Rachel Lee



Rachel Lee is a professor of English, Gender Studies, and the Institute for Society and Genetics. Her research interests include Asian American literature, performance culture, and studies of gender and sexuality. Her most recent book is “The Exquisite Corpse of Asian America: Biopolitics, Biosociality, and Postman Ecologies” (NYU, 2014)

Sarah Haley

Associate Director


Sarah Haley, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African American Studies at UCLA, has research and teaching investments in black feminism, gender history, carceral studies, labor, and black radicalism. She is the author of No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity (UNC Press, 2016), which examines the lives of imprisoned women in the U.S. South from the 1870s to the 1930s and the role of carcerality in shaping cultural logics of race and gender under Jim Crow. She is currently working on a black feminist history of the rise of the contemporary carceral state that interrogates the role of state intrusion and violation of black domestic space. Her research has been supported by the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition; the Ford Foundation; and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. She has also worked as a paralegal for the New York Office of the Federal Public Defender and as a labor organizer with UNITE-HERE.



Jessica Cattelino

Senior Faculty Research Associate


Jessica is an associate professor in Anthropology. Her research interests include North American settler colonialism and Indigenous sovereignty in relation to Florida Seminole tribal casino gaming; race, gentrification, and the privatization of policing in New York City; and early 1990s “coming out” narratives of lesbian and bisexual women at Cornell University. Her first book, “High Stakes: Florida Seminole Gaming and Sovereignty,” was published in 2008 by Duke University Press.

She is the Principal Investigator for CSW’s research project and grant, Gender and Everyday Water Use in Los Angeles Households.

Grace Kyungwon Hong

CSW Advisory Committee Chair & Senior Faculty Research Associate


Grace Kyungwon Hong is Professor in the Department of Gender Studies and the Department of Asian American Studies. She teaches courses on women of color feminism, feminist knowledge production, and neoliberalism. She is the author of Death Beyond Disavowal: The Impossible Politics of Difference (University of Minnesota Press, 2015) and The Ruptures of American Capital: Women of Color Feminism and the Cultures of Immigrant Labor (University of Minnesota Press, 2006) and the co-editor (with Roderick Ferguson) of Strange Affinities: The Gender and Sexual Politics of Comparative Racialization(Duke University Press, 2011). She is the co-editor (also with Roderick Ferguson) of the Difference Incorporated book series at the University of Minnesota Press.



Kristina Magpayo Nyden

Management Services Officer

(310) 794-7821


Kristina, as the manager and chief financial officer, is responsible for all operations of CSW. She provides key administrative recommendations to the CSW Director and faculty leadership as well as supervises all employees and researchers. She oversees financial services; personnel and human resources; employment and benefit services; staff, faculty, and student recruitment; information technology services; administration; donor relations and development; fundraising and partnerships; and awards and grants. She also manages CSW’s facilities, budgets, and events.


Alexandra Apolloni

Program and Research Developer

(310) 825-5955


Alexandra oversees and develops the CSW research and programs, including publications (blog/video posts, journals, articles, policy briefs, working papers), events (workshops, conferences, colloquia/symposia, lectures), and community outreach/engagement. She collaborates and advises CSW faculty leadership on their research goals and missions as well as provides support to the Management Services Officer on awards and grants, development/donor relations, and oversight of student researchers.

Melissa Jamero

Administrative Specialist

(310) 206-1871


Melissa is responsible for office purchasing, travel booking, and processing entertainment/travel reimbursements and speaker/other payments and invoices. She manages the Director’s calendar and provides support with main office administration and events administration. She is also the back-up for the Management Services Officer on fiscal matters, payroll/personnel, facilities requests, and emergency/safety coordination.

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Sarah Tracy

CSW Appointment: July 2016 – June 2018

Center for the Study of Women and Institute for Society and Genetics

Contact Information effective October 2018:
Personal: sarahetracy@hotmail.com
Edible Feminisms Editorial Communication: ediblefeminisms@gmail.com

Sarah Tracy’s work draws on feminist science and technology studies (STS), food studies, post-colonial theory, sensory history, and critical histories of capitalism. Her dissertation is called, Delicious: A History of Monosodium Glutamate and Umami, the Fifth Taste Sensation. It brings feminist STS into conversation with sensory history, cultural history, and post-colonial studies to foster cross-disciplinary insight into how foods mediate value, health, class, race, happiness, and violation.

Rachel Vaughn

July 2016 – June 2018
Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Center for the Study of Women & Department of Gender Studies

Effective July 2018
-Lecturer, UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics & Undergraduate Education Initiatives
-Oral Historian in Residence, UCLA Center for the Study of Women

Personal: rvaughn@women.ucla.edu
Edible Feminisms Editorial Communications: ediblefeminisms@gmail.com

Personal Website

Rachel Vaughn holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Kansas. Her research engages the intersections of food politics, food sovereignty, and feminist environmental theory by way of oral history research with scavengers, foragers, and dumpster divers of varying food security levels and socio-economic backgrounds. Vaughn’s current book project is Talking Trash: Oral Histories of Food In/Security from the Margins of a Dumpster.

Graduate Student Researchers

Blair Black

Graduate Student Researcher


Blair is pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology. She contributes to CSW research projects, particularly the Chemical Entanglements research stream and oral history projects.

Molly Bloom

Public Administration Analyst, Assistant


Molly conducts oral history interviews for the Chemical Entanglements research stream.

Mehar Maju

Graduate Student Researcher


Mehar is pursuing a Masters of Public Health. She contributes to CSW research projects, particularly our Chemical Entanglements research stream.

Drew Westmoreland

Public Administration Analyst


Drew provides assistance to the Director on the Center’s Chemical Entanglements Research Project and related grant applications. She recently completed the PhD program in Epidemiology at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. Her dissertation focuses on sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases, and she has strong research interests in issues related to women’s health.

CSW also employs student researchers as part of the Gender & Water research project. For information on the Gender & Water team, please visit https://csw.ucla.edu/gender-everyday-water-use-los-angeles-households/.

Front Desk Assistants

Arielle Bagood

Blank Assistant I

Arielle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Asian American Studies from UCLA in Fall 2018. She works on special projects and provides general administrative assistance.

Rachel Forrest

Undergraduate Office Assistant

Rachel is a third-year undergraduate studying Global Studies and Political Science with a concentration in international relations.

Joycelyn Liu

Undergraduate Office Assistant

Joycelyn is a first-year undergraduate student studying life sciences.

Leiriza Trinidad

Undergraduate Office Assistant

Leiriza is a third-year undergraduate studying Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science.

Loan-Anh Truong

Undergraduate Office Assistant

Loan-Anh is a third-year undergraduate studying English.