The CSW Policy Brief Prize was created to support and promote applied feminist scholarship by graduate students at UCLA. In 2011, we initiated a publications series rethinking public policy on gender, sexuality, and women’s issues and created the prize to encourage graduate students to submit their work. Each CSW Policy Brief presents research in support of a policy change that would substantially improve the health and well being of women and their families. Previous CSW Policy Briefs can be found on our Policy Briefs page. We are delighted to invite submissions to CSW’s 6th Annual Student Policy Brief Competition. Selected students will have the opportunity to work with CSW researchers and staff on revising a policy brief for distribution to key community partners and public officials throughout California and for publication on CSW’s eScholarship site on the California Digital Library.  The author(s) of the strongest Policy Brief(s) will be awarded a $500 prize.

2017-2018 Policy Brief Prize

In 2017-2018, CSW solicited  Policy Briefs on the topic Addressing Sexual Violence; Achieving Justice: Shelter, Intersectionality, and Sexual Harassment Policy. Submissions are now closed.

The award-winning briefs from this competition will be published in early 2019.


$500 stipend


Graduate Students currently enrolled at University of California campuses are eligible to apply.

Submission Requirements

To apply, complete the online application form. You will be required to submit the following:

  1. A fully-drafted policy brief, approximately 750 words in length (excluding bibliography/sources, graphs, tables, and images) that follows the structure outlined in the CSW Policy Brief Template
  2. Your current academic CV


CSW Policy Brief Template

Special Notes

Students who are qualified under the CA Dream Act of 2011 are eligible to apply. Find detailed information on the Dream Act at Applicants receiving financial aid are advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office about the potential effect of this award on their financial aid package.

Deadline for Submission

2019 deadline to be announced in Spring 2019.


Contact CSW Program and Research Developer Alexandra Apolloni

Past Recipients