragmatics, syntax-semantics interface(310) 825-0634
SiningerYvonneSenate EmeritusSurgery-Head and NeckPhD, U of California San Francisco, 1985ysininger@mednet.ucla.edu CHS162418factors influencing auditory-based outcomes in infants and children with congenital hearing loss, asymmetry of auditory processes (310) 825-9943
SunYiProfessor in ResidencePsychiatry and Biobehavioral SciencesPhD, Case Western Reserve U, 1996ysun@mednet.ucla.edu NRB175919understanding molecular mechanisms by which cell-fate decisions, cell proliferation and differentiation are controlled in neural stem cells(310) 825-9506
TacheYvetteProfessor in ResidenceGastroenterologyPhD, Faculty of Medicine Montreal, 1974ytache@mednet.ucla.edu VAMC 115179247brain-gut interactions, role of peptides in underlying mechanisms of stress-related gut dysfunction(310) 268-3964
ChenYvonneAssociate ProfessorMicrobiology, Immunology & Molecular GeneticsPhD, California Inst. of Technologyyvchen@ucla.eduhttp://yvchen.bol.ucla.edu5331 Boelter159210synthetic biology, cell-based immunotherapy(310) 825-2046
ZatzNoah D.ProfessorLawJD, Yale zatz@law.ucla.edu Law147602employment and labor law, welfare law and antipoverty policy, antidiscrimination law, work outside of conventional labor markets, the criminal legal system as a labor-regulating institution(310) 206-1674
ZhangJianAssociate ProfessorCivil and Environmental EngineeringPhD, Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2002zhangj@ucla.edu Boelter159310earthquake engineering and structural dynamics, soil-structure interaction, earthquake hazard mitigation using passive and semi-active protection devices, rocking response and overturning of rigid blocks, seismic modeling of embankments and pile foundations, seismic behavior and analysis of reinforced concrete structures, structural mechanics and ground motion characteristics(310) 825-7986
LiZhaopingProfessorMedicineMD, PhD, Peking Universityzli@ucla.educlinicalnutrition.ucla.eduA-667 Rehab Building169147Prevention and treatment via nutrition and healthy life style for metabolic diseases such as cancer, coronary artery disease, diabetes, gestational diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases(310) 206-1987
StahuljakZrinkaProfessorFrench and Francophone Studies, Comparative LiteraturePhD, French, Emory University, 2000zs@humnet.ucla.edu Kaplan951536Continental French, Anglo-French and Outremer literature, historiography, culture, Mediterranean studies, manuscript studies, medievalism, history of sexuality, translation studies(310) 825-8220
De ZubiaurreMaiteProfessorSpanish and PortuguesePhD, Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 1994zubiaurre@humnet.ucla.edu Rolfe15430219th and 20th century peninsular literature, comparative literature, gender studies, transatlantic studies, urban studies, cultural studies, Latin American women fiction, Latina and Chicana literature(310) 825-1036
ZuckerLynneProfessorSociologyPhD, Sociology, Stanford University, 1974zucker@ucla.edu Haines155103organization theory, institutional structure and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivity(310) 825-3227
AbramsonTania LoveLecturerHonor's Collegium, UCLA Art & TramuaMFA, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, 1990; BFA, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, California, 1988 art to express trauma from sexual harm, dual experiences of shame and dissociation