Christine Littleton

Interim Direlittletonctor, 2003–05

Under Professor Christine Littleton’s lead, CSW held the 2003-2004 Gender Equity workshop series and summit, administered an intramural grant from the Institute for Labor and Employment, co-sponsored a four-part Sociology of Gender series, and successfully submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation for Professor Sharon Traweek’s research project on developing digital historical archives at KEK (Japan’s National High Energy Accelerator Organization) and collecting oral histories for the archive.

Littleton joined the UCLA School of Law faculty in 1983 and started teaching in Women’s Studies (now Gender Studies) soon thereafter. As a feminist legal theorist, she published the classic “Reconstructing Sexual Equality” and a number of articles expanding on the relationship between legal theory and feminism, and organized the West Coast Feminist Critical Legal Scholars, which helped enable a flourishing of feminist legal scholarship in the late 1980s. As a lawyer and activist, she helped to found the California Women’s Law Center, and has represented individuals and organizations in cases involving sex and sexual orientation discrimination in employment, affirmative action, racial discrimination, disability rights, sexual harassment, educational equity, and animal welfare. Before coming to UCLA, she received her J.D. from the Harvard Law School and clerked for the Honorable Warren J. Ferguson, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.