CSW provides a vital environment within which scholars explore new frontiers of knowledge about women, sexuality, and gender. CSW draws on the expertise of our Executive Board and Advisory Committee, all distinguished scholars in their own fields, to develop, and refine our mission.

The Executive Board meets as often as necessary, at least once a quarter, to handle quarterly governance and undertake the advisory role originally assigned to CSWAC as a whole.

CSWAC as a whole meets on a quarterly basis and will provide networking opportunities by incorporating mini-research presentations by one or more faculty. The primary goal of this larger body is to create an intellectual, research community where faculty will gather to exchange and discuss new scholarship.

CSWAC members are appointed by the Dean of Social Sciences. If you are interested in joining CSWAC, contact CSW at csw@csw.ucla.edu.

CSW Executive Board, 2017-2018

Jessica Cattelino, CSW Senior Faculty Research Associate

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Sarah Haley, CSW Associate Director

Associate Professor, Gender Studies and African American Studies

Grace Hong, CSWAC Chair

Professor, Gender Studies and Asian American Studies

Tracy Johnson

Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Development Biology

Rachel C. Lee, CSW Director

Professor, English, Gender Studies, Institute for Society and Genetics

Purnima Mankekar

Professor, Gender Studies, Asian American Studies, and Film, Television, and Digital Media

Sean Metzger

Associate Professor, Theater, Film, and Television

CSW Advisory Committee, 2017-2018

Leisy Abrego

Associate Professor, Chicana/o Studies

Patrick Allard

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Science and Institute for Society and Genetics

Maylei Blackwell

Associate Professor, Chicana/o Studies and Gender Studies

Kimberly Cauley Narain

Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Medical School

Jane Chang

Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Helen Deutsch

Professor, English

Johanna Drucker

Professor, Information Studies and Design Media Arts

Nina Eidsheim

Professor, Musicology

Susan Ettner

Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research

Aisha Finch

Associate Professor, Gender Studies and African American Studies

Chandra Ford

Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Megan Franke

Professor, GSEIS

David Gere

Professor, World Arts and Cultures

Jessica Gipson

Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

Assistant Professor, Theater, Film, and Television Department

Cheryl Harris

Professor, School of Law

Eleanor Kaufman

Professor, Comparative Literature, English, and French and Francophone Studies

Gina Kim

Professor, Theater, Film, and Television

Hannah Landecker

Professor, Sociology and Institute for Society and Genetics

Tamara Levitz

Professor, Musicology

Victoria Marks

Professor, World Arts and Cultures/Dance

Muriel McClendon

Associate Professor, History

Laure Murat

Professor, French and Francophone Studies

Jayathi Murthy

Dean, School of Engineering

Meredith Phillips

Associate Professor, Public Policy and Sociology

Janet Pregler

Professor, Internal Medicine, Iris Cantor – UCLA Women’s Health Center

Angela Riley

Professor, School of Law

Margaret Shih

Professor, Anderson School of Management

Jennifer Steinkamp

Professor, Design Media Arts

Carola Suarez-Orozco

Professor, GSEIS

Paula Tavrow

Associate Adjunct Professor, Community Health Sciences, Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health

Nancy Wayne

Professor, Physiology

Stephanie White

Professor, Integrative Biology and Physiology

Olga Yokoyama

Distinguished Professor, Linguistics

Noah Zatz

Professor, School of Law

Ex-Officio Members

Alicia Gaspar de Alba

Chair, LGBTQ Studies and Professor, Chicana/o Studies

Kathryn Norberg

Interim Chair, Gender Studies and Associate Professor, History

Jocelyn Samuels

Executive Director, The Williams Institute